Danish American Football logo: shield with stylized Danish flag waving at top, stylized DAFF diagonally below with a football intersecting bottom of shield.
American Football in Denmark
Dansk Amerikansk Fodbold Forbund
(Danish American Football Foundation)

Mermaid Bowl
DAFF Championship 1988  Copenhagen Vikings (W 33-6) Odense Swans
Mermaid Bowl I 1989  Copenhagen Vikings (W 17-13) Odense Swans
Mermaid Bowl II 1990  Herning Hawks (W 20-14) Odense Swans
Mermaid Bowl III 1991  Aarhus Tigers (W 27-0) Odense Swans
Mermaid Bowl IV 1992  Copenhagen Towers (W 78-50) Herning Hawks
Mermaid Bowl V 1993  Copenhagen Towers (W 48-33) Odense Swans
Mermaid Bowl VI 1994  Copenhagen Towers (W 46-7) Herning Hawks
Mermaid Bowl VII 1995  Copenhagen Towers (W 35-20) Aarhus Tigers
Mermaid Bowl VIII 1996  Roskilde Kings (W 62-48) Copenhagen Towers
Mermaid Bowl IX 1907  Eoskilde Kings (W 56-37) Kronborg Knights
Mermaid Bowl X 1998  Aarhus Tigers (W 48-20) Kronborg Knights
Mermaid Bowl XI 1999  Aarhus Tigers (W 28-0) Kronborg Knights
Mermaid Bowl XII 2000  Aarhus Tigers (W 49-6) Roskilde Kings
Mermaid Bowl XIII 2001  Roskilde Kings (W 17-10) Greve Monarchs
Mermaid Bowl XIV 2002  Avedere Monarchs (W 27-25) Roskilde Kings
Mermaid Bowl XV 2003  Avedere Monarchs (W 28-14) Roskilde Kings
Mermaid Bowl XVI 2004  Avedere Monarchs (W 41-12) Herning Hawks
Mermaid Bowl XVII 2005  Roskilde Kings (W 23-13) Kronborg Knights
Mermaid Bowl XVIII 2006  Triangle Razorbacks (W 21-16) Kronborg Knights
Mermaid Bowl XIX 2007  Triangle Razorbacks (W 32-20) Avedere Monarchs
Mermaid Bowl XX 2008  Triangle Razorbacks (W 55-24) Søllerød Gold Diggers
Mermaid Bowl XXI 2009  Søllerød Gold Diggers (W 10-0) Triangle Razorbacks
Mermaid Bowl XXII 2010  Søllerød Gold Diggers (W 13-0) Triangle Razorbacks  at Farum Park (10/2)
Mermaid Bowl XXIII 2011  Triangle Razorbacks (W 35-31) Søllerød Gold Diggers
Mermaid Bowl XXIV 2012  Triangle Razorbacks (W 34-29) Søllerød Gold Diggers  at Vejle Stadium (10/6)
Mermaid Bowl XXV 2013  Copenhagen Towers (W 28-21) Triangle Razorbacks  at Auto C Park, Randers (10/13)
Mermaid Bowl XXVI 2014  Copenhagen Towers (W 26-3) Aarhus Tigers  at Auto C Park, Randers (10/11)
Mermaid Bowl XXVII 2015  Triangle Razorbacks (W 21-17) Søllerød Gold Diggers  at Viborg Arena (10/10)
Mermaid Bowl XXVIII 2016  Triangle Razorbacks (W 22-18) Copenhagen Towers  at Casa Arena, Viborg (10/8)
Mermaid Bowl XXIX 2017  Copenhagen Towers (W 20-7) Søllerød Gold Diggers  at Harboe Arena, Stagelse (10/7)
Mermaid Bowl XXX 2018  Copenhagen Towers (W 23-22) Triangle Razorbacks  at Slagelse Stadium, Slagelse (10/13)
Mermaid Bowl XXXI 2019  Triangle Razorbacks (W 20-14) Copenhagen Towers   (10/5)
no game 2020  [COVID-19 pandemic]
Mermaid Bowl XXXII 2021  Copenhagen Towers (W 24-7) Søllerød Gold Diggers  at Vejle (10/9)
Mermaid Bowl XXXIII 2022  Copenhagen Towers (W 32-17) Søllerød Gold Diggers  at Bluewater Arena, Esbjerg (9/24)
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