Professional Baseball in

Augusta, New Jersey

New Jersey Cardinals

Sussex Skyhawks

Sussex County Miners

Skyland Cardinals

Historic Records

New Jersey Cardinals,  Augusta, N.J.
•Glens Falls Redbirds relocate to Augusta for the 1994 season.
Class League                  Year    Team              (affiliate)  Record                          
  A   New York-Penn League    1994    New Jersey Cardinals (St.L.)   43-32  1st, McNamara Division; 3rd lg.
  A   New York-Penn League    1995    New Jersey Cardinals (St.L.)   35-41  3rd, McNamara Div.
  A   New York-Penn League    1996    New Jersey Cardinals (St.L.)   28-47  5th, last McNamara Div.; 14th, last lg.
  A   New York-Penn League    1997    New Jersey Cardinals (St.L.)   35-39  3rd, McNamara Div.; 8th lg.
  A   New York-Penn League    1998    New Jersey Cardinals (St.L.)   34-41  4th, McNamara Div.; 11th lg.
  A   New York-Penn League    1999    New Jersey Cardinals (St.L.)   30-46  8th, Stedler Div; 14th, last lg.
 Ind  Atlantic League         1999    Newark Bears         1st half: 24-35  5th, 18˝ GB [Home games played at Skylands Park, Augusta, 1st Half only]
  A   New York-Penn League    2000    New Jersey Cardinals (St.L.)   31-45  6th, Pinckney Div.; 12th lg.
  A   New York-Penn League    2001    New Jersey Cardinals (St.L.)   35-41  5th, McNamara Div.; 9th lg.
  A   New York-Penn League    2002    New Jersey Cardinals (St.L.)   39-37  3rd, McNamara Div.; 6th lg.
  A   New York-Penn League    2003    New Jersey Cardinals (St.L.)   31-42  5th, McNamara Dev.; 10th lg.
  A   New York-Penn League    2004    New Jersey Cardinals (St.L.)   41-34  2nd, McNamara Div.; 5th lg.
  A   New York-Penn League    2005    New Jersey Cardinals (St.L.)   37-39  5th, McNamara Div.
 Ind  Can-Am League           2006    Sussex Skyhawks      1st half: 23-22  5th, 2.5 GB
                                                           2nd half:  9-36  8th, last, 23.5 GB
 Ind  Can-Am League           2007    Sussex Skyhawks      1st half  15-31 10th (last), 16 GB  
                                                           2nd half  19-28  8th (tie), 13 GB
 Ind  Can-Am League           2008    Sussex Skyhawks      1st half  25-22  3rd (tie), 6 GB
                                                           2nd half  27-20  1st (tie), 1GA
 Ind  Can-Am League           2009    Sussex Skyhawks      1st half  21-26  5th (tie) (last), 7 GB
                                                           2nd half  17-30  5th, 14 GB
 Ind  Can-Am League           2010    Sussex Skyhawks      1st half  25-21  3rd, 4.5 GB
                                                           2nd half  10-35  5th (last), 17.5 GB
                                                                     35-56  6th (last), 20.5 GB  [Sussex Skyhawks disband following season]
 Ind  Can-Am League           2015    Sussex County Miners           38-59  6th (last), 25 GB           
 Ind  Can-Am League           2016    Sussex County Miners           39-61  7th, 23.0 GB
 Ind  Can-Am League           2017    Sussex County Miners           45-54  4th, 19.5 GB (playoffs) 
 Ind  Can-Am League           2018    Sussex County Miners           61-38  1st, 5.5 GA (playoffs)
 Ind  Can-Am League           2019    Sussex County Miners           61-33  1st, 3.5 GA (playoffs)
 Ind  Frontier League         2020    Sussex County Miners           league season canceled due to coronavirus pandemic.
 Ind  All-American B.C.       2020    Sussex County Miners           16-6   1st
 Ind  All-American B.C.       2020    Skyland Cardinals               6-18  6th, last
 Ind  Frontier League         2021    Sussex County Miners           49-46  2nd, 6.5 GB Northeast Division
 Ind  Frontier League         2022    Sussex County Miners           54-41  4th (tie), 7.5 GB East Division  
 Ind  Frontier League         2023    Sussex County Miners           55-40  2nd (tie), 5.0 GB East Division (3rd full league)
•Glens Falls Redbirds (NY) relocated to Augusta in 1994. 
•New Jersey Cardinals bought by the Altoona Curve of the Class AA Eastern League, moved to State College, Pa. for 2006 & renamed the State College Spikes (St.L.).
•Replaced in Augusta, N.J. by the Sussex Skyhawks of the Can-Am League.
•Newark Bears played home games in Augusta, N.J. 1st half of 1999 while stadium was being completed.
•The Suffolk County Miners, a new team, began play in 2015.

Post Season play:

New York - Penn League Playoffs:

1994 First Round:  N.J. Cardinals beat Jamestown Jammers 2 games to 1
     Championship: N.J. Cardinals beat Auburn Astros 2 games to 0, CHAMPIONS!

Canadian-American League Playoffs:

2008 First Round: Sussex Skyhawks beat Worcester Tornadoes 3 games to 1.
     Championship: Sussex Skyhawks beat Capitales Quebec 3 games to 0, CHAMPIONS!
2017 Semifinals: Sussex County Miners lose to Quebec Capitales 3 games to 0.
2018 Semifinals: Sussex County Miners beat Trois-Rivieres Aigles 3 games to 2.
     Championship: Sussex County Miners beat Quebec Capitales 3 game to 1, CHAMPIONS!
2019 Semifinals: Sussex County Miners beat Rockland Boulders, 3 games to 1.
     Championship: Sussex County Miners lose to New Jersey Jackels, 3 games to 1..

All-American Baseball Championship Playoffs:

2020  1st game: Sussex County Miners lose to New York Brave in one game, 5-1
     1st game: Skyline Cardinals lose to Jersey Wiseguys 3 to 0
     2nd game: Sussex County Miners beat Jersey Wiseguys 5-1, tie for 2nd
     2nd game: Skyline Cardinals beat Rockland Boulders 7-6, tie for 2nd

Frontier League Playoffs:

2023  East Division Wildcard Playoff: Sussex County Miners lose to New Jersey Jackals 5 to 0

New York-Penn League McNamara Division Pennant
New Jersey Cardinals 1994

New York-Penn league Champions
New Jersey Cardinals 1994

CanAm League Pennant
Sussex Skyhawks 2008 2nd half (3 way tie)
Sussex County Miners 2018
Sussex County Miners 2019

CanAm League Champions
Sussex Skyhawks 2008

Sussex County Miners 2018

Managers-New Jersey Cardinals
Roy Silver 1994
Luis Melendez 1995
Scott Melvin 1996
Jeff Shireman 1997, 1999-2000
Jose Oquendo 1998
Brian Rupp 2001
Tommy Shields 2002-2004
Mark DeJohn 2005

Managers-Sussex Skyhawks
Brian Drahman 2006-2007
Hal Lanier 2008, 2009

Managers-Sussex County Miners
Steve Shirley 2015
Bobby Jones 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

 • The Sussex County Miners moved to the Frontier League for the 2020 season..

 • The 2020 Frontier League season canceled due to coronavirus pandemic..

 • The Sussex County Miners will compete in the All-American Baseball Challenge in 2020.

 • The newly formed Skyland Cardinals will also compete in the AABC and play in same home ballpark..

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