Historic Football Records

Company I, 14th Regiment, Flushing Armory

Company I, 10th Infantry, Flushing Armory

Company I, 10th Infantry, Flushing Armory

 1917 [stationed at Camp Wadsworth, Spartanburg, South Carolina]
     [Company I, 10th Infantry]
 "10th Regiment Champions"
Nov. 11  W 64-0       Company C of Albany
     [more games were scheduled (Flushing Evening Journal)]

Company I, 14th Regiment, Flushing Armory

Oct. 4  postponed  at Freeport Field Club  [rain]
Oct. 11  L  0-34   at Freeport Field Club  (0-42?)
Oct. 25  rain out     Past Time Pros of Manhattan (H) [at Flushing Memorial Field]
Nov. 1   L 12-14      Union Club of Paterson
Nov. 3   L  0-3    at 6th Division, N.Y. Naval Militia, Whitestone, at Flushing Memorial Field   1,000
Nov. 8   W (for.)  at Monongahela Indians of Brooklyn [Indians wouldn't play on wet field]
Nov. 15  no game   at Yonkers Caseys
Nov. 15  L  0-31   at College Point Oaks FBC, Ahrco Field 0-29?
Nov. 22  L  6-19   at McMonnigles of Brooklyn [called McGonnigles]
Nov. 26  L 12-13   at Englewood (Mercury) Red Devils (NJ)
Nov. 29  L  0-6    at Elmhurst Caseys
Dec. 6  canceled      Carlisle of Brooklyn, at Dexter Park
Dec. 13 canceled   at Bushwick FBC, at Dexter Park
Dec. 13   ?        at Flushing Triangles, Flushing Memorial Field  [benefit]

Oct. 17  L  0-42   at McMonigle Democratic Club Blue Devils (Coney Island FBC), at Seaside Park  2,000
Oct. 24  T  0-0    at Baldwin Buccaneers, at Star Shell Field
Oct. 31  postponed at College Point FBC, Ahrco Field (rain)
Nov. 7   L  0-19   at Hempstead All-Stars
Nov. 14  postponed at Baldwin Buccaneers
Nov. 14  L  0-12   at College Point FBC, at Ahrco Field  1,000
Nov. 21  canceled  at Baldwin Buccaneers  [bus broke down]
Dec. 4   L  0-19   at Fort Totten 62nd Coast Artillery, at Flushing Memorial Field  att: 150  [benefit]

 1927 (Unofficially) as Flushing Triangles:
.        L  0-27      Hartford Giants
.        W  7-0       Bayonne Pros
.        W  2-0       Brooklyn Pros
.        W 14-0       Springfield Giants
11/20    T  6-6    at Newark Cardinals (A.F.L.) at Irving County Park
11/27    T  6-6    at Whitestone Warlows
12/11    L  6-12   at College Point F.B.C.  “Borough Championship”


The Flushing Remonstrance was drafted and signed at a Quaker Meeting house, on Dec. 27, 1657, at the future site of the Flushing Armory on Northern Boulevard. This document protested against Governor Peter Stuyvesant's ban of the Quakers, and called for freedom of religion from restrictions of the law.

The Flushing Armory (137-158 Northern Boulevard) was built in 1906, George L. Heins, architect.

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