Historic Football Records fo Camp Merritt

Dumont, New Jersey

.      L  7-10       Fordham (not varsity)

10/26  L  0-7        Columbia University S.A.T.C. (H), at South Field
11/2   W 13-0     at N.Y.U., at Ohio Field  11-0?
11/9   no game       Pelham Bay Naval Reserves, at the Polo Grounds  [proposed game didn't occur]      
11/19  L  7-13       Camp Devens (Ayers, Mass.), at Boston Braves Field, Boston
11/23  W 27-0        Fordham, at Oritani Field, Hackensack, N.J.
11/28   ?            Princeton Bay, at Oritani Field
.                    Fort Slocum [mentioned in Fort Slocum Bulletin, probably no game?]

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  Updated 5/19/2004

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