Historic Football Records of the

New York Yankees

American Football League (#2)


1936  (6-3-2, 3rd AFL)  Head Coach: Jack McBride; Home fields: Yankee Stadium & Randall's Island
9/6    W  6-0     at Locust Valley Yellow Jackets, High School Field  5,000   [Exhibition Game]
9/13   W 18-0     at Plains A.C., at Wilkes-Barre, PA.  2,200   [Exhibition Game] {Ken Strong 10 points}
9/16   W 21-0     at West New York Giants (night)  [Exhibition Game]
9/23   W  7-6     at Danbury Trojans, at Lee Stadium (night) [Exhibition Game]
9/27   W 13-6        Syracuse Braves  (Randall's Island)
9/30   L  0-7     at Boston Shamrocks, at Braves Field (night)
10/7  postponed      Brooklyn Tigers  (Randalls Island) [rain]
10/8  postponed      Brooklyn Tigers  (Randalls Island) [rain]
10/11 postponed   at Pittsburgh Americans  
10/14  W 17-6        Brooklyn Tigers  (Randall's Island)
10/18  W 13-0     at Syracuse Braves
10/21  W  7-6        Pittsburgh Americans  YS
10/25  L  0-27    at Cleveland Rams
10/28  T  0-0        Cleveland Rams  (Yankee Stadium)
11/1   T  3-3     at Brooklyn Tigers, at Ebbets Field
11/15  L  7-12       Boston Shamrocks  YS
11/22  W 15-7     at Cleveland Rams  
12/6  postponed      Boston Shamrocks, at Griffith Stadium, Washington, D.C. [rain]
12/7   W 20-13       Boston Shamrocks, at Washington, D.C. (Griffith Stadium) (night) ~2,500
12/12  L  6-12       Boston Shamrocks, at Charlotte, N.C. [Exhibition Game]
12/14  W 20-14       Boston Shamrocks, at Atlanta, Ga. [Exhibition Game]
12/20  W 25-19       Boston Shamrocks, at Jacksonville, Fla. 3,000 [Exhibition Game]
1/1/37 L 10-28       Boston Shamrocks, “Sun Bowl” at Orlando, Florida

1937  (2-3-1, 3rd AFL) (5-3-1) Head Coach: Ken Strong; Home field: Triboro Stadium, Randalls Island 
9/17   W?         at Pittsburgh Americans  [?- they had win before 1st game; this was scheduled; thus this is guess]
9/19  canceled       Bay Parkways, at Coney Island Velodrome  (non-lg. game) [rain]    
9/22  postponed   at Cedarhurst Giants, Cedarhurst Municipal Stadium (non-lg.) [rain] 
9/22   L  6-27       Los Angeles Bulldogs  (H)  2,500  [orig, scheduled for Yankee Stadium]
9/29  canceled       Jersey City (H)  [Jersey City dropped out of lg. before season]
9/29   W 29-7     at Cedarhurst Giants, Municipal Stadium (night)  2,500-3,00  (non-lg.)
10/10  no game    at Cincinnati Bengals  [orig. sched.]
10/10 postponed   at Bay Parkways, at Erasmus Field  (non-lg.)  [rain]
10/17  T 17-17    at Cincinnati Bengals
10/20  no game       Rochester Tigers (YS)
10/24 canceled    at Jersey City, Municipal Sta.  [J.C. canceled season]
10/24  L  0-24    at Rochester Tigers  6,000
10/27  no game       Pittsburgh Americans  (YS)  [orig. sched.]
10/31  no game    at Boston Shamrocks  [orig. sched.]
11/7   W 21-13    at Cincinnati Bengals  [orig. sched. at YS)
11/14  W 14-0        St. Louis Gunners (non-lg. game) (exhib.)
11/21  no game    at Rochester Tigers  [orig. sched.]
11/25  no game       Boston Shamrocks (YS)
11/25  L  0-27    at Los Angeles Bulldogs
11/28  no game    at Cincinnati Bengals  (orig. sched.; also 12/4)
12/5   W 34-27       Boston Shamrocks, at Fresno State College Stadium (Cal.) 4,000 [Exhibition Charity game]
12/19  no game    at Los Angeles Bulldogs  (orig. sched.)

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