Arab Bowl Dust Bowl Iranian Bowl
Armed Services Post-Season Football

Arab Bowl
Oran, Algeria

Arab Bowl
San Phillipe Stadium Oran
 Arab Bowl 1944  Army (W 10-7) Navy,   15,000 (1/1)
 Note:   No score found for 2nd game of doubleheader: Casablanca Ordnance Rabchasers v. Oran Refrigeration Termites

Dust Bowl
Karachi, Pakistan

Dust Bowl
 Dust Bowl 1945  Landhi Lions (W 18-0) Karachi All-Stars,    (1/1)

Iranian Bowl
Teheran, Iran

Iranian Bowl
 Iranian Bowl 1944  Camp Amirabad (W 20-0) Camp Khorramsahr,   9,000 (12/12)

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