Historical Football Records for the

United States Naval Transport

U.S. Navy Port of Embarkation Depot

Hoboken, N. J.

(Naval Transportation Service)

Coach Charlie Brickley

9/21   W 10-8      U.S.S. Arizona, at Stevens Field, Hoboken
10/19 postponed at Syracuse University
10/20  L  0-22  at Stevens Institute of Technology, Castle Point Field
10/23 scrimmage at Columbia University S.A.T.C.  [called "Army Transport"] ["practice game"][no scoring but Brickley drop-kicks two field goals anyway]
10/26  L  0-13  at Syracuse University [called "Army Transport Hospital"]
11/2   W 40-0   at Rutgers University S.A.T.C. Neilson Field 11/5?
11/9   W 27-0      Camp Vail, at the Polo Grounds, New York
.       ?          Fort Slocum

Charlie Brickley organized and coached a professional football team after the war. See Brickley's New York Giants

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