University & Bellevue Medical College

Historic Football Records

New York University and Bellevue Medical College


Nov. 25  L  4-6   Columbia College of Physicians & Surgeons,  at the Polo Grounds
Dec.  1 ?   Columbia College of Physicians & Surgeons  [no game?]
?   Columbia College of Physicians & Surgeons [prob. no game]
Oct. 19  W 22-5 at   Elk Field Club,  at Woodside
Nov.  2  T  6-6 at   Fordham College
Nov.  5  L  0-11 at   N.Y.U.,  at Berkeley Oval, The Bronx [or W 11-0 v NYU subs?]
Nov. 23  L 12-16 at   Seton Hall College
Nov. 30 ? at   Jefferson Medical College,  Philadelphia
  New York University Medical School established 1841. The AMA was founded that year at NYU Medical School.
  1851 - N.Y.U. Medical School moves from lower Broadway to 3rd Ave. & 14th St., opposite Bellevue Hospital.
  Bellevue Hospital's history began in 1658 as an infirmary for the poor in New Amsterdam.
  1731 - The first municipal hospital in the United States was founded in the Alm's House at the site of today's City Hall.
  1787-Bellevue Medical College established at the original Alm's House Hospital of 1658.,/td>
  1795 - Following yellow fever epidemic, B.M.C. moved to the Belle Vue Mansion.
  1799 - Establish first maternity ward in the world.
  1811 - Kip's Bay Farm, just north of Belle Vue purchased for larger Alm's House.
  1826 - 1st Bellevue Hospital opens.
  Beginning 1850, beds at Bellevue Hospital allocated into 3 divisions, control divided between NYU Medical Center, Bellevue Medical Center and Columbia College of Physicians & Surgeons.
  Residency diplomas awarded 1852-1967.
  1859 - Bellevue Hospital Medical College established.
  1869 - 1st hospital linked ambulence developed.
  1874 - 1st children's clinic in America.
  1876 - 1st emergency pavilion in country opens.
  1898 - Bellevue Hospital and Bellevue Medical College merge.
  1908 to 1939 - Current Bellevue buildings designed by McKim, Mead & White constructed.
  1911 - 1st cardiology clinic in country.

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