Ice Bowl
(Fairbanks, Alaska)
Ice Bowl 1950, Fairbanks, Alaska.

Ice Bowl
Rendezvous Stadium Fairbanks
Ice Bowl 1 1949  Ladd Air Force Base (T 0-0) University of Alaska-Fairbanks,   (1/1)
Ice Bowl 2 1950  Alaska-Fairbanks (W 3-0) Ladd AFB,   (1/2)
Ice Bowl 3 1951  Alaska-Fairbanks (T 0-0) Ladd AFB,   (1/1)
Ice Bowl 4 1951  Ladd AFB (W 47-0) Alaska-Fairbanks,   (12/30)
ad for 4th Annual ICE BOWL Classic/Rendezvous Stadium/No Admission Charge/Sun., Dec. 30th -- 11:30 a.m./The Club Will Be Open/Floor Show after the game.

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