American Football in Europe
EFAF Atlantic Cup
(European Federation of American Football)

Atlantic Cup sticker: EFAF Atlantic Cup I-Brussels-June 27/28 2009/Belgium/Ireland/Luxembourg/The Netherlands

EFAF Atlantic Cup
Atlantic Cup I  2009  West Flanders Tribes (Belgium) (W 15-13) Dublin Rebels (Ireland), at Brussels (Jun. 28)
Atlantic Cup II  2010  UL Vikings AFC (Ireland) (W 19-18) Lelystad Commanders (Luxembourg), at Dublin (Jul. 27)
Atlantic Cup III  2011  Lelystad Commanders (Lux.) (W 47-2) West Flanders Tribes (Belg.), at Lux. (Jun. 26)
Atlantic Cup IV  2012  Lelystad Commanders (Lux.) (W 12-0) Brussels Tigers (Belg.), at Lelystad (Jun. 24)
Atlantic Cup V  2013  Belfast Trojans (Ireland) (W 26-0) West Flanders Tribes (Belg.) at Dublin (Jun. 30)
Atlantic Cup VI  2014  Brussels Tigers (Belgium) (W 9-7) Hilversum Hurricanes (Neth.) at Brussels (Sep. 7)
GFL International Atlantic Cup
Atlantic Cup  2015  Belfast Trojans (Ireland) (W 26-7) Groningen Giants (Neth.), at Groningen (Sep. 26)
Atlantic Cup  2016  Brussels Black Angels (Belgium) (W 47-0) Groningen Giants (Neth.), at Dudelange, Lux. (Sep. 24)
Atlantic Cup  2017  Dublin Rebels (Ireland) (W 42-14) Bucharest Rebels (Romania), at Dublin (Nov. 25)
  This is amateur football.
  The European Federation of American Football (E.F.A.F.) hosted the Atlantic Cup, 2009-2014.
  The UL Vikings AFC is the University of Limerick Vikings American Football Club.
  In 2015, the German Football League International (GFLI) took over hosting the Atlantic Cup.
European Federation of American Football (EFAF) logo.   GFLI logo: stylized football above GFL/German Football League/International, black on white.

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