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All-American Football Conferencccce (A.A.F.C.)
Shamrock Bowl All-Star Game
Cover of program for AAFC's Shamrock Bowl, 1949.

Shamrock Bowl

All-America Football Conference
Shamrock Bowl
Shamrock Bowl  1949  A.A.F.C. All Stars (W 12-7) Cleveland Browns , at Rice Stadium, Houston, Texas  12,000  (12/17)
• This was the last All America Football Conference game before the AAFC-NFL merger.
• For more on this All-Star game, go to this Shamrock Bowl page.
• The Shamrock Bowl was continued as a charity game in Houston between two N.F.L. teams, 1951 & 1952 (a pre-season exhibition game).
• For later IAFL Shamrock Bowl in Ireland, see this Shamrock Bowl page
National Football League
Shamrock Bowl
Shamrock Bowl II  1951  Detroit Lions (W 28-14) New York Yanks , at Rice Stadium, Houston, Texas  48,000  (9/22•night)
Shamrock Bowl III  1952  Chicago Cardinals (W 10-0) Dallas Texans , at Public School Stadium, Houston, Texas  12,000  (9/20)
• The Shamrock Bowl was abandoned in 1953 for lack of a stadium.

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