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Grumman Flyers
Grumman Wildcats
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Picture of Grumman Flyer basetball player, Pop Gates [number 23]. From the Nassau Daily Review-Star, March 31, 1942. Titled: Most Valuable Player? Text: Grumman basketball fans attending tomorrow night's game at Bay Shore will be requested to vote for the most valuable player. Among the leading candidates is the veteran 'Pop' Gates (above) brilliant Negro star who has been a big factor in the success of the powerful Grumman unit this year. Picture of Nat Frankel, basketball player, number 27, with the Grumman Flyers, from the Nassau Daily Review-Star, December 30, 1941. Titled, Leading Scorer. Text: Leading the Gruman Flyers against Mitchel Field tonight will be Nat Frankel (above), former ace for Kate Smith's Celtics. Along with Pop Gates, Frankel has spaarked the Flyers to five straight victories and is the leading scorer on the squad. Picture of Grumman Wildcat pro basketball player, Dolly King, number 19. From the Nassau Daily Review-Star, Rockville Centre, N.Y., November 16, 1942. Title: Garden Veteran. Text: Playing on the boards of Madison Square Garden in the forthcoming Grumman basketball tourney will hold no terrors for Dolly King (above) sharpshooting center of the Wildcats. King has made innumerable Garden appearances as a player at L.I. University, as have many of his team mates.
1941-42 (21-3)  [20-2 official*]
Irv Torgoff & Pop Gates co-captains, George Slott, coach
Bob Benn, Frank Reilly, Simon Lobello, Ossie Schectman, Sol "Butch" Schwartz, Nat Frankel, Dolly King, Irv Torgoff, Bill "Pop" Gates, Tarzan Cooper (World Tourn.)
11/12/1941 Grumman Flyers/Bombers (L 40-53) Brooklyn Celtics (ABL), at Freeport HS 1,000
11/16/1941 Grumman Flyers (W 30-21) Brooklyn Jewels, at Prospect Hall, Brooklyn
11/20/1941 Grumman Flyers (W 43-35) Stan Lomax All-Stars, at Freeport HS [Frankel 11, King 10]
12/3/1941 Grumman Flyers v. King Kullen Quintet, at Freeport HS NO GAME
12/3/1941 Grumman Flyers (W 56-40) Paterson Pros (ABL), at Freeport HS [Frankel 14, Gates 12] 
12/10/1941 Grumman Flyers (W 47-40) Colored Chain Gang, at Freeport HS [Gates 15, Frankel 14]
12/17/1941 Grumman Flyers (W 58-30) Riverhead, at Bay Shore HS
12/30/1941 Grumman Flyers (W 60-39) Mitchel Field Aviators, at Freeport HS Red Cross Benefit
1/7/1942 Grumman Flyers (W 60-39) Bronx Yankees, at Freeport HS [Frankel 25, Gates 11, Schwartz 11]
1/14/1942 Grumman Flyers (W 48-21) Detroit Clowns, at Freeport HS
1/21/1942 Grumman Flyers (W 69-52) Fordham Giants, at Freeport HS [Frankel 21, King 13, Lobello 13]
1/28/1942 Grumman Flyers v New York Violets, at Freeport HS CANCELED, snow
2/4/1942 Grumman Flying Vs (W 48-30) Service All-Stars, at Bay Shore HS 1,400 [King 16, Gates 14]
2/12/1942 Grumman Flying Vs (W 48-30) House of David, at Bay Shore HS [Gates 13, Frankel 10]
2/18/1942 Grumman (W 49-38) Stan Lomax All-Stars, at Bay Shore HS [Frankel 12, Schectman 11, Schwartz 10]
2/25/1942 Grumman (W 59-45) Washington Brewers (ABL), at Bay Shore HS [Schectman 17, King 14]

3/4/1942 Grumman Flyers (L 25-48) Sheboygan Redskins, Milwaukee Auditorium
         [other g: Globe Trotters 49-33 Toledo]
3/5/1942 Grumman (W 47-25) at Sheboygan Redskins

World Tournament, Chicago Stadium
3/8/1942 Grumman Flyers (W 54-32) Indianapolis Kautskys, 1st round
3/9/1942 Grumman Flyers (W 48-38) Chicago Bruins, 2nd round [King 12, Torgoff 10]
3/10/1942 Grumman Flyers (L 43-44O.T.) Detroit Eagles, semi-final
3/11/1942 Grumman Flyers (W 43-41) Harlem Globetrotters, Consolation Game [King 16]

Pro Invitation Tournament Broadway Arena, N.Y.
3/15/1942 Grumman Flyers (W 38-30) Washington Brewers (ABL), 1st round [King 12, Schwartz 11]

