Records of Professional Baseball Teams that have played in Bridgeport, Connecticut

Minor League baseball in Bridgeport, Conn.

Class League                    Year  Team (affiliate)             Record  Standing
 Ind  Southern New England Lg.  1885  Bridgeport Giants            33-25   6th [League disbanded 8/22]
      Eastern League            1885  Bridgeport Giants            12-17   Joined league 8/14
      Eastern League            1886  Bridgeport Giants            33-57   5th
      Connecticut State League  1888  Bridgeport Giants             9-9    4th [record combined. Moved to Stamford in May, disbanded 6/27]
      Connecticut State League  1895  Bridgeport Victors            8-3    1st
 Ind  Naugatuck Valley League   1896  Bridgeport Victors           25-15   1st [aka Connecticut State League]
      Connecticut State League  1897  Bridgeport Misfits           33-37   3rd
      Connecticut State League  1898  Bridgeport Orators           51-34   4th
      Connecticut State League  1899  Bridgeport Orators           43-55   7th
      Connecticut State League  1900  Bridgeport Orators           57-41   3rd
      Connecticut State League  1901  Bridgeport Orators           61-43   2nd
  D   Connecticut League        1902  Bridgeport Orators           53-59   5th Same league, name change.
  D   Connecticut League        1903  Bridgeport Orators           59-47   3rd
  D   Connecticut League        1904  Bridgeport Orators           71-45   1st  
  B   Connecticut League        1905  Bridgeport Orators           64-50   3rd
  B   Connecticut State League  1906  Bridgeport Orators           54-72   7th Same league, name change.
  B   Connecticut State League  1907  Bridgeport Orators           48-75   6th
  B   Connecticut State League  1908  Bridgeport Orators           55-71   6th
  B   Connecticut State League  1909  Bridgeport Orators           44-78   8th,last
  B   Connecticut State League  1910  Bridgeport Orators           67-52   2nd
  B   Connecticut State League  1911  Bridgeport Orators           71-47   2nd
  B   Connecticut State League  1912  Bridgeport Orators           61-55   3rd  
  B   Eastern Association       1913  Bridgeport Crossmen          69-63   4th
  B   Eastern Association       1914  Bridgeport Bolts             67-56   3rd
  B   Eastern League            1916  Bridgeport Hustlers          44-78   7th
  B   Eastern League            1917  Bridgeport Americans         50-52   4th
  B   Eastern League            1918  Bridgeport Americans         44-12   2nd League suspended play July 22nd.
  A   Eastern League            1919  Bridgeport Americans         59-47   4th
  A   Eastern League            1920  Bridgeport Americans         70-70   5th
  A   Eastern League            1921  Bridgeport Americans         85-66   3rd
  A   Eastern League            1922  Bridgeport Americans         78-73   3rd
  A   Eastern League            1923  Bridgeport Americans         71-81   5th
  A   Eastern League            1924  Bridgeport Bears             65-88   8th,last
  A   Eastern League            1925  Bridgeport Bears             76-78   6th
  A   Eastern League            1926  Bridgeport Bears             91-63   3rd
  A   Eastern League            1927  Bridgeport Bears             84-70   4th
  A   Eastern League            1928  Bridgeport Bears             77-76   7th
  A   Eastern League            1929  Bridgeport Bears             91-63   2nd
  A   Eastern League            1930  Bridgeport Bears             91-74   2nd. 1st in 2nd half. Lost playoffs.
  A   Eastern League            1931  Bridgeport Bears             81-60   2nd
  A   Eastern League            1932  Bridgeport Bears (NY-NL)     33-42   6th
  B   Interstate League         1941  Bridgeport Bees (Bost.-NL)   47-79   7th
  B   Colonial League           1947  Bridgeport Bees              46-76   6th,last
  B   Colonial League           1948  Bridgeport Bees (Wash.)      61-72   5th
  B   Colonial League           1949  Bridgeport Bees              73-54   3rd
  B   Colonial League           1950  Bridgeport Bees              23-41   6th,last League folded July 16th.
 Ind  Atlantic League           1998  Bridgeport Bluefish 1st half 32-18   1st     
                                                          2nd half 32-18   1st Lose Championship.
                                                                   64-36   Extra win in record due to 1st half rain out played and won in 2nd half.
 Ind  Atlantic League           1998  Newark Bears        1st half 13-32   5th
                                                          2nd half 17-33   6th
                                                                   35-65   6th,last 29GB  [Newark Bears played home games in Bridgeport this season]
 Ind  Atlantic League           1999  Bridgeport Bluefish 1st half 43-17   1st, 7GA      
                                                          2nd half 35-25   2nd, 1 game behind. Atlantic League Champions
                                                                   78-42   1st, 16˝GA																													
 Ind  Atlantic League           2000  Bridgeport Bluefish 1st half 35-35   4th,last 9GB North Division
                                                          2nd half 43-26   1st, 1˝GA North Division
                                                                   78-61   3rd, 3˝GB																													
 Ind  Atlantic League           2001  Bridgeport Bluefish 1st half 30-33   3rd, 8GB North Division
                                                          2nd half 36-27   3rd, 2GB North Division
                                                                   66-60   4th, 17GB			
 Ind  Atlantic League           2002  Bridgeport Bluefish 1st half 36-27   1st, 1GA North Division
                                                          2nd half 35-28   1st, 5GA North Division 
                                                                   71-55   3rd, 1GB																													
 Ind  Atlantic League           2003  Bridgeport Bluefish 1st half 34-29   2nd, 5GB North Division
                                                          2nd half 39-24   1st, 4GA North Division 	
 Ind  Atlantic League           2004  Bridgeport Bluefish 1st half 38-25   2nd, 1GB North Division
                                                          2nd half 34-29   2nd, 2GB North Division
 Ind  Atlantic League           2005  Bridgeport Bluefish 1st half 33-37   3rd, 10GB, North Division
                                                          2nd half 23-47   4th, last 13 GB North Division
 Ind  Atlantic League           2006  Bridgeport Bluefish 1st half 38-25   2nd, 1GB North Division
                                                          2nd half 37-24   1st, 4GA North Division
 Ind  Atlantic League           2007  Bridgeport Bluefish 1st half 35-28   2nd (tie), 1 GB North Division
                                                          2nd half 25-38   4th (last), 12 GB North Division
 Ind  Atlantic League           2008 Bridgeport Bluefish  1st half 33-37   3rd, 7GB Liberty Division
                                                          2nd half 34-36   3rd, 5GB Liberty Division
 Ind  Atlantic League           2009 Bridgeport Bluefish  1st half 33-37   3rd (tie), last, 9GB Liberty Division
                                                          2nd half 32-38   3rd, 5GB Liberty Division
 Ind  Atlantic League           2010 Bridgeport Bluefish  1st half 36-34   3rd (tie), last, 5GB, Liberty Division
                                                          2nd half 47-23   1st, 5.5GA Liberty Division  
                                                                   83-57   1st, 5GA Liberty Division
 Ind  Atlantic League           2011 Bridgeport Bluefish  1st half 32-31   3rd, 8GB Liberty Division
                                                          2nd half 36-27   2nd, 2.5GB Liberty Division
													                                         68-58   2nd, 10.5GB Liberty Division
 Ind  Atlantic League           2012 Bridgeport Bluefish  1st half 31-39   3rd, 8.5GB, Liberty Division
                                                          2nd half 36-33   2nd, 2.5GB, Liberty Division
                                                                   67-72   2nd, 1.5GB, Liberty Division
 Ind  Atlantic League           2013 Bridgeport Bluefish  1st half 23-47   4th (last), 14.5GB Liberty Division
                                                          2nd half 31-38   2nd, 1.5GB Liberty Division
                                                                   54-85   3rd, 11GB liberty Division
 Ind  Atlantic League           2014 Bridgeport Bluefish  1st half 22-48   4th (last), 24˝GB Liberty Division
                                                          2nd half 25-45   3rd (tie, last), 13GB Liberty Division
                                                                   47-93   4th (last), 38GB Liberty Division
 Ind  Atlantic League           2015 Bridgeport Bluefish  1st half 26-44   4th (last), 24GB Liberty Division
                                                          2nd half 30-39   3rd, 9GB, Liberty Division
                                                                   56-83   3rd, 33GB (tie, last), Liberty Division
 Ind  Atlantic League           2016 Bridgeport Bluefish  1st half 30-40   4th (last), 10GB, Liberty Division
                                                          2nd half 36-34   2nd, 3GB, Liberty Division
                                                                   66-74   4th (last), 11GB, Liberty Division
 Ind  Atlantic League           2017 Bridgeport Bluefish  1st half 41-29   2nd, 1GB Liberty Division
                                                          2nd half 35-35   2nd, 2GB Liberty Division
                                                                   76-64   1st, 1.5GA, Liberty Division

