Long Island Chiefs Football Records

Eastern Football Conference

  Queens Chiefs
1967 (3-1-0 pre-season) (6-3-0, 3rd place, 7-4-0 w/post season)
 Bronx Football Alliance
Sep.  L 13-19   Mount Vernon Eagles
Oct.  W 12-6   Yonkers Rams
Oct. 13  L Away   Bronx Bears, at Memorial Stadium, Mt. Vernon
Oct. 22  W 12-9   Harlem Chargers
Oct. 29    ?   Brooklyn Bruins, at Van Cortlandt Park  (same as Nov. 3 game??)
Nov. 3  L   7-20   Brooklyn Bruins
Nov. 11   Away   Mt. Vernon Eagles  (night)
Nov. 19   Home   Brooklyn Bruins, at Liberty Park, 173rd & Liberty, Jamaica
Playoffs- First Round:
Nov. 26  W   7-0 Away   Brooklyn Bruins, at Kaiser Field, Brooklyn
Playoffs- Semi-Finals:
Dec. 3  postponed   Yorkville Rams  (rain)
Dec. 10  L ? Away   Yorkville Rams, at Van Cortlandt Park, The Bronx
   Note: Only partial results from Long Island Press; pre-season and regular season record from end of season. No report on semi-final, I am interpolating this as a loss from 7-4 record for this season given in 1968 season report. Similarly 11/11 and 11/19 games might be Wins, other regular season games missing.
  Queens Chiefs/Long Island Chiefs
 New York City Football Conference, Northern Division 1st place, League Champions
Sep. 23  W 24-6 Home   New York Bisons, Liberty Park, 173rd & Liberty, Jamaica
Sep. 28  W 12-7 Home   New York Rams, at Liberty Park
Oct. 4  W 27-0 Home   Brooklyn (Canarsie) Indians, St. Raphael's Field, East Meadow  (night)
Oct. 11  W 12-0 Home   Brooklyn Cardinals, at East Meadow  (night)
Oct. 27  W 23-6 H ?   Brooklyn Bruins, at Flushing Meadows Park
Nov. 3  W 46-0 Away   (NY) Westchester Bisons, at Fleming Field, Yonkers
Nov. 10 postponed Home   New York Bears, at East Meadow  [Rain]
Nov. 17 postponed Away   New York Rams, at Rice Stadium, Pelham Manor  postp.?
Nov. 24  W 21-0 Away   New York Bears, at Yonkers
Dec. 1  W   6-0 Away   New York Rams, at Van Cortlandt Park, The Bronx  3,000
Dec. 8  W 18-0 Home   New York Bears, at Liberty Park, Jamaica
 New York Football Conference Championship
Dec. 15  T#  0-0O.T. Away   Brooklyn Mariners, at James Madison HS Field  see note # below
 New York Football Conference Championship
Dec. 22 canceled Away   Brooklyn Mariners, at Madison HS Field  see note # below
Long Island Chiefs Juniors:
Sep. 23 H ?   Rochdale Village Jets, at Baisley Park (Woodrow Wilson HS), Jamaica
   Note #:Mariners decline to replay championship, want co-champions; league decides Chiefs champions with 10-0 record. Dec. 15- Sudden death overtime.
1969 (10-1-0)  (9-1-0) reg. season, (10-1-0) Champions, [12-2-0 total with Exhib.]
 New York City Football Conference, Northern Division Champions
Aug. W 34-0A ?  Newark Bears (ACFL)
Aug. 24 LAway  Johnstown (NY) Colonials (Mason-Dixon Lg.) Knox Field
Sep. 6 W 13-7Away  New Jersey Senators, at Atlantic City
Sep. 14  W 30-11 Home   Brooklyn Black Hawks  at Baisley Park, Jamaica (Wilson HS Field)
Sep. 22  W 22-11 Home   Boonton Bears  at Woodrow Wilson HS Field
Sep. 28  W 33-13 Away   Huntington (Long Island) Giants  at Manor Field
Oct. 4  W 14-7 Home   Brooklyn Mariners  at Hofstra Stadium
Oct. 12  W 20-13   Brooklyn Knights
Oct. 19  W 13-9   Brooklyn Cardinals
Oct. 26  W 28-0   Brooklyn Bruins
Nov. 1  W 28-12 Home   New York Rams  at Hofstra  (night)  (24th straight over 2 years)
Nov. 9  L    0-19 Away   Plainfield Red Oaks  at Plainfield HS (NJ)  orig. sched. at Hofstra (H)
Nov. 23  W 34-0 Home   Westchester Indians  at J. Madison HS Field
 New York Football Conference Championship
Dec. 7  W   9-6 Home   Plainfield Red Oaks  at Wingate HS Field, Brooklyn  orig. (H) 11/30
