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Brooklyn-Boston Yanks


New York Bulldogs


New York Yanks


National Football League

Home field:
   The Polo Grounds 1949
   Yankee Stadium 1950 -1951

  The N.F.L. Brooklyn Tigers (Dodgers) folded after the 1944 season, merging with the Boston Yanks for the season. This team tried to lease Yankee Stadium for home games, but in the end played only one game there for the 1945 seaason as the Brooklyn-Boston Yanks. The Brooklyn Dodgers began play in 1946 in the All America Football Conference.
Brooklyn-Boston Yanks
Home field: Yankee Stadium (Fenway Park)
Oct. 21  T 13-13  Home   New York Giants  33,113
  Negotiations for a merger between the National Football League and the All America Football Conference called for the disbanding of the Brooklyn Dodgers and the merging of the N.F.L. Boston Yanks with the A.A.F.C. New York Yankees into a team to play at Yankee Stadium in 1949. The deal was rejected by the A.A.F.C.. The Boston Yanks moved to New York City anyway for the 1949 season. Renamed the New York Bulldogs, they leased and shared the Polo Grounds with the New York Giants. The Brooklyn Dodgers merged with the New York Yankees becoming the Brooklyn - New York Yankees, playing in Yankee Stadium as the All America Conference continued in 1949.
New York Bulldogs
Home field: The Polo Grounds
1949 (1-10-1 5th, last East Division)    Coach: Charlie Ewert
Aug. 23  L 10-21   Detroit Lions,  at Hershey, Pa.  (night)  [Pre-Season]
Aug. 28  L  7-14   Chicago Bears,  at Butler Bowl, Indianapolis, Ind.  [Pre-Season]
Sep. 2  L 21-24   Chicago Cardinals,  at Allentown, Pa.  (night)  [Pre-Season]
Sep. 5  L 14-21   Los Angeles Rams,  at Alamo Stadium, San Antonio, Tex.  [Pre-Season]
Sep. 11  L  3-7   Green Bay Packers,  at Rock Island, Ill.  5,000  [Pre-Season]
Sep. 22  L   0-7  Home   Philadelphia Eagles  (night)  8,426
Sep. 30  L 14-38  Away   New York Giants,  The Polo Grounds  (night)  17,704
Oct. 7  L   0-19  Home   Green Bay Packers  (night)  5,099
Oct. 16  L 14-38  Away   Washington Redskins  26,268
Oct. 23  L 13-24  Away   Pittsburgh Steelers
Oct. 30  T 14-14  Home   Washington Redskins  3,678
Nov. 6  W 31-24  Home   New York Giants  23,222
Nov. 13  L 20-65  Home   Chicago Cardinals  9,072
Nov. 20  L   0-42  Away   Philadelphia Eagles,  Shibe Park  22,165
Nov. 27  L 20-42  Away   Los Angeles Rams,  Memorial Coliseum  38,052
Dec. 4  L 27-28  Away   Detroit Lions
Dec. 11  L   0-27  Home   Pittsburgh Steelers  4,028
New York Bulldogs pennant, white on blue, with name and a bulldog pictured.
  Following the 1949 season, the All America Football Conference merged into the National Football League. Only three A.A.F.C. teams went into the N.F.L., the rest were dissolved. The New York Bulldogs bought out the New York Yankees. The combined team was called the New York Bulldogs - Yankees for a while. They were soon renamed the New York Yanks in the winter of 1950. (6 players from the folded Dodgers were given to the New York Giants). The merged league was briefly called the National American Football League, but reverted to the N.F.L. well before the 1950 season
New York Yanks
Home field: Yankee Stadium
1950 (7-5-0, 3rd National Conference, NFL)    Coach: Red Stadler
Aug 12  L 33-34   Chicago Bears,  at Rosenblatt Stadium, Omaha, Nebr.  (night)  [Pre-Season]
Aug. 19  W 23-10   Chicago Cardinals,  at Drake Stadium, Des Moines, Iowa  (night)  [Pre-Season]
Sep. 4  W 42-17   Baltimore Colts,  Fair Grounds (Independence) Sta., Shreveport, La.  (n.)  22,500  [Pre-Season]
Sep. 7  L  7-24   Washington Redskins,  at Kansas City Municipal Stadium  (night)  [Pre-Season]
Sep. 17  W 21-17  Away   San Francisco Forty-Niners,  Kezar Stadium  29,992
Sep. 22  L 28-45  Away   Los Angeles Rams  (night)  23,768
Sep. 29  W 44-21  Home   Detroit Lions, (at the Polo Grounds)  (night)  12,482 [Yankees in World Series moved game from Yankee Stadium.]
Oct. 8  W 44-31  Away   Green Bay Packers,  City Stadium  23,871
Oct. 12  W 29-24  Home   San Francisco Forty-Niners  (night)  5,778
Oct. 19  W 35-17  Home   Green Bay Packers  (night)  13,661
Oct. 29  W 38-27  Home   Chicago Bears  50,178
Nov. 12  L 20-28  Away   Chicago Bears,  Wrigley Field  50,102
Nov. 19  L 35-43  Home   Los Angeles Rams  42,673
Nov. 23  L 14-49  Away   Detroit Lions,  Briggs Stadium  30,206
Dec. 3  L  7-51  Away   New York Giants,  the Polo Grounds  41,630
Dec. 10  W 51-14  Home   Baltimore Colts  6,836
1951 (1-9-2, 6th last, National Conference)    Coach: Jimmy Phelan
Aug. 25  L   0-52   Cleveland Browns,  at Akron Rubber Bowl, Oh.  (night)  [Pre-Season]
Aug. 31  L  7-28  Away   Chicago Cardinals,  at Comiskey Park  (night)  20,165  [Pre-Season]
Sep.14  L 14-52   Washington Redskins,  at Independence Stadium, Shreveport, La.  (night)  [Pre-Season]
Sep. 21  L 14-28   Detroit Lions,  at Rice Stadium, Houston, Tx.  (night)  48,000  [Pre-Season]
Sep. 28  L 14-54  Home   Los Angeles Rams  30,315
Oct. 6  no game  Home   Detroit Lions  Game moved to 10/8 at Det. due to World Series
Oct. 8  L 10-37  Away   Detroit Lions,  Briggs Stadium  (night)  25,000+
Oct. 14  L 21-24  Away   Chicago Bears,  Wrigley Field  37,697
Oct. 21  T 24-24  Away   Detroit Lions,  Briggs Stadium  24,112
Oct. 28  L 27-29  Home   Green Bay Packers  9,440
Nov. 4  L 31-37  Away   New York Giants,  Polo Grounds  25,682
Nov. 11  L 14-19  Away   San Francisco Forty-Niners,  Kezar Stadium  26,238
Nov. 18  L 21-48  Away   Los Angeles Rams  34,717
Nov. 25  T 10-10  Home   San Francisco Forty-Niners  14,855
Dec. 2  W 31-28  Away   Green Bay Packers  14,297
Dec. 9  L 21-45  Home   Chicago Bears  13,075
Dec. 16  L 17-27  Home   New York Giants  6,658  “Icicle Bowl”
  The league took over the bankrupt New York Yanks franchise, moving it to new ownership in Dallas. The Dallas Texans were moved to Hershey in November, returning to Dallas in 1952. In 1953 this team became the new Baltimore Colts.
New York Yanks pennant, white New York Yanks on black, with image of punting player, red helmet and pants, green jersey.

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