American Football in Egypt
Pharaohs Bowl
Egyptian Bowl
Egyptian Federation of American Football (EFAF)
Logo for the Egyptian Federation of American Football, a stylized diagonal football in red, gold and black with an eagle in yellow pictured inside, and a tail, under which is 'EFAF' in black.
Egyptian National Football League (ENFL)
Egyptian League of American Football (ELAF)
Logo for the Egyptian League of American Football. Against a black background a gold shield. Above on gold background is seen football stitching. Below has black on right, red on left and an Egyprian eagle in the center.

Pharaohs Bowl
at German University Field, Cairo
Pharaohs Bowl 2014  Cairo Sharks (W 16-12) GUC Eagles   (May 8)
Egyptian Bowl
at Katameya Sporting Club, Cairo
Egyptian Bowl I 2015  GUC Eagles (W 26-12) Cairo Hell Hounds   (May 1)
Egyptian Bowl II 2016  GUC Eagles (W 12-10) Cairo Hell Hounds   (May 1)
Egyptian Bowl III 2017  GUC Eagles (W 24-16) MSA Tigers   (Apr. 26)
Egyptian Bowl IV 2018  Cairo Hell Hounds (W 12-0) Cairo Wolves   (May 11)
Egyptian Bowl V 2019  GUC Eagles (W 40-0) MSA Tigers   (May 16)
Egyptian Bowl VI 2021  Cairo Hell Hounds (W 21-13) Cairo Bears   (Jul. 2)
  GUC is the German University in Cairo.
  MSA is the Modern Sciences and Arts University in Cairo.

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