New York Renaissance Basketball Records

Renaissance Big Five
Spartan Braves of Brooklyn/Spartan Five

The New York Rens (1923-1942, 1943-1948, 1949-1951)
Washington Bears (1943)
Dayton Rens (1948-49) N.B.L.

New York Rens 26 Year Record
__W__ _L_ Pct.
 1923-1949 2,318 381 .860

Metropolitan Basketball Association
 The Rens began as the Spartan Braves, then the Spartan Five, joining the M.B.A.. The league ordered the suspension of two players; the Spartans refused and were fined so they left the league, becoming the Rens the next year

American Basketball League
 In 1926, the A.B.L. rejects the Rens as member of league because they are Black. The Original Celtics reject the ABL in protest and solidarity.

Basketball Association of America
 In 1947, the B.A.A. rejects the Rens as member of league because they are Black.

National Basketball League
 The Rens were not allowed in the new N.B.L. in 1937 because they were Black.
 In 1948, the Rens joined the N.B.L. as the Dayton Rens, replacing the Detroit Vagabonds
  1948-49 N.B.L. Record
   14-16 6th, last Eastern Division

 •(Although not in records, the New York Rens played through at least 1951 after being bought by the Harlem Globetrotters)

First Rens Game
  11/3 New York Renaissance Five 28-22 Collegiate Big Five

Post-Season & other important games

Series vs. Commonwealth Big Five
 at Renaissance Casino
  2/29  Commonwealth Big Five 38-35 New York Renaissance
 at Commonwealth Casino
  3/9   Commonwealth Big Five 31-21 New York Rens [1st g.: Peekskill (NY State Lg. Champ.) 54-40 Leondi of Pittsburgh]

Colored Basketball World Championship
  New York Renaissance wins tournament.

Exhibition Series
  ___  New York Rens v. Original Celtics tie series 3 games each

New Jersey Championship
 at the Orange Armory, East Orange, N.J.
  2/19 New York Renaissance 29-19 National Turners Rens New Jersey Champions

 at Manhattan Casino
  3/22 Original Celtics 49-38 New York Renaissance
  3/25 New York Renaissance 39-31 Kingston

Celtics Series
  _/__ Original Celtics W-L New York Rens
  _/__ Original Celtics W-L New York Rens
 at Renaissance Casino
 12/20 New York Rens 37-30 Original Celtics 2,500

Exhibition Series
 at 369th Regiment Armory
  2/12 Original Celtics W-L New York Rens

 at the Renaissance Casino, Harlem:
  3/18 New York Rens 26-22 Morgan State

Post-Season Games
 at Elmira
  4/6  New York Rens 38-17 Washington Palace Club
 at Amsterdam, N.Y.
  4/   New York Rens 40-17 Sa_ete_s

Exhibition Series
 at Manhattan Casino, 280 West 155th St.
  11/29 New York Rens 38-25 Original Celtics 3,000
  _/_(1928) New York Rens W-L Original Celtics ?
  4/1  Original Celtics 37-28 New York Rens Rens home game 2,500
  4/8  Original Celtics 47-31 New York Rens Rens home game

Post-Season vs. New York State League Champions
  4/15 New York Rens 52-24 Syracuse

Road Trip
A.B.L. Opponent
 at Fort Wayne
  2/    Fort Wayne Hoosiers 34-25 New York Rens
  2/    Fort Wayne Hoosiers 34-30 New York Rens
 at Boston Garden
  2/13 New York Rens 42-18 Boston Whirlwinds [doubleheader: Philadelphia Giants 22-18 Pere Marquettes]
 at Chicago
  2/    Chicago Bruins 27-28 New York Rens
  2/    New York Rens 38-35 Savoy Club
 at Cleveland
  2/    New York Rens 56-34 Cleveland Rosenblums (ABL)?  Elfs?

