Doughboy Bowl
football game
Fort Benning, Georgia

Doughboy Bowl
Fort Benning, Georgia
 Doughboy Bowl I 2010  3rd Heavy Brigade Combat Team (W 29-13) Columbus State club team,    (10/28)
 Doughboy Bowl II 2011  Fort Benning Doughboys (W 41-6) Columbus State club ,    (10/27)
 Doughboy Bowl III 2012  Fort Benning Doughboys (W 32-16) Columbus State club ,    (10/25)
 Doughboy Bowl IV 2013  Fort Benning Doughboys (W 42-31) Columbus State club ,    (10/23)
 Doughboy Bowl V 2014  Columbus State club (W 28-12) Fort Benning Doughboys ,    (10/23)

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