Minor League Baseball Teams from Danbury, Connecticut

Minor League Baseball in Danbury, Connecticut:

Class League                    Year  Team                   Record    
 Ind. Eastern League            1887  Danbury Hatters        30-44  5th (last)
 Ind. Connecticut State League  1888  Danbury                 4-13  6th        [Disbanded 6/5]
  F   Connecticut State League  1898  Danbury Hatters        51-43  3rd
  D   New York-New Jersey Lg.   1913  Danbury Hatters        43-55  5th
  D   Atlantic League           1914  Danbury Hatters        49-48  4th

 Ind  Northeast League          2004  Danbury Coyotes        (proposed)  [ballpark plans fell through)

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