Bacardi Bowl
Rhumba Bowl Cigar Bowl

Bacardi Bowl
1907  L.S.U. (W 56-0) University of Havana,  Parque Almendares, Havana  10,000  (12/25)
1910  Havana Athletic Club (W 11-0) Tulane,  Parque Almendares  (1/1)
1912  Mississippi A&M (W 12-0) Havana A.C.,  Parque Almanderes  (1/1)
1912  Florida (W 28-0) Vedado A.C.,  Parque Almanderes  (12/25)
1912  Florida (T 0-0) Vedado A.C.,  Parque Almanderes  (Dec.)
1921  Cuban A.C. (W 14-10) Mississippi,  Parque Almanderes  (12/31)
Bacardi Bowl 1937  Alabama Polytechnic Institute (T 7-7) Villanova,  La Tropical Stadium, Havana  12-18,000  (1/1)
Bacardi Bowl 1938  Rollins College v. Cuban Navy canceled,  at Campo Polar  (1/2)
Bacardi Bowl 1939  Georgia Teachers College (W 27-7) Havana,  La Tropical Stadium  (12/9)
Bacardi Bowl 1946  Southern Mississippi (W 55-0) Havana,  La Tropical Stadium  (12/7)
other games
1939  Georgia Teachers College (W 14-0) University of Havana,  at Statesboro, Georgia  (10/11-14)
1939  Rollins (W 25-0) Havana,  at Tinker Field, Orlando, Florida (n.)  (10/27)
1939  Rollins (W 71-0) Havana,  La Tropical Stadium, Havana (n.)  3,000  (12/23)
1939  Rollins (W 26-13) Tampa,  La Tropicana Stadium  (12/27)
1939  Tampa (W 28-6) Havana,  La Tropicana Stadium  3,000  (12/30)
1946  Alabama “B” team (W 53-18) Havana,  Wiregrass Memorial Stadium, Dothan, Alabama  (11/9)
    The full names of the college include the University of Alabama, the University of Tampa and the University of Havana (a.k.a. Havana University). Mississippi A&M is today Mississippi State, Alabama Poly is Auburn University, Georgia Teachers College is now Georgia Southern University.
    Bacardi Bowl was first officially used in 1937, before this the games wewre simply unnamed post-season games, retroactively dubbed Bacardi Bowls.
    The 1937 and 1938 games were also called the Rhumba Bowl.
    The 1938 game was called off due to a local plane crash.
    The 1946 Bacardi Bowl is also called the first Cigar Bowl.

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