American Football in Moscow
Moscow Bears
(early international games)
The Moscow Bears promo. Legs with uniform cut-off at knees, sitting on bench with football helmet with hammer and sickle logo.

Moscow Bears 1st international game
 1989   Moscow Bears  L 6-77  Berlin Adler  at West Berlin (Sep. 17)
Moscow Bears American Tour
 1990   Moscow Bears  L 0-61  Tacoma Express  at Tacoma, Wash. (Jul. 2)
 1990   Moscow Bears  L 0-42  Fresno Bandits  at Fresno, Cal. (Jul. 4)
 1990   Moscow Bears  L 0-59  Oklahoma City Twisters  at Oklahoma City, Okla. (Jul. 7)
 1990   Moscow Bears  L 0-24  Georgia Heatwave  at Macon, Georgia (Jul. 10)
 1990   Moscow Bears  W 2-0  Charlotte Barons  at Charlotte, N.C. (Jul. 14)
North Coast Athletic Conference Russian Tour
 1992   Moscow Bears  L 0-50  N.C.A.C. All-Stars  at Moscow (May 24)
Moscow Bears 1992 American Tour
 1992   Moscow Bears  L 6-42  Central Florida (UCF)  at Citrus Bowl, Orlando (Oct. 3)

Moscow Bears logo, A bear's face, a big M and 'Moscow Bears'.

Euro-Asian League All-Stars

Western Maryland College Russian Tour
 1992   Euro-Asian League All-Stars  L 7-47  Western Maryland   at Moscow (Mar. 17)      
  The Moscow Bears are a semi-pro football team.
  The opponents on the 1990 tour were semi-pro minor league teams.
  There were other scores reported for two games. 54-0 for 7/7/1990 & 28-0 for 7/10/1990.
  The 7/14/1990 game took place at Charlotte Memorial Stadium.
  Eleven players from Allegheny College were on the NCAC All-Star team.
  UCF is the University of Central Florida.
  The Western Maryland College game was played at the Moscow Central Sports Club of the Red Army.

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Moscow Bears football helmet: Red with yellow image of profile of growling bear leaping.