3/18/1942 Grumman Flyers (W 65-38) College All-Stars, at Bay Shore HS [King 24]
3/25/1942 Grumman Flyers v Detroit Eagles POSTPONED
3/25/1942 Grumman Flyers (W 39-36) Harlem Yankees [King 17]

Pro Invitation Tournament, Broadway Arena, N.Y.
3/29/1942 Grumman Flyers v. Wilmington Celtics, semi--finals NOT PLAYED

4/1/1942 Grumman Flyers (W 62-38) Detroit Eagles, at Bay Shore HS
Gates voted team MVP by fans at halftime
4/12/1942 Grumman Flyers v. A.B.L. All-Stars, at Bay Shore HS ????????????W?
End season "w/6 straight wins", also claim 15 in row after loss [didn't count Sheboygan games]
4/4/1942  Pro All-Stars (L 36-49) Rens, at Bronx Coliseum (coach: Honey Russell) [Dolly King 4 for All-Stars)]
Visiting 'Cat. Sol 'Butch' Schwartz, Grumman Wildcat pro basketball player, number 31, shooting the ball. From The Rochester Times-Union, December 24, 1942.Simon 'Si' Lobello, Grumman sharpshooter. Grumman Wildcat basketball player, number 26. From The Rochester Times-Union, December 26, 1942.Pictured: Ossie Scgectman and Irv Torgoff. From the Long Island Daily Press, January 27, 1943. Titled: Stars Who'll Perform at Jamaica Arena; Text: Ossie Schectman and Irv Torgoff, two former Long Island University greats, will be in the line-up tonight at the Jamaica Arena when the Grumman Wildcats, one of the strongest teams in the East, face the Immaculate Conception Big 5 of Astoria, pace setters in the Star-Journal Church League.
1942-43 (21-5)
Rudy Bouse, team manager
John "Brownie" Carroll. Lou Daniels, Irv Torgoff, Papa Gates, Dolly King, Si Lobello, Butch Schwartz, Bill Simon, Mike Novak, John Isaacs
11/4/1942 Grumman Wildcats (W 44-37) Dixie Colored Giants, at Bay Shore HS [King 17]  {12th str.?}
11/11/1942 Grumman Wildcats (W 52-46) Bronx Yankees/Bombers, at Bay Shore HS [King 15, Gates 15, Schwartz 13]
11/18/1942 Grumman Wildcats (W 57-45) Bronx (NY) Collegians, at Bay Shore HS [Schwartz 22, King 19]

U.S. Army Invitation Tournament at Madison Square Garden
11/23/1942 Grumman Wildcats (W 44-27) Camp Lee, at Madison Square Garden  7,216
11/25/1942 Grumman Wildcats (W 40-38) Aberdeen Proving Grounds Ordnance, at Madison Square Garden

Photo from the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, December 24, 1942. Caption: 'BATTLING FOR THE BALL--Pop Gates, Grimman A.A., Negro star, and William Behr of Camp Lee provide [a] moment of action in pre-season tournament game at Madison Square Garden last night.  Grumman A.A. won, 44-27, and will meet Ordnance Department team from Averdeen, Md., in final tomorrow night.'.

12/2/1942 Grumman Wildcats (W 41-31) Ellis Island Coast Guard, at Bay Shore HS
12/3/1942 Grumman Wildcats v ABL All-Stars [prob. PP]
12/9/1942 Grumman Wildcats (W 54-40) A.B.L. All-Stars, at Bay Shore HS [Carroll 14, Gates 13]
12/16/1942 Grumman Wildcats (W 50-43) Brooklyn Army Base [King 14]  {3rd straight W v service team}
12/27/1942 Grumman Wildcats (L 39-41) at Rochester Eber-Seagrams
1/20/1943 Grumman Wildcats (W 44-29) Camp Upton, Jamaica Arena
1/21/1943 Grumman Wildcats (W 53-51) at Elizabeth Industrial League All-Stars Polio Benefit Game
1/27/1943 Grumman Wildcats (W 57-39) Immaculate Conception Big Five (Astoria), at Jamaica Arena
1/31/1943 Grumman Wildcats (W 49-47) at Rochester Eber-Seagrams Distillers [King 20]
2/3/1943 Grumman Wildcats (W 53-32) Ellis Island Coast Guard, at Jamaica Arena [Gates 14, Lobello 12, Torgoff 10]
2/10/1943 Grumman Wildcats (W 48-43) Brooklyn Army Base, at Jamaica Arena
2/14/1943 Grumman Wildcats (W 41-37) at Rochester Eber-Seagrams
2/17/1943 Grumman Wildcats (L 39-58) New York Jewels (ABL), at Jamaica Arena [Gates 18]
2/24/1943 Grumman Wildcats (L 57-61) Detroit Eagles, at Jamaica Arena [Lobello 16, Schwartz 16, King 15]
2/27/1943 Grumman Wildcats (W 49-45) New York Renaissance Casino (Rens) [Lobello 15, King 14, Torgoff 11]  
3/2/1943 Grumman Wildcats (L 46-50) at Fort Monmouth [Isaac 10]
3/11/1943 Grumman Wildcats (W 50-25) Fort Monmouth, at Elizabeth, N.J. Red Cross Benefit [King 13, George Slott 10] {17-4}