         • Stadium converted to concert arena, Bluefish will move to North Carolina for 2019.

Post Season play:

Eastern League Playoffs:

1930 Bridgeport Bears lose 4 games to 1 v Allentown Dukes.

Atlantic League Championship Series:

1998 Bridgeport Bluefish lose 3 games to 1 v Atlantic City Surf in championship.
1999 Bridgeport Bluefish beat Somerset Patriots 3 games to 0. Champions
2000 Bridgeport Bluefish North Division Playoffs: Lose 2 games to 1 to Nashua Pride.
2002 Bridgeport Bluefish North Division Playoffs: Win  2 games to 1 v Camden Riversharks.
                         Championship Series: Lose 3 games to 0 in best of 3 to Newark Bears.
2003 Bridgeport Bluefish North Division Playoffs: Lose 2 games to 1 to Nashua Pride.
2006 Bridgeport Bluefish North Division Playoffs: Win  2 games to 0 v Long Island Ducks
                         Championship Series: Lose 3 games to 0 to Lancaster Barnstormers
2010 Bridgeport Bluefish Liberty Division Playoffs: Win 3 games to 1 v. Southern Maryland Blue Crabs.
                         Championship Series: Lose 3 games to 0 to York Revolution.
2011 Bridgeport Bluefish One-Game Play-in Playoff: Lose 9-4 to Southern Maryland Blue Crabs, 9/20/2011 Harbor Yard 1,103

Connecticut League Champions (Pennant)
Bridgeport Orators 1904

Eastern League Pennant
Bridgeport Bears 1930, 2nd Half

Atlantic League Pennants
Bridgeport Bluefish 1998, 1st Half
Bridgeport Bluefish 1998, 2nd Half
Bridgeport Bluefish 1999, 1st Half
Atlantic League North Division Pennants
Bridgeport Bluefish 2000, 2nd Half
Bridgeport Bluefish 2002, 1st Half
Bridgeport Bluefish 2002, 2nd Half
Bridgeport Bluefish 2003, 2nd Half
Bridgeport Bluefish 2006, 2nd Half
Atlantic League Liberty Division Pennants
Bridgeport Bluefish 2010, 2nd Half

Atlantic League (Playoffs) Champions
Bridgeport Bluefish 1999

Atlantic League Season Division Leaders
Bridgeport Bluefish 1999
Bridgeport Bluefish 2017

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