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The Female of The Species: Peggy O'Neil, the Girl Babe Ruth, Who Has Signed Up For a Transcontinental Tour With a SAlary of $8,750, Slidong for the Plate in a Practice Game in New York. New York Time, Apr. 18, 1926, Times Wide World Photos.

Females on All-Male Baseball Teams
1898  Lizzie Arlington  Reading Eastern League (played)1.
 Alta Weiss  
1907  Vermillion Independents (semi-pro) (played).
1922  Weiss All-Stars (semi-pro)
1931  Jackie Mitchell  Chattanooga Lookouts Southern Association (signed)2.
 Toni Stone  
1936  St. Paul Giants (semi-pro) (played)3.
1949  San Francisco Sea Lions (semi-pro)
 New Orleans Black Pelicans Negro Southern Lg.
 New Orleans Creoles Negro Texas League
1950  New Orleans Creoles Negro Texas League
1951  New Orleans Creoles Negro Texas League
1952  New Orleans Creoles Negro Texas League
1953  Indianapolis Clowns Negro American Lg.
1954  Kansas City Monarchs Negro American Lg.
1952  Eleanor Engle  Harrisburg Senators Interstate League (signed)4.
 Mamie Johnson  (“Peanut”)
1953  Indianapolis Clowns Negro American Lg. (played)5.
1954  Indianapolis Clowns Negro American Lg.
1955  Indianapolis Clowns Negro American Lg.
 Connie Morgan  
1954  Indianapolis Clowns Negro American Lg. (played)6.
1955  Indianapolis Clowns Negro American Lg.
1971  Jackie Jackson  Pittsfield Senators Eastern League (tryout)7.
Baseball banned women from the minor leagues on June 23, 1952.
 Ila Borders  (lefty)
1997  St. Paul Saints Northern League (played)8.
 Duluth-Superior Dukes Northern League
1998  Duluth-Superior Dukes Northern League
1999  Duluth-Superior Dukes Northern League (1-0  1.67 ERA)
 Madison Black Wolf Northern League
2000  Zion Pioneerzz Western League
2010  Tiffany Brooks  Big Bend Cowboys Continental Baseball League .
 Eri Yoshida  (“Knuckle Princess”)
2009  Kobe Cruise 9 Kansai League (played)9.
2010  Yuma Scorpions Arizona Winter Lg.
 Chico Outlaws Golden League
2011  Chico Outlaws Golden League
 Na Koa Ikaika Maui Golden League
2012  Hyogo Blue Sandars Kansai League
 Na Koa Ikaika Maui Golden League
2013  Ishikawa Million Stars Baseball Challenge League (semi-pro)
2014  Ishikawa Million Stars Baseball Challenge League (semi-pro)
2015  Ishikawa Million Stars Baseball Challenge League (semi-pro)
2016  Ishikawa Million Stars Baseball Challenge League (semi-pro)
2017  Tochigi Golden Braves Baseball Challenge League (semi-pro)
 Melissa Mayeux  
2015    Barracudas de Montpellier French Division 1 .167 BA
2016    Barracudas de Montpellier French Division 1 .241 BA
2017    Montigny-le-Bretonneux Cougars French Division 2 .167 BA
2016  Anna Kimbrell  Sonoma Stompers Pacific Association .
 Stacy Piagno  
2016    Sonoma Stompers Pacific Association
2017    Sonoma Stompers Pacific Association
 Kelsie Whitmore   .
2016    Sonoma Stompers Pacific Association
2017    Sonoma Stompers Pacific Association
Miss Lizzie Arlington, basebaall pitcher. Picture from the Indianapolis Daily Pharos, July 20, 1898
  1. Lizzie Arlington
Pitched one inning, July 5, 1898, against Allentown. Atlantic League President Ed Barrow hires her for touring exhibition games. Real name: Lizzie Stroud.
  2. Jackie Mitchell
Signed 3/28/1931. Pitched in Exhibition game v. New York Yankees, Apr. 2, 1931. 17 year-old Lefty. Commissioner Kenesaw Mountain Landis voided her contract. Played with House of David men's team to 1937.
  3. Toni Stone
A.K.A. Marcenia Lyle Alberga
  1936- St. Paul Giants (semi-pro men's league)
  1945-1949 San Francisco Sea Lions, West Coast Negro Baseball League
