American Football in Hungary
MAFSZ logo: Magyarorszagi Amerikai Football Csapatok Scovetsege
Hungarian Bowl

Logo for the MAFL, the Magyar American Football League, green on white MAFL in a shield with a football pictured at the top.   Logo for the HFL, the Hungarian Football League.

Hungarian Bowl
Magyar Amerikai Futball Liga (M.A.F.L.)
Hungarian Bowl I  2005  Budapest Wolves (W 46-0) Debrecen Gladiators  (Nov. 19)
Hungarian Bowl II  2006  Gyor Sharks (W 7-6) Debrecen Gladiators
Hungarian Bowl III  2007  Gyor Sharks (W 42-12) Debrecen Gladiators
Hungarian Bowl IV  2008  Budapest Wolves (W 20-14) Budapest Cowboys
Hungarian Bowl V  2009  Budapest Wolves (W 16-12) Gyor Sharks
Hungarian Bowl VI  2010  Budapest Wolves (W 58-0) Nyiregháza Tigers
Hungarian Football League (H.F.L.)
Fall Bowl  2011  Budapest Wolves (W 28-0) Nyíregyháza Tigers
Hungarian Bowl VII  2012  Budapest Wolves (W 65-21) Budapest Hurricanes  (Oct. 22)
Hungarian Bowl VIII  2013  Budapest Hurricanes (W 28-24) Docler Wolves  (Oct. 26)
Hungarian Bowl IX  2014  Ujbuda Rebels (W 19-9) Budapest Wolves  (Nov. 15)
Hungarian Bowl X  2015  Bratislava Monarchs (W 55-34) Budapest Wolves  (Jul. 4)
Hungarian Bowl XI  2016  Miskolc Steelers (W 19-16) Budapest Cowbells  
Hungarian Bowl XII  2017  Budapest Cowbells (W 14-10) Miskolc Steelers  
Hungarian Bowl XIII  2018  Budapest Wolves (W 34-30) Miskolc Steelers  (Jul. 14)
Hungarian Bowl XIV  2019  Fehérvár Enthroners (W 14-12) Kiev Capitals  (Jul. 9)
  2020  no game
Hungarian Bowl XV  2021  Budapest Wolves (W 18-7) Fehérvár Enthroners  
Hungarian Bowl XVI  2022  Fehérvár Enthroners (W 31-24) Budapest Wolves  
Hungarian Bowl XVII  2023  Budapest Wolves (W 49-28) Ujpest Bulldogs  (Jul. 15)
Magyar Amerikai Futball Szovetses in a semi-cirscle above, MAFSZ in rablet below, and front facing football helmet in the middle
 • The MAFL folded after the 2010 season. The HFL was not fully recognized in 2011, so their championship game is not officialy considered a Hungarian Bowl.
 • Some souurces only begin the numbering in 2006, just calling 2005 the championship final. These have a Hungarian Bowl VI as the Division I final, Nyiregyhazar Tigers 42-07 Békéscsaba Raptors. Thus only the last two would have the same numbers as shown above.
 • The 2011 game was unofficial and the game is called the Fall Bowl and the numbering for the Hungarian Bowls 2012 to 2016 are VII through XI.
 • The Second-tier (Division 1) championship game is known as the Pannon Bowl, the Third-tier championship is the Duna Bowl and the 4th-tier game is known as the Blue Bowl.
Amrikai Futball Szuper Dönto- (Hungarian Bowl) image. Football player raising arms in V sign.

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