A.B.L. Opponent
  2/24 New York Rens 58-29 Fort Wayne Hoosiers

Exhibition Series
  3/3  New York Rens 45-21 New York Hakoahs [NY Celtics were known as NY Hakoahs this season]

Exhibition Game
  3/20 Morgan State 41-40 New York Rens

World Basketball Championship Series
 at the 71st Regiment Armory, New York City:
  4/5  Original Celtics 31-30 New York Rens 8-10,000 38-31?
 at Syracuse, New York:
  4/6  Original Celtics 48-38 New York Rens
 at Rockland Palace, 280 West 155th:
  4/9  Original Celtics 30-25 New York Renaissance 2,000

A.B.L. Opponents
 10/27 New York Renaissance 37-20 Cleveland Rosenblums [ABL Champions]
 11/24 New York Renaissance 32-23 Rochester Centrals

Mayor's Committee on Unemployment Benefit Triple Header at Madison Square Garden
 12/10 Brooklyn Visitation Triangles 37-31 New York Rens 3,000
[2nd g: 92nd Street YMHA 34-23 Jewish Community House of Bensonhurst; 1st g: Franklin K. Lane HS 24-13 Textile HS] 12/17?

 11/21  Original Celtics 32-26 New York Rens, at Mineola High School
 11/22  New York Rens 31-29 Philadelphia Sphas
 11/26  New York Rens 37-21 Original Celtics
  12/5   New York Rens 35-35 Original Celtics [tie] (No O.T.- Celtics had to catch train)
World Professional Basketball Championship
  3/30 New York Rens 37-34 New York Celtics
       World Champions!

Exhibition Game
  4/3  New York Rens 30-23 New York Celtics

Charity Game
 4/21   Original Celtics 30-25 New York Rens [1st g: Mysterious 5 (girls) 19-18 Eastern Girls of Brooklyn]

1932-33 (120-8)
Championship Series
 at Rockland Palace
  11/24 Original Celtics 27-26 New York Rens
  12/25 New York Rens 34-32 Original Celtics [site unknown]
 at Renaissance Ballroom
  2/26  New York Rens 25-17 Original Celtics
 at Cleveland
  3/9   New York Rens 36-35 O.T. Original Celtics 3/17? [may not be the correct Rens win over Celtics]
 at Washington, D.C.
  3/27 Original Celtics W-L New York Rens  ending 88 game winning streak.
 at Palace Ballroom, Philadelphia
  4/3   Original Celtics W-L New York Rens 3/27?
 at Harrisburg, Pa.
  4/8   New York Rens 36-27 Original Celtics
Mythical World Title
  New York Rens win series with Original Celtics 8 games to 6
       World Champions!

Post-Season Game
  4/9   New York Rens 32-24 Philadelphia SPHAS

Celtics Series
 at Renaissance Casino
 11/30 New York Rens 27-21 Original Celtics
 12/25 New York Rens 34-20 Original Celtics

Mythical World Title
       World Champions!

Some Interesting Games
  1/__  New York Rens 42-35 at Tuskegee Institute
  3/__  New York Rens 34-20 Brooklyn Visitations (ABL)

Exhibition Series
 at 132nd Armory, Rockwell & Madison Streets, Chicago
  2/8   Original Celtics 28-20 New York Renaissance 5,000
  _/__ New York Rens W-L Original Celtics by one point [site unkown]

Mythical World Title
       World Champions!

1935-36 (106-12)
Some Interesting Games
  11/28 Philadelphia SPHAS 28-26 New York Rens

American Jewish College Fund Benefit Doubleheader at the 71st Regiment Armory
 12/23  New York Rens 29-22 New York Jewels [2nd game: Philadelphia Hebrews 23-16 Brooklyn Visitations] 5,000

World Championships [First Integrated Basketball Tournament]
 at White City Arena, Chicago
 Championship Elimination Round
  2/21  New York Renaissance W-L Duffy Florals [still researching]
  2/28  New York Renaissance W-L ? Kate Smith Celtics assumed

World Championships (Best-of-5)
 at Oshkosh
  3/21  Oshkosh All Stars 45-30 New York Renaissance [1st g.: Oshkosh Taverns 21-18 Fowlers]
 at Fond du Lac
  3/22  New York Rens 52-44 Oshkosh All Stars
 at Ripon College
  3/23  New York Rens 40-36 Oshkosh All Stars 1,500 (charity)
 at Oconto, Wisc.
  3/24  New York Rens 43-36 Oshkosh All Stars
 at Oshkosh Recreational Gym
  3/25  Oshkosh All Stars 54-45 New York Rens

