Hempstead High School Girls' Basketball Team

1925 National Champions

CHAMPIONS OF THE U.S.A. • Hempstead High Girl's Basketball Team • Team Picture: Front Row, (l. to r.)---Ida Ryerson, Helen Fickweiler, Louise Guaramere, Alma Seaman, Elsie Klein (Captain), Dorothy Oatis (Manager), Edna Stephens, Elizabeth White, Katherine Lascelle, J.H. Fay, Coach. Back Row, (l. to r.)--Grace Schweiker, Wilma McLean, Iris Walsh, Gertrude Van Hoven, Rose McHale, Harriet Baker. From (Nassau) Daily Review, April 7, 1925.
•Hempstead High finishes first in Class A Division, South Shore Basketball League for Girls
1925 South Shore Basketball League for Girls Championship, at South Side H.S., Valley Stream
3/19  Hempstead High 34-17 Oceanside H.S. (Class B champs)
 Oatis 17 pts., Klein 11, Guarnieri 6.
1925 (2nd) National High School Girls' Basketball Championship Tournament, at Hempstead H.S.
  Guthrie H.S. returning National Champion
 Semi-Finals (First Round):
4/3  Struthers H.S. (Youngstown, Oh.) 24-18 Guthrie H.S. (Okla.)
4/4  Hempstead High 49-14 Burlington (Vt.) High 1,000
 Dorothy Oatis 19 pts., Louise Guarnieri 8 pts, Van Hoven 6, Stevens 4.
4/6  Hempstead High 25-22 Struthers High 1,100
 Oates 14 of 19 foul shots- 16 pts., Guarnieri 2 pts, Elsie Klein 7.
•Hempstead High School Girls National Champions!
New Picture of National Champions • Hempstead High Damsels Who Won Fame by Play in Annual Basketball Tournament • LEFT TO RIGHT---IRIS WALSH, IDA RYERSON, ALMA SEAMAN, ELSIE KLEIN, DOROTHY OATIS, BETTY REMSON, LOUISE GUARN'IERE AND GERTRUDE VAN HOVEN. From The (Nassau) Daily Review, April 14, 1925.
The winners received the Westfield Cup.
Westfield Challenge Cup, Emblem of Championship. From The Daily Review, April 4, 1925.
The Daily Review, April 4, 1925
Hemsptead High finishes 19-1. Their lone loss of season was to Freeport High, 21-20.
Girls' Basketball Team Which Represented Freeport High School • Team picture: Left to Right, Bottom Row---Principal John Dodd, Kiernan, Oppenheim, Bartlett, Newman (Capt.), Wellbrock, Boller, Miss Catherine C. Parsons. Top Row---Sullivan, Post (Manager), Marlow.
•Hempstead High Girls were invited, but not allowed by school authorities to travel to Struthers, Ohio to defend their title in 1926.

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