Historic Records of the

Rockland Boulders

New York Boulders
New York Brave

Professional Baseball Teams

(Pomona, N.Y.)

Rockland Boulders minor league baseball:

Class League              Year Team                         Record Place
 Ind  Can-Am League       2011 Rockland Boulders  1st half   19-27 7th, 16 G.B.
                                                  2nd half   21-25 6th,  9 G.B.
                                                             40-52 7th, 25 G.B.
 Ind  Can-Am League       2012 Rockland Boulders             48-52 3rd, 18 G.B.
 Ind  Can-Am League       2013 Rockland Boulders             49-51 3rd, 8 G.B.
 Ind  Can-Am League       2014 Rockland Boulders             56-40 1st, 1 G.A.
 Ind  Can-Am League       2015 Rockland Boulders             63-34 1st, 8.5 G.A.
 Ind  Can-Am League       2016 Rockland Boulders             58-42 2nd, 4 G.B. [wild card]
 Ind  Can-Am League       2017 Rockland Boulders             64-35 2nd, 0.5 G.B. (playoffs)
 Ind  Can-Am League       2018 Rockland Boulders             54-48 3rd, 9.5 G.B. (Playoffs)
 Ind  Can-Am League       2019 Rockland Boulders             43-50 4th, 17.5 G.B.
 Ind  Frontier League     2020 New York Boulders             Season Canceled
 Ind  All-American B.C.   2020 Rockland Boulders             14-9  2nd
 Ind  All-American B.C.   2020 New York Brave               11-13 4th
 Ind  Frontier League     2021 New York Boulders             43-52 3rd, last, 8.5 G.B. Atlantic Division
 Ind  Frontier League     2022 New York Boulders             57-38 2nd, 4.5 G.B. East Division
 Ind  Frontier League     2023 New York Boulders             54-42 3rd, 6.5 G.B. East Division

Post Season play:

Can-Am League Playoffs:

2014  Rockland Boulders: Championship Series: Boulders beat New Jersey Jackals, 4 games to 2. CHAMPIONS!
2015  1st round: Boulders lose 3 games to 2, to Trois-Rivieres Aigles.
2016  1st round: Boulders beat Quebec Capitales, 3 games to 2.
      Championship Series: Boulders lose 3 games to 2, to Ottawa Champions.
2017  Semifinals: Boulders beat New Jersey Jackals 3 games to 1.
      Championship Series: lose 3 games to 0, to Quebec Capitales.
2018  Semifinals: Boulders lose 3 games to 1, to Quebec Capitales.
2019  Semifinals: Boulders lose 3 games to 1, to Sussex County Miners.

All-American Baseball Championship Playoffs:

2020  1st game: Brave beat Sussex County Miners, 3-1
      1st game: Boulders lose to New Jersey Jackals, 11-2
      2nd game: Brave lose to New Jersey Jackals,, 3-2   2nd (tie)
      2nd game: Boulders lose to Skyline Cardinals, 7-6  3rd (last)

Frontier League Playoffs:

2022  East Division Wild Card Game: lose 8 to 2 to Ottawa Titans

Can-Am League Pennant
 Rockland Boulders 2014 2015

Can-Am League Championship
 Rockland Boulders 2014

  The Rockland Boulders are a Canadian-American League expansion team for 2011.

  Home Field: Provident Bank Park, Pomona, New York.

  The Rockland Boulders renamed the New York Boulders and move to the Frontier League

  The Frontier League canceled the 2020 season due to the coronavirus pandemic.

  A new unaffiliated Rockland Boulders formed in 2020 to play in the All-American Baseball Challenge.

  The newly formed New York Braves team will also compete in the 2020 AABC season.

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