Post-Season Match-up
 at Renaissance Casino
  4/5   New York Rens 37-25 Original Celtics
Mythical World Title
       World Champions!

at Butler Field House, Indianapolis
   New York Rens v. Harlem Globetrotters [doubleheader, probably not played]

 at Foot Guard Hall, Hartford
  12/13 Philadelphia SPHAS 62-36 New York Rens 1,700 (“Philadelphia Hebrews”)

$10,000 World Professional Basketball Tournament (World Series of Basketball), at Chicago
 1st Round:
      New York Rens bye
 Quarter-Final, at 132nd Infantry (Madison Street) Armory:
  3/26 New York Rens 30-21 New York Yankees
 Semi-Final, at Chicago Coliseum (15th & Wabash):
  3/27 New York Rens 27-23 Harlem Globetrotters [1st game: Oshkosh All-Stars 36-29 New York Celtics (ABL)]
 Championship, at Chicago Coliseum:
  3/28 New York Rens 34-25 Oshkosh All-Stars 3,000
       World Champions!

World Professional Basketball Tournament, at Chicago
 1st Round, at 132nd Infantry Armory, Madison & Rockwell:
  3/17 New York Rens 42-21 Canton Bulldogs
 Quarter-Final, at 132nd Infantry Armory:
  3/18 Harlem Globetrotters 37-36 New York Rens 9,000

Post-Season Series
 at 71st Regiment Armory:
  3/31 Philadelphia Sphas 42-32 New York Rens 3,000 [2nd g.- Troy Celtics 38-31 NY Jewels]
  4/13 Philadelphia Sphas 55-42 New York Rens (site unknown)
  4/20 New York Rens 48-41 Philadelphia Sphas (site unknown)

Game v. Celtics
 at Broadway Arena, Brooklyn
  11/21 New York Rens 30-24 Original Celtics 2,500

Game v. Sphas (site unknown)
  12/30 Philadelphia Sphas 36-32 New York Rens

Game v. Oshkosh All-Stars (site unknown)
  1/19  Oshkosh All-Stars 45-37 New York Rens

Cleveland $1,500 Invitational Max Rosenblum Tournament
 at Public Hall
 First Round:
  3/1  Philadelphia Sphas (ABL) 55-48 New York Renaissance 4,500 [1st g.: Original Celtics 42-40 Detroit Eagles]
 Consolation Game:
  3/2  New York Renaissance 49-45 Detroit Eagles (NBL) Championship: Philadelphia Sphas (ABL) 43-38 Original Celtics ending 66 game winning streak] 6,500

World Professional Basketball Tournament at Chicago
 1st Round, at Chicago International Ampitheater:
  3/16 New York Rens 43-20 Dayton Sucher Wonders 3/17?
 Quarter-Finals at Chicago International Ampitheater:
  3/17 New York Rens 43-15 Kenosha Royals 3/18?
  3/18 Detroit Eagles 43-42 New York Rens 9-13,000 3/19?
 Consolation Game:
  3/20 New York Rens 57-42 Toledo White Huts 12,000

Exhibition Game (sites unknown)
  11/28 New York Rens 45-26 Chicago Bruins

Democrat and Chronicle Athletic Association Pro Tournament at Rochester
 1st Round:
  1/24   New York Rens 53-52 Philadelphia Sphas [other g.: Rochester Seagrams 43-40 Oshkosh All-Stars]
 Championship Game:
  1/25   Rochester Seagrams 43-40 New York Rens [consol. g.: Oshkosh All-Stars 38-24 Phildelphia Sphas]

World Professional Basketball Tournament at Chicago Stadium
 1st Round:
  3/8   New York Rens 55-37 North Indiana Steelers (Michigan City)
  3/10 Oshkosh All-Stars 44-38 New York Rens

