Minor League Baseball Teams from Meriden, Connecticut

Minor League Baseball in Meriden, Connecticut:

Class League                    Year  Team                   Record    
 Ind  Connecticut State League  1884  Meriden                25-22  2nd
 Ind  Southern New England Lg.  1885  Meriden Maroons        42-21  1st [league reformed as the Connecticut State League 8/27]
 Ind  Connecticut State League  1885  Meriden Maroons         8-2   1st
      Eastern League            1886  Meriden Maroons        12-34             (Disbanded July 13th.)
 Ind  Connecticut State League  1888  Meriden                 9-3   1st [league disbanded 7/25]
 Ind  Connecticut State League  1891  Meriden                10-4   2nd
  D   Connecticut State League  1895  Meriden Silvermen       4-3   2nd
  F   Connecticut State League  1897  Meriden Bulldogs       52-24  1st
  F   Connecticut State League  1898  Meriden Bulldogs       46-48  5th
  F   Connecticut State League  1899  Meriden Silverites     45-47  5th
  F   Connecticut State League  1900  Meriden Silverites     47-48  5th
  F   Connecticut League        1901  Meriden Silver Citys   56-50  4th
  B   Connecticut League        1902  Meriden Silverites     51-58  6th, tie
  B   Connecticut League        1903  Meriden Silverites     60-41  2nd
  B   Connecticut League        1904  Meriden Silverites     31-84  8th, last
  B   Connecticut League        1905  Meriden Silverites     49-64  5th
           Replaced by Waterbury Authors in 1906.	 
  B   Connecticut League        1908  Meriden                54-72  7th
           Norwich Bon-Bons (19-21) disband July 10,1910; reformed in Meriden 7/15:
  D   Connecticut Association   1910  Meriden Doublins        0-4  (tot: 19-25, 3rd) Disband July 24.
           Holyoke Papermakers (24-52) move to Meriden July 11, 1913:
  B   Eastern Association       1913  Meriden Hopes          16-43 (tot: 40-95  8th, last.)
           Moved and became New Britain Sinks in 1914

Southern New England League Champions (Pennant)
Meriden Maroons 1885

Connecticut State League Champions (Pennant)
Meriden Bulldogs 1897

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