LUFA Championship Game
(Liga Uruguaya de Football Americano)
[Uruguayan League of American Football]
Liga Uruguaya de Football Americano logo. 'Blue on white. LUFA in serifed capital letters on top, four broad vertical stripes below ending at a tipped football, diagonally, with top at right

LUFA Final
LUFA Final 2005  Barbarians (W 6-0) Sharks 
LUFA Final 2006  Golden Bulls (W 40-0) Barbarians 
LUFA Final 2007  Emperadores (W 14-12) Barbarians 
LUFA Final 2008  Emperadores (W 24-8) Barbarians 
LUFA Final 2009  Golden Bulls (W 32-0) Emperadores 
2010   NO GAME
LUFA Final 2011  Barbarians (W 8-7) Golden Bulls 
LUFA Final 2012  Barbarians (W 39-13) Golden Bulls 
LUFA Final 2013  Emperadores (W 16-7) Barbarians 
LUFA Final 2014  Golden Bulls (W 18-9) Barbarians 
LUFA Final 2015  Barbarians (W 16-0) Emperors 
LUFA Final 2016  Barbarians (W 10-0) Spartans 
LUFA Final 2017  Barbarians (W 14-7) Golden Bulls 
LUFA Final 2018  Barbarians (W 6-3) Golden Bulls 

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