Historic Records of the

Rockland Boulders

Professional Baseball Team

(Pomona, N.Y.)

Rockland Boulders minor league baseball:

Class League              Year Team                         Record Place
 Ind  Can-Am League       2011 Rockland Boulders  1st half   19-27 7th, 16 G.B.
                                                  2nd half   21-25 6th,  9 G.B.
                                                             40-52 7th, 25 G.B.
 Ind  Can-Am League       2012 Rockland Boulders             48-52 3rd, 18 G.B.
 Ind  Can-Am League       2013 Rockland Boulders             49-51 3rd, 8 G.B.
 Ind  Can-Am League       2014 Rockland Boulders             56-40 1st, 1 G.A.
 Ind  Can-Am League       2015 Rockland Boulders             63-34 1st, 8.5 G.A.
 Ind  Can-Am League       2016 Rockland Boulders             58-42 2nd, 4 G.B. [wild card]
 Ind  Can-Am League       2017 Rockland Boulders             64-35 2nd, 0.5 G.B. (playoffs)
 Ind  Can-Am League       2018 Rockland Boulders             54-48 3rd, 9.5 G.B. (playoffs)

Post Season play:

Can-Am League Playoffs:

2014  Rockland Boulders: Championship Series: Boulders beat New Jersey Jackals, 4 games to 2. CHAMPIONS!
2015  1st round: Boulders lose 3 games to 2, to Trois-Rivieres Aigles
2016  1st round: Boulders beat Quebec Capitales, 3 games to 2.
      Championship Series: Boulders lose 3 games to 2, to Ottawa Champions.
2017  Semifinals: Boulders beat New Jersey Jackals 3 games to 1.
      Championship Series: lose 3 games to 0, to Quebec Capitales.
2018  Semifinals: Boulders lose 3 games to 1, to Quebec Capitales.

Can-Am League Pennant
 Rockland Boulders 2014 2015

Can-Am League Championship
 Rockland Boulders 2014

  The Rockland Boulders are a Canadian-American League expansion team for 2011.

  Home Field: Provident Bank Park, Pomona, New York.

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