Cleveland Invitational Tournament
 First Round:
  3/14 New York Renaissance 63-61 Fort Wayne Zollners
  3/15 New York Renaissance 63-45 East Liverpool Fleetwings check score
  3/15 New York Renaissance 62-51 Chicago Bruins

Charity Doubleheader at the Bronx Coliseum
  4/4  New York Rens 49-36 Professinal All-Stars [2nd game: Metropolitan College All-Stars 69-57 Virginia Union College] 5,000 Benefit

National Basketball League Opponent
 at Olympia Arena, Detroit
  12/2  New York Rens 37-25 Toledo Jim White Chevrolets

Game v. Sphas (A.B.L.) (sites unknown)
  12/14 Philadelphia Sphas 45-40 New York Rens

Thomas J. Reese Pro Basketball Tournament at Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo
 1st Round:
  3/4   Harlem Globetrotters 35-24 New York Rens [other g.: Rochester Eber-Seagrams 47-32 Detroiters] 2,200
 Consolation Game:
  3/6   New York Rens 34-31 Detroit Eagles [championship g.: Rochester Eber-Seagrams 45-39 Harlem Globetrotters]

 Rens Pop Gates & Dolly King played with the Grumman Flyers 1941-42 & the Grumman Wildcats in 1942-43
   An Anomaly:
  3/__ Grumman Wildcats 49-45 New York Rens

Rochester Invitational Tournament (Red Cross Benefit)
 1st Round:
  3/20 Sheboygen Redskins 47-44 Grumman Wildcats 45-44? 56-49?
 Consolation Game:
  3/21 Grumman Wildcats 49-36 Akron Collegians

 Most of the Rens played as the Washington Bears in the World Tournament.
World Professional Basketball Tournament at Chicago
 1st Round:
  Washington Bears bye
 Quarter-Final, at 16th Street Armory:
  3/16 Washington Bears 48-21 Minneapolis Sparklers
 Semi-Final, at 16th Street Armory:
  3/17 Washington Bears 38-30 Dayton Dive Bombers
 Championship, at Chicago Stadium:
  3/18 Washington Bears 43-31 Oshkosh All-Stars 11-12,000
       World Champions!

Cleveland Invitational Tournament
 1st Round:
  3/20 New York Rens 65-63 Cleveland Chase Brassmen
  3/21 New York Rens W-L Aberdeen Proving Grounds (Md.) not sure of this as game or championship
   (still researching games)

Post-Season Game
  4/__ Washington Bears W-L Chicago Studebakers [Opponents really mostly Harlem Globetrotters]

Post-Season Charity Benefit Game
 at Golden Gate Arena, 142nd St. & Lenox Ave.
  4/12 Fort Wayne Zollners 60-58 Washington Bears 1,500
     [1st game: Mysterious Girls 46-6 Local Nurses A.C., Althea Gibson 24 pts.]

Charity Game at Chicago Stadium
  12/3 College All-Stars 35-31 Washington Bears 19,000 [1st g.: Phillips 66 (AAU champs) 49-31 Dow Chemical (Midland, Mich.)]

Worcester Open “World Championship” Tournament
 at Worcester, Massachusetts
 1st Round:
  3/2  Rens L-W v. ?
 3rd Place Consolation Game:
  3/4  Rens 52-48 Brookln Jewels 3,000 ,font size="1">[championship game: Mitchel Field Bombers 59-43 Worcester Norton Company]

   (still researching games)

Cleveland Invitational Tournament
 at Public Hall
 1st Round:
  3/11 Rens W-L v. ?
  3/12 Rens 68-49 Aberdeen Proving Grounds Bombers 4,500
   (still researching games) not sure of # of rounds

World Professional Basketball Tournament at Chicago Stadium
 1st Round:
  3/20 New York Rens 39-33 Detroit Suffrins
  3/22 New York Rens 62-38 Cleveland Chase Brassmen 11,820
  3/24 Fort Wayne Zollner Pistons 42-38 New York Rens 10,428 3/23?
 3rd Place Consolation Game:
  3/25 Harlem Globetrotters 37-29 New York Rens 14, 226 3/24?

