Global Ambassador Bowl

The Global Football logo: SLanted serifed capital letters slanted reading GLOBAL FOOTBALL, in red at bottom. Behind this a slanted football with a mercator projection of the globe, white for the continents on blue; with white stitching of the football at top representing the Arctic.
Global Bowl

Global Bowl
Global Bowl
  2008   Japan Under 19 national team (W 24-14) Team Stars & Stripes, at Kawasaki Stadium, Tokyo, Japan  4,800 
  2009   Japan IFAF Juniors team (W 38-21) Team Stars & Stripes, at Kawasaki Stadium, Tokyo, Japan
  2010   Team Stars & Stripes (W 83-0) Brussels All-Stars, at Amiens, France  
  2011   Team Stars & Stripes (W 34-0) Munich Cowboys Juniors, at Bavaria, Germany  
  2012   Team Stars & Stripes (W 50-0) Italian Under 19 national team, at Rome, Italy  
  2013   Team Stars & Stripes (W 67-0) Italian Under 19 national team, at Torino, Italy  
  2014   Team Stars & Stripes (W 47-6) Cataluña, at Barcelona, Spain  1,100
  2015   Team Stars & Stripes (W 75-7) Lazio Marines, at Italy  
Global Ambassadors Bowl
  2016   Team Stars & Stripes (W 36-0) Hanau Hawks HS All-Stars, at Prague, Czech Republic  
  2017   Team Stars & Stripes (W 56-0) AFA (American Football Academy), at Shanghai Lixin University of Commerce Stadium  800 


  Team Stars & Stripes is made up of United States high school seniors.
The 2016 opponent was made up of sudents from Hanau (Germany) H.S., other local schools and the American Department of Defense schools.

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