Records of Professional Baseball Teams that have played in Paterson, New Jersey

Minor League baseball in Paterson, N.J.

Class League                Year  Team                   Record  Standing
  A   Atlantic League       1896  Paterson Silk Weavers  74-60   3rd Win playoffs and the Soby Cup-Champions
  A   Atlantic League       1897  Paterson Silk Weavers  68-79   6th
  B   Atlantic League       1898  Paterson Silk Weavers  65-70   4th
  A   Atlantic League       1899  Paterson Giants        21-51   Disbanded July 4th.
  C   Hudson River League   1904  Paterson Intruders     70-49   2nd*, 1 game behind-First place team was 70-47, 2 games less. Also played in Clifton.
  C   Hudson River League   1905  Paterson Invaders      62-51   2nd, 1 game behind-First place team was 68-50.
  C   Hudson River League   1906  Paterson Invaders      64-47   1st
  C   Hudson River League   1907  Paterson Intruders      4-9    Disbanded June 2nd.
  D   Atlantic League       1914  Paterson Silk Citys    32-54   7th

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Negro League baseball in Paterson

      League                Year  Team                   Record     Standing 
      Independent           1931  Harlem Stars            6-13      a.k.a Harlem Black Bombers; renamed Black Yankees 1932, not sure where they played.
      Independent           1932  New York Black Yankees 17-14-1    Games counted in East-West League standings, though not a member. From Harlem Stars
      Independent           1933  New York Black Yankees  1-6      (against top teams)
      Independent           1934  New York Black Yankees  2-10
      Independent           1935  New York Black Yankees 11-6
      Independent/NNL       1936  New York Black Yankees  7-14      7th, last    Entered Negro National League in 2nd half.         
      Negro National League 1937  New York Black Yankees  9-17      6th, last, 11.5 GB
      Negro National League 1938  New York Black Yankees  7-18      6th, last (tie), 14 GB Played home games at Triborough Stadium on Randall's Island, New York City in 1938.
      Negro National League 1939  New York Black Yankees 15-21      5th
      Negro National League 1940  New York Black Yankees 15-25      5th, last (tie)
      Negro National League 1941  New York Black Yankees 16-20      4th
      Negro National League 1942  New York Black Yankees 10-25-1    5th
      Negro National League 1943  New York Black Yankees  4-24-2    7th, last
      Negro National League 1944  New York Black Yankees  8-33      6th, last, 17.5 GB
      Negro National League 1945  New York Black Yankees 11-26      6th, last
      Negro National League 1946  New York Black Yankees 12-45      6th, last
      Negro National League 1947  New York Black Yankees 10-42-4    6th, last
      Negro National League 1948  New York Black Yankees  9-35      6th, last  Moved to Rochester for 1948. Independent team 1949-50.

      Black Yankees Home Fields:
                                Hinchcliffe Stadium, Paterson, N.J., 1933-37, 1939-47
                                Triborough Stadium, Randall's Island, N.Y., 1938
                                Red Wing Stadium, Rochester, N.Y., 1948 (a.k.a. Silver Stadium)
                                Yankee Stadium (from 1934, eventually around 10 games per year) 
                                also Dexter Park, Roosevelt Stadium (Jersey City) & others, 1933-48

Post Season play:

Atlantic League Playoffs:

1896 Silk Weavers win 5 games to 2 vs. Hartford Bluebirds for the championship Soby Cup.

Eastern League Champions
Paterson Silk Weavers 1896

Hudson River League Champions (Pennant)
Paterson Invaders 1906

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