$4,000 Cleveland Pro Basketball Invitational Tournament
  3/17 teams incl. Rens, Cleveland (NBL), Newark (ABL) & Detroit Mansfields.
(still researching games)

World Professional Basketball Tournament at Chicago Stadium
 1st Round:
  3/19 New York Rens 67-59 Indianapolis Oilers 8,500
  3/21 New York Rens 61-52 Pittsburgh Raiders 14,702
  3/23 Fort Wayne Zollner Pistons 68-45 New York Rens 9,472
 Consolation Game:
  3/24 Chicago American Gears 64-55 New York Rens 15,119

Exhibition Game (site unknown):
  3/25 Indianapolis All-Stars 67-51 New York Rens

World Professional Basketball Tournament at Chicago Stadium
 1st Round:
  3/27 New York Rens v. Youngstown Bears (N.B.L.) Canceled due to Bears' Huck Hartman's death.
  3/27 New York Rens 82-39 Toledo White Huts 3/25?
  3/29 Oshkosh All-Stars 50-44 New York Rens

A.B.L. Opponent
 at Renaissance Casino
  3/2  New York Rens 66-36 Elizabeth Braves

National Professional Championshup Basketball Tournament
 at Worcester (Mass.) Memorial Auditorium
 1st Round:
  New York Rens bye
  3/6  New York Rens 69-44 Fitchburg PAMCOs [2nd g.: Chicago Collegians 61-44 New York Jewels]
  3/7  New York Rens 40-29 Chicago Collegians

N.B.L. Opponent
 at Seton Hall, East Orange
  3/__ New York Rens W-L Rochester Royals

First “Inter-Racial” Basketball Game at Madison Square Garden
  3/26 New York Renaissance 49-36 Philadelphia Sphas [2nd game: N.Y. Knicks 91-84 Providence Steamrollers (2 O.T.) (B.A.A.)] 9,213 Benefit

Benefit Game, at De La Salle Gymnasium, Chicago
  3/29 New York Rens 55-35 Chicago Collegians

World Professional Basketball Tournament at Chicago Stadium
 1st Round:
  4/8  Toledo Jeeps 62-59 New York Rens 11,230

World Professional Basketball Tournament at Chicago Stadium
  4/8  New York Rens 67-51 Bridgeport Newfield Steelers
  4/9  New York Rens 59-55 Tri-City Blackhawks
  4/11 Minneapolis Lakers 75-71 New York Rens 16,892

 •On May 18, 1949, A. M. Saperstein, owner of the Harlem Globetrotters purchased the New York Renaissance as farm team and patsies.

  12/4  Fort Wayne Pistons 66-61 New York Rens
  3/11  New York Rens 64-51 Philadelphia Sphas [2nd g.: Harlem Globetrotters 74-64 New York Celtics]
 at Chicago Stadium:
  11/24 Minneapolis Lakers (NBA) 58-52 New York Rens 9,278 [2nd g.- Harlem Globetrotters 63-38 Philadelphia Sphas]

  11/28 New York Rens 57-44 Philadelphia Sphas (at Evanston HS Gymnasium) [2nd g.: Globetrotters 67-43 Boston Whirlwinds]
  12/27 New York Rens 57-45 Philadelphia Sphas [2nd game: Harlem Globetrotters 64-55 Boston Whirlwinds]
  3/10  New York Rens 64-51 Philadelphia Sphas (site unknown) 3/11?
  3/18  New York Rens v. Philadelphia Sphas at 359th Regiment Armory, 5th Ave, & 142nd St. [Globetrotters v St. Louis University Grads]

 at Chicago Stadium:
  11/10 New York Rens 68-49 Indiana Clark Twins 7,632 [2nd g.- Harlem Globetrotters 67-49 Toledo Mercurys]

 •Douglas had control of the Rens before the 1951-52 season.

  3/5   Sheboygan Redskins 68-66 New York Rens

Fall 1924: The Rens incorporate the Commonwealth Big Five team into theirs, but by season's end Commonwealth 5 were playing their own games again.

Home Court: Renaissance Casino, Harlem (138th Street & 7th Avenue)

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