  Long Island Chiefs/Hempstead Chiefs
1970  (8-3-0)  (NY Conf- 7-3-0, 3rd in Div.)
 New York City Conference, Empire/Gotham Division
Sep. 12  L   6-7 Away   Brooklyn Mariners  at Midwood Field  (night)
Sep. 20  W 11-7 Away   Brooklyn Golden Knights  at Tilden HS Field
Sep. 27  W 20-6 Home   Wayne Cardinals (NJ)  at Caniague Park, Hicksville  (night)
Oct. 3  W 31-12 Away   Long Island/Glen Cove Rockets  at Glen Cove City Sta.  (night)  (non-lg.)
Oct. 11  W 13-8 Home   New York Rams  at Eisenhower Park, East Meadow
Oct. 18  L   9-27   Jersey Bears  at St. Raphiel's Field
Oct. 25  W 40-6   Forest Hills Bulldogs
Nov. 1  W 48-12 neutral   Connecticut Blackhawks  at Boy's High Field, Brooklyn
Nov. 8  W 27-6 Home   Staten Island Bruins  at Eisenhower Park
Nov. 15  L    0-13 Away   Huntington Giants  at Holy Trinty HS, South Huntington
Nov. 22  W 40-0 Away   New York Cougars  at George Washington HS Sta., the Bronx
1971 (13-1)  (EFL 10-0, 1st place)
  Eastern Football League Champions
Jul. 17  L 12-45 Away   St. Clair Coal Crackers  (non-lg.)
Sep. 4  W 20-6 Away   Media (Philadelphia) Giants
Sep. 12  W 24-14 Home   Huntington Giants (non-lg.)
Sep. 19  W 27-7 Away   Plainfield Oaks
Sep. 26  W 49-0 Home   Media Giants  2,144
Oct. 2  W 84-13 Away   Hartford Gladiators, at Dillon Stadium (night)
Oct. 10  W 33-0 Home   Troy Chiefs
Oct. 17  W 42-0 Away   Bristol Chargers/Saints?
Oct. 23  W 33-6 Home   Plainfield Oaks at Freeport Municipal Stadium  3,133  (non-lg.)  10/27?
Oct. 30  W 56-13 Home   Washington Stonewalls  (non-lg.)
Nov. 6  W 56-0 Home   Hartford Gladiators
Nov. 13  W 41-10 Home   Bristol Chargers/Saints?
Nov. 20  W   2-0 (f) Away   Troy Chiefs  forfeit
Nov. 21  W 33-6 Home   Richmond Raiders  (non-lg.)
1972 (10-5)  (SFL,north 10-4, 3rd)
 Seaboard Football League, Northern Division
    Exhibition Game:
Jul. 30  L   3-29 Home   New York Jets Rookies (NFL), at Hofstra Stadium 3,500
    Regular Season:
Aug. 5  L   7-12 Away   Aston Green Knights
Aug. 12  L   7-52 Away   Hartford Knights
Aug. 19  L 20-43 Away   Chambersburg Cardinals
Aug. 26  W 27-16 Away   Portsmouth Bucks
Sep. 2  W 20-17 Away   Hagerstown Bears
Sep. 9  W 53-14 Home   Aston Green Knights
Sep. 16  W 49-0 Home   Reading Coal Crackers
Sep. 23  L 24-30 O.T. Home   Hartford Knights  4,200
Sep. 30  W   2-0 (f) Home   Conshohocken Steelers  forfeit
Oct. 7  W 21-13 Away   Reading Coal Crackers
Oct. 14  W 17-14 Home   Chambersburg Cardinals
Oct. 21  W 35-21 Home   Hagerstown Bears
Oct. 28  W 31-0 Home   Portsmouth Bucks
Nov. 4  W   2-0 (f) Away   Conshohocken Steelers  forfeit
1973 (2-11)  (ACFL 2-10)
 Atlantic Coast Football League
    Exhibition Game:
Aug. 18  L   3-34 Away   Hartford Knights
    Regular Season:
Sep. 1  W 33-13 Away   Mt. Vernon/Westchester Crusaders
Sep. 8  L 13-48 Home   Hartford Knights
Sep. 14  W 33-27 O.T. Home   Western Massachusetts (Holyoke) Pioneers
Sep. 21  L 30-34 Away   Bridgeport Jets
Sep. 29  L 10-58 Away   Hartford Knights
Oct. 5  L 23-40 Away   Foxboro Colonials
Oct. 13  L    0-28 Away   Bridgeport Jets
      Team ceases operations October 15.
Oct. 20  L   0-2 (f) Away   Mount Vernon Crusaders  forfeit
Oct. 27  L   0-2 (f) Away   Western Massachusetts Pioneers  forfeit
Nov. 2  L   0-2 (f) Away   Foxboro Colonials  forfeit
Nov. 9  L   0-2 (f) Home   Mount Vernon Crusaders  forfeit
Nov. 17  L   0-2 (f) Home   Bridgeport Jets  forfeit

1970 to 1973 compiled with the help of Steven M. Brainerd. Sources also include Newsday and the Long Island Press.

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