Red Cross Benefit tournament at Rochester
3/20/1943 Grumman Wildcats (L 44-45) Sheboygen Redskins (NBL), 1st round [Tarzan Cooper, Nathan Frankel]
3/21/1943 Grumman (W 49-36) Akron Collegiates, Consolation Game [Jerry Simon 10, King 10]
{3/21/1943 championship game: Sheboygan Redskins (W 47-34) Rochester Eber-Seagrams}
RED CROSS BENEFIT $1,500 prize

4/9/1943 Grumman Wildcats (W 41-35) Bendix Aviation Corp. Marines, USO Benefit
4/15/1943 Grumman Wildcats (W 38-36) Mitchel Field Aviators, at Hempstead HS, Red Cross Benefit [King 15]

King 271 pts (96 FG, 79 FT) [23 g.]; Gates 196 pts. [25 g.]; Schwartz 179 pts. in 21 games.
[Note: At least King also played for the Rens this season]

Dolly King drives on the Ebers on December 27. Grumman teammate Irv Torgoff is behind him, Si Lobello to the right.
Eber center, Big Ed Sonderman (#12) defends on the left of photo.

1943-44 Grumman Wildcats  (1-0) [reassembled for Benefit Game]
11/26/1943 Grumman Wildcats (W 45-41) Pete Barry's Original Celtics, at Bay Shore HS, Red Cross Benefit [Gates 13]
Picture of Dolly King, Grumman Wildcat basketball player. From the Long Island Daily Press, December 1, 1944, Jamaica, New York. Grumman Star. Text: DOLLY KING/ William (Dolly) King of Cedar Manor, one of the great all-around athletes ever produced at L.I.U. returns to the court in a Grumman uniform this winter with the revitalized Grumman Hellcats who are aiming for the championship in the world professional tournament to be played in Chicago. Accompanying article titled Grumman Five Is Returning To Pro Picture/Ed Sadowski, Herb Gershon added to King, Togoff, Gates and Company....
1944-45 Grumman Hellcats [road team] [incomplete] (3-2)
Dolly King, Irv Torgoff, Johnny Isaacs, Pop Gates, Ed Sadowski (6'5"), Herb Gershon, Cy Rosenberg, John Bromberg
12/10/1944 Grumman Hellcats (W 59-41) Indianapolis Kautskys, at Dayton, Ohio [Gates 17, King 11, Frankel 10]
12/12/1944 Grumman Hellcats (W 61-53) Pure Oil Oilers, at Kokomo, Indiana [Torgoff 21, Gershon 13, Frankel 10]
12/13/1944 Grumman Hellcats at Indianapolis Kautskys [unknown as of now]
The Dec. 12 game is also reported as against the Indianapolis Kautskys.
1/5/1945  Grumman Hellcats at Acme Aviators, Dayton Coliseum [Canceled]

Doubleheader, at Dayton Coliseum
3/18/1945 Grumman Hellcats (L 42-44) Acme Aviators [2nd game: Harlem Globetrotters 49-40 Indianapolis Oilers]

World Pro Tournament, at Chicago Stadium
3/20/1945 Grumman Hellcats (L 27-43) Dayton Acmes 1st round

Benefit Game, at Bay Shore High School
add: Clarence "Puggy" Bell, Moe Frankel, Ossie Schectman, Big Mike Bloom
4/25/1945 Grumman Hellcats (W 67-51) Metropolitan College All-Stars [Schectman 22, Torgoff 16]

Titld: He'll See Action, from the Nassau Daily Review-Star, Rockville Centre, New York, 1942. 'Back in harness again for the Grumman Flyers, Sol Schwartz... Picture of Pop Gates, Grumman basketball player, from the Long Island Daily Press, Jamaica, New York, February 3, 1943, titled One of Grumman's Greats. Text: Pop Gates is recognized as one of the greatest basketball players in the country today.  For years, a standout performer with the Renaissance Casino five, the Negro champions.  Pop now wears the spangles of the Grumman Wildcats who meet the Ellis Island Coast Guard at the Jamaica Arena tonight.

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