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American Football in Poland
Polish Bowl

Polish American Football League (PLFA)
Polish Bowl
Polish Bowl I 2006  Warsaw Eagles (W 34-6) Pomorze Seahawks,  at Marymont Stadium, Warsaw  1,300 (Nov. 12)
Polish Bowl II 2007  The Crew Wroclaw (W 18-0) Silesia Miners,  at Marymont Stadium, Warsaw  400 (Oct. 14)
Polish Bowl III 2008  Warsaw Eagles (W 26-14) Pomorze Seahawks,  at Olympic Stadium, Wroclaw  1,100 (Oct. 18)
Polish Bowl IV 2009  Silesia Miners (W 18-7) The Crew Wroclaw,  at Marymont Stadium, Warsaw  1,200 (Oct. 17)
Polish Bowl V 2010  Devils Wroclaw (W 26-21) The Crew Wroclaw,  at Niskie Laki Stadium, Wroclaw  1,200 (Jul. 24)
Polish Bowl VI 2011  The Crew Wroclaw (W 27-26) Devils Wroclaw,  at Bielawianka Stadium, Bielawa  1,500 (Jul. 17)
Polish Bowl VII 2012  Gdynia Seahawks (W 52-37) Warsaw Eagles ,  at National Stadium, Warsaw  23,000 (Jul. 15)
Polish Bowl VIII 2013  Giants Wroclaw (W 29-13) Warsaw Eagles ,  at National Stadium, Warsaw  16,500 (Jul. 14)
Polish Bowl IX 2014  Gdynia Seahawks (W 41-32) Wroclaw Panthers,    at Wroclaw (Aug. 2)
Polish Bowl X 2015  Gdynia Seahawks (W 28-21) Wroclaw Panthers,    at Wroclaw (Jul. 11)
Polish Bowl XI 2016  Wroclaw Panthers (W 56-13) Gdynia Seahawks,    at Bialystok (Jul. 16)
Polish Bowl XII 2017  Wroclaw Panthers (W 55-21) Gdynia Seahawks,    at Lodz (Jun. 25)


Known as PLFA Final until name changed to SuperFinal PLFA, in 2011.

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