  1949 New Orleans Black Pelicans, Negro Southern League
  1949-52 New Orleans Creoles, Negro Southern League
  1953 Indianapolis Clowns, Negro League
  1954 Kansas City Monarchs, Negro League
  1949 1st AB a 2 RBI hit
  1953 .243 avg.
Picture of Toni Stone swinging a bat as a member of the Indianapolis Clowns from The Salina Journal, Salina, Kansas, August 6, 1953.
  4. Eleanor Engle
Pitcher signed, but Minor League President, George O. Trautman said no, Ford Frick, Commissioner of Baseball agreed.
  5. Mamie “Peanut” Johnson
  Indianapolis Clowns, Negro League, 1953-55 Career: 33-8 W-L record, .273 batting avg
  Drafted by Washington Nationals 6/5/2008 in cermeonial draft ceremony at Cooperstown.
  6. Connie Morgan
Played for all-women North Philadelphia Honey Drippers 1949-53 career avg.: .368
  7. Jackie Jackson
Pitcher; team was affiliated with the Washington Senators. Tryout on August 21.
  8. Ila Borders
Lefty pitcher; 1st female player in NAIA & NCAA men's games.
       Southern California College 1994-96
       Whittier College 1997
The Northern Baseball League and the Western Baseball League are Independent Leagues.
  1st game 5/31/1997 for Saint Paul v. Sioux Falls Canaries; 1997 0-0 7.53 ERA
  1st start 7/7/1998 for Duluth-Superior v Sioux Falls Canaries
  1st win 7/24/1998 for the Dukes, 3-1 v Sioux Falls Canaries; 1998 1-4 8.66 ERA
  1999 1-0 1.67 ERA
  2000 8.31 ERA
  9. Eri Yoshida
Knuckleball pitcher Only woman pitcher to pitch for men's team in 3 countries.
  The Kansai Independent Baseball League is in Japan
  1st game 3/26/2009 Osaka Dome v. Osaka Gold Villicanes 11,592 2009 0-2 4.03 ERA
  The Arizona Winter League
  1st win for Yuma, 5-0 against Team Canada 2010 1-1 4.79 ERA
  Golden Baseball League is an Independent League
  1st game 5/29/2010 v. Los Cimarrones de Tijuana, 3 innings & an RBI single in only AB
  Pitched in Canada 7/27/2010 v. the Victoria Seals 2010 0-4
  1st win 8/9/2011, 6 innings, for Maui, 4-1 over the Edmonton Capitals
  . Alta Weiss
Played 1907-1922 on barnstorming traveling semi-pro teams ; only first and last seasons shown
  . Tiffany Brooks
2007- 1st woman to sign and play with a Dutch Men's Baseball League team
2010- Was on HollywoodLegends, a barnstorming team of ex-major leaguers
2010- Unsuccessful tryout with the Rio Grande Valley White Wings of the United League Baseball (ULB)
  . Kelsie Whitmore (p) & Anna Kimbrell (c)
7/22/2016- 1st all-female piching battery in men's baseball.

For more information, and pictures of Jackie Mitchell, see this page and this one

Article from The Sandusky Register, Sandusky, Ohio, October 1, 1921, titled Took Three Days To Add Score/Kansas, O., Sept. 30--(Special)---Last Wednesday will be long remembered by the baseball fans of this and the surrounding country, on account of the game that was played between the ladies and the men of this vicinity. An Adjoining side of a barn was used as the score board, which was necessary, as the score at the end of the ninth inning stood 86 to 59, in favor of the ladies./The ladies played a very snappy game throughout, only disputing one part of the so-called rules as insisted upon by the men. The ladies did not consider it necessary to make the long trip around the diamond, claiming that to run to first base and back was sufficient excercise for them to score./We do not blame them at all, as viewing the game from an architectural standpoint, several of the players were not adapted to long ho-speed trips.

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