American Football
BFL Final
(Balkan Football League Championship)
Bosnia and Herzegovina • Croatia • Romania • Serbia

Image of the shield for the Balkan Football League. , BALKAMN/FOOTBALL/LEAGUE//Established 2022, in a re, white and black shield with an image of a football, and mountains at top, laurel leaf at bottom.
Balkan Football League
“Where Mountains Collide”

Balkan Football League Championship
BFL Final  2020  no season due to Covid-19 pandemic.
BFL Final 1  2021  Belgrade Blue Dragons (W 16-12) Novi Sad Wild Dogs  (Aug. 1) 
BFL Final 2  2022  Belgrade Blue Dragons (W 6-3) at Zagreb Patriots  (Jul. 10) 
BFL Final 3  2023  Belgrade Blue Dragons (W 27-10) Sarajevo Spartans  (Jul. 23) 

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