American Football in Europe
Alps Bowl
Italy v. Switzerland
Logo for the Alps Bowl III. Alps Bowl shield, ALPS BOWL with a football for the O, the alps pictured behind it and two opposing QBs facing eacxh other.

Alps Bowl
(no name) 2015  Team Italy (W 30-19) Team Switzerland, at Pero, Italy (Jan. 10)
Alps Bowl I  2016  Team Switzerland (W 12-9) Team Italy, at Pero, Italy (Jan. 9)
Alps Bowl III  2018  Team Italy (W 43-8) Team Switzerland, at Bologna, Italy (Jan. 28)
Alps Bowl IV  2019  Team Italy (W 38-0) Team Switzerland at Milan, Italy (Oct. 20)
Alps Bowl V  2022  Seamen Milano (W 36-20) Calanda Broncos (Mar. 27)
    The 2015 game was an unnamed “friendly” match. Alps Bowl I in 2016 is now considered Alps Bowl II.

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