Records of all Minor League Baseball Teams in Hartford,Connecticut

Major League baseball in Hartford,Connecticut:

Major League          Year Team                            Record              
National Association  1874 Hartford Dark Blues             16-37  7th
National Association  1875 Hartford Dark Blues             54-28  3rd
National League       1876 Hartford Dark Blues             47-21  3rd

Moved to Brooklyn for 1877 season, played as the Brooklyn Hartfords, 31-27 3rd.

Minor League baseball in Hartford,Connecticut:

Class League                   Year Team              (Affiliate)   Record 
      International Assoc.     1878 Hartford Charter Oaks            1-9

      Connecticut State Lg.    1884 Hartford                        20-27  4th
      Connecticut State Lg.    1885 Hartford Babies                  3-6   3rd

      Southern New England Lg. 1885 Hartford Babies                 40-25  2nd
      Eastern League           1886 Hartford Dark Blues             40-48  4th
      Eastern League           1887 Hartford Dark Blues

      Atlantic Association     1889 Hartford                        52-44  3rd
      Atlantic Association     1890 Hartford                        22-60  Disbanded Aug. 25th.

      Connecticut State League 1891 Hartford                        12-11  4th [disbanded 6/10]
 Ind  Connecticut State League 1895 Hartford Bluebirds               4-4   3rd

  A   Atlantic League          1896 Hartford Bluebirds              73-54  2nd, lose playoffs 5 games to 2.
  B   Atlantic League          1897 Hartford Bluebirds              78-55  3rd
  B   Atlantic League          1898 Hartford Cooperatives           57-76  7th

  A   Eastern League           1899 Hartford Indians                50-56  6th
  A   Eastern League           1900 Hartford Indians                68-55  3rd
  A   Eastern League           1901 Hartford Wooden Nutmegs         58-56  Disbanded Sept. 10th.

  D   Connecticut League       1902 Hartford Senators               57-55  4th
  D   Connecticut League       1903 Hartford Senators               30-77  8th,last
  D   Connecticut League       1904 Hartford Senators               53-61  6th
  B   Connecticut League       1905 Hartford Senators               58-56  4th
  B   Connecticut League       1906 Hartford Senators               62-57  4th
  B   Connecticut League       1907 Hartford Senators               66-55  5th
  B   Connecticut League       1908 Hartford Senators               84-42  2nd,1/2 game behind.
  B   Connecticut League       1909 Hartford Senators               74-44  1st
  B   Connecticut League       1910 Hartford Senators               64-58  5th
  B   Connecticut League       1911 Hartford Senators               68-52  3rd
  B   Connecticut League       1912 Hartford Senators               67-51  2nd

  B   Eastern Association      1913 Hartford Senators               83-48  1st Lose Class B Championship Series 4 games to 2 to Lowell Grays.
  B   Eastern Association      1914 Hartford Senators               62-56  4th

 Ind  Colonial League          1915 Hartford Senators               55-42  1st

  B   Eastern League           1916 Hartford Senators               38-79  8th,last
  B   Eastern League           1917 Hartford Senators               37-66  8th,last
  B   Eastern League           1918 Hartford Senators               29-26  5th League suspended play July 22nd.
  A   Eastern League           1919 Hartford Senators               34-73  8th,last
  A   Eastern League           1920 Hartford Senators               70-68  4th
  A   Eastern League           1921 Hartford Senators               73-78  5th
  A   Eastern League           1922 Hartford Senators               73-76  6th
  A   Eastern League           1923 Hartford Senators               98-55  1st Junior World Series Tune-up Champions.
  A   Eastern League           1924 Hartford Senators               85-67  3rd
  A   Eastern League           1925 Hartford Senators               86-67  2nd,1/2 game behind.
  A   Eastern League           1926 Hartford Senators               65-88  6th
  A   Eastern League           1927 Hartford Senators               72-81  6th
  A   Eastern League           1928 Hartford Senators               78-72  5th
  A   Eastern League           1929 Hartford Senators               60-93  8th,last
  A   Eastern League           1930 Hartford Senators               35-44  Withdrew June 30th.
  A   Eastern League           1931 Hartford Senators               97-40  1st, both half seasons.
  A   Eastern League           1932 Hartford Senators   (B'klyn-NL) 31-48  8th,last

  B   Northeastern League      1934 Hartford Senators               50-53  4th

  A   Eastern League           1938 Hartford Laurels    (Boston-NL) 67-67  4th lose first round playoffs.
  A   Eastern League           1939 Hartford Bees       (Boston-NL) 58-82  7th,last(tie)
  A   Eastern League           1940 Hartford Bees       (Boston-NL) 72-66  3rd lose championship 4 games to 1
  A   Eastern League           1941 Hartford Bees       (Boston-NL) 54-81  7th   
  A   Eastern League           1942 Hartford Bees       (Boston-NL) 62-78  7th
  A   Eastern League           1943 Hartford Bees       (Boston-NL) 77-59  3rd lose 1st round playoffs
  A   Eastern League           1944 Hartford Laurels    (Boston-NL) 99-38  1st lose 1st round playoffs
  A   Eastern League           1945 Hartford Bees       (Boston-NL) 68-67  4th lose 1st round playoffs
  A   Eastern League           1946 Hartford Chiefs     (Boston-NL) 71-67  4th lose championship 4 games to 1
  A   Eastern League           1947 Hartford Chiefs     (Boston-NL) 58-82  6th
  A   Eastern League           1948 Hartford Chiefs     (Boston-NL) 74-67  4th win 1 game playoff for 4th; lose first round playoffs
  A   Eastern League           1949 Hartford Chiefs     (Boston-NL) 66-74  5th
  A   Eastern League           1950 Hartford Chiefs     (Boston-NL) 80-59  3rd lose first round playoffs
  A   Eastern League           1951 Hartford Chiefs     (Boston-NL) 73-65  4th lose first round playoffs
  A   Eastern League           1952 Hartford Chiefs     (Boston-NL) 59-79  7th
 AA   Eastern League           2016 Hartford Yard Goats (Colorado)  74-67  3rd, 15.0 G.B. Eastern Division  Moved- were New Britain Rock Cats. NO HOME GAMES
 AA   Eastern League           2017 Hartford Yard Goats (Colorado)  62-77  5th, 29.5 G.B. Eastern Division
 AA   Eastern League           2018 Hartford Yard Goats (Colorado)  65-72  3rd, 12.5 G.B. Eastern Division
Note: From 1938-1945 Hartford Times called the team the Laurels; the Hartford Courant called them the Senators. Their incorporated name was the Bees.. 

In 2016, the New Britain Rock Cats (Eastern League) are moved to Hartford and play as the Hartford Yard Goats.
The Yard Goats (AA Eastern League) played nineteen “Home” games at Dodd Stadium, Norwich, Conn. in 2016 (7-12). All other games were road games.

Post Season Play:

Atlantic League Championship:

1896 Hartford Bluebirds lose 5 games to 2 to Paterson Silk Weavers.

Class B Championship Series:

1913 Hartford Senators  lose 4 games to 2 to Lowell Grays (New England Lg.)

Junior World Series Tune-Up Series:

1923 Hartford Senators Champions winning 2 games to 0 over Baltimore Orioles (Iny'l. Lg.)

Eastern League Playoffs:

1938 Hartford Laurels 1st round: lose 3 games to 0 to Hazelton Red Sox.
1940 Hartford Bees    1st round: win 3 games to one over Scranton Red Sox
                      Championship: lose 4 games to 1 to Binghamton Triplets (NY-AL)
1943 Hartford Bees    1st round: lose 3 games to 1 to Scranton Red Sox.
1944 Hartford Laurels 1st round: lose 3 games to 2 to Utica Blue Sox (Detroit)
1945 Hartford Bees    1st round: lose 4 games to 2 to Wilkes-Barre Barons (Cleve.)
1946 Hartford Bees    1st round: win 4 games to 2 to Albany Senators (Pittsburgh) 
                      Championship: lose 4 games to 1 to Scranton Red Sox
1948 Hartford Chiefs  beat Williamsport Tigers for 4th place in 1 game playoff.
                      1st round: lose 4 games to 3 to Albany Senators (Pittsburgh)
1950 Hartford Chiefs  1st round: lose 4 games to 2 to Wilkes-Barre Barons (Cleve.)
1951 Hartford Chiefs  1st round: lose 4 games to 0 to Scranton Red Sox

Connecticut League Pennant:
Hartford Senators 1909

Eastern Association Pennant:
Hartford Senators 1913

Colonial League Pennant:
Hartford Senators 1915

Eastern League Pennants:
Hartford Senators 1923,1931
Hartford Laurels 1944

Junior World Series Tune-Up Champions:
Hartford Senators 1923

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