American Football in Australia
Australian Gridiron League
Australian Gridiron League logo, green, yellow and gray. Shield with league name and image of silhoetted quarterback throwing football in front of flag of Australia.
Grand Final
Women's Grand Final

Grand Final
 Grand Final  2012  Western Australia Raiders (W 42-35) New South Wales Wolfpack
 Grand Final  2013  no season
 Grand Final  2014  Queensland Sundevils (W 42-14) New South Wales Wolfpack  (May 10)
 Grand Final  2015   no season?
 Grand Final  2016  Queensland Sundevils (W 17-14O.T.) Western Australia Raiders  (May 14)


Women's Australian Gridiron League
Grand Final
 Grand Final  2014  Queensland Sundevils (W 14-8) ACT Monarchs  (May 10)
 Grand Final  2015   no season?  
 Grand Final  2016  Queensland Sundevils (W 49-6) New South Wales Coyotes  (May 14)

National Gridiron League
National Gridiron League logo. Shield with white helmet and stars at top on red stripe, blue NGL on white background, and a modified flag of Australia on a blue background at bottom.

The National Gridiron League (NGL) will begin play in 2016.

For the postseason bowl game records for individual states' league go to the Gridiron Australia page!!

GA Gridiron Australia (Gridiron Australia small logo.

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