Boil Fish Bowl
(Commonwealth American Football League)
The Bahamas
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Boil Fish Bowl
Boil Fish Bowl 2009  V8 Fusion Stingrays (W 24-14) Orry J. Sands Pros  (Feb. 22)
Boil Fish Bowl 2010  canceled 
Boil Fish Bowl 2011  Orry J. Sands Pros (W 24-12) John Bull Sigma Jets  (Feb. 5)
Boil Fish Bowl 2012  V8 Fusion Stingrays (W 24-12) Orry J. Sands Pros  (Feb. 4)
Boil Fish Bowl 2013  Orry J. Sands Pros (W 30-12) V8 Fusion Stingrays  (Feb. 24)
Boil Fish Bowl 2014  V8 Fusion Stingrays (W 12-2) Orry J. Sands Pros  (Feb. 2)
Boil Fish Bowl 2015  Baoilco Fast Track Jets (W 38-32) Orry J. Sands Pros  (Feb. 22)

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