Records of all Minor League Baseball Teams in Bristol, Connecticut

Minor League baseball in Bristol, Connecticut:

Class League                    Year  Team  (affiliate)      Record
 Ind. Connecticut State League  1891  Bristol-Plainville     12-15  6th
  F   Connecticut State League  1897  Bristol Tramps         29-46  6th, last
  F   Connecticut State League  1899  Bristol Bellmakers     47-45  5th
  F   Connecticut State League  1900  Bristol Bellmakers     48-47  4th
  F   Connecticut State League  1901  Bristol Woodchoppers   65-40  1st
   The Port Chester Clippers, Colonial League 1948 champs move to Bristol 1949.
  B   Colonial League           1949  Bristol Owls    (Ind)  82-47  1st, Post-season Champions
  B   Colonial League           1950  Bristol Owls    (Ind)  36-31  3rd League disbanded July 16th.
   The Pawtucket Red Sox move to Bristol 1973.
  AA  Eastern League            1973  Bristol Red Sox (Bos)  62-77  3rd, American Division
  AA  Eastern League            1974  Bristol Red Sox (Bos)  74-61  1st, American Division; Lose playoffs.         
  AA  Eastern League            1975  Bristol Red Sox (Bos)  81-57 (2nd) 1st,second half, Post-season Champions
  AA  Eastern League            1976  Bristol Red Sox (Bos)  74-60  2nd, South Division
  AA  Eastern League            1977  Bristol Red Sox (Bos)  72-67  4th,last New England Division
  AA  Eastern League            1978  Bristol Red Sox (Bos)  72-66 (3rd) 1st,first half Post-season Champions
  AA  Eastern League            1979  Bristol Red Sox (Bos)  73-66  3rd
  AA  Eastern League            1980  Bristol Red Sox (Bos)  79-60  1st, South Division (win neither half, not in playoffs)
  AA  Eastern League            1981  Bristol Red Sox (Bos)  79-58 (1st) 1st,second half, South Division; Post-season Champions
  AA  Eastern League            1982  Bristol Red Sox (Bos)  75-65  2nd, South division
   Move to New Britain in 1983.

Post Season play:

Colonial League Playoffs:

1949 Bristol Owls 1st round: beat Waterbury Timers 4 games to 1.
                  Championship: beat Bridgeport Bees 2 games to 1. 1st Champions

Eastern League Playoffs:

1974 Bristol Red Sox  1st round: lose 2 games to 0 to Thetford Mine Pirates
1975 Bristol Red Sox  beat Reading Phillies 3 games to 0. Champions
1978 Bristol Red Sox  beat Reading Phillies 2 games to 0. Champions
1981 Bristol Red Sox  1st round: beat Reading Phillies 2 games to 0.
                      Championship: beat Glens Falls White Sox 3 games to 2. Champions

Connecticut State League Champions (Pennant)
Bristol Woodchoppers 1901

Colonial League Pennant
Bristol Owls 1949

Colonial League Champions
Bristol Owls 1949

Eastern League (Divisional) Pennants
Bristol Red Sox 1974,1975 (2nd half),1978 (1st half),1980,1981 (season & 2nd half)

Eastern League Champions
Bristol Red Sox 1975,1978,1981

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