Associação Portuguesa do Desporto de Futebol Americano
(Portuguese Association of American Football