Historic Records for Professional baseball Teams from

Poughkeepsie, New York

Minor League baseball in Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

Class League                   Year  Team (affiliate)               Record  Standing
 Ind  Hudson River League      1886  Poughkeepsie                   47-18   1st
 Ind  New York State League    1894  Poughkeepsie Bridge Citys      25-21   2nd
  C   Hudson River League      1903  Poughkeepsie Colts             39-51   5th
  C   Hudson River League      1904  Poughkeepsie Colts             70-47   1st
  C   Hudson River League      1905  Poughkeepsie Colts             59-52   3rd
  C   Hudson River League      1906  Poughkeepsie Colts             60-45   2nd
  C   Hudson River League      1907  Poughkeepsie Colts             17-10   1st League disbands June 18.
  D   New York-New Jersey Lg.  1913  Poughkeepsie Honey Bugs        48-49   2nd
  D   Atlantic League          1914  Poughkeepsie Honey Bugs        65-31   1st [NY-NJ Lg. became Atlantic Lg.]
  B   Colonial League          1947  Poughkeepsie Giants (Indep.)   66-50   2nd
  B   Colonial League          1948  Poughkeepsie Chiefs (Indep.)   76-61   2nd
  B   Colonial League          1949  Poughkeepsie Chiefs (Indep.)   45-78   5th
  B   Colonial League          1950  Poughkeepsie Chiefs (Indep.)   43-26   1st League Disbands July 16.

Colonial League Playoffs:

1947 First Round:  Poughkeepsie Giants lose 4 games to 3 v. New London Raiders (Ind.)
1948 First Round:  Poughkeepsie Chiefs win 4 games to 1 v. Kingston Hubs (Ind.)
     Championship: Poughkeepsie Chiefs lose 4 games to 1 v. Port Chester Clippers (St. L. Browns)

Hudson River League Champions (Pennants)
Poughkeepsie 1886
Poughkeepsie Colts 1904

Atlantic League Champions (Pennant)
Poughkeepsie Honeybugs 1914

Colonial League Penannt
Poughkeepsie Chiefs 1950 [lg. disb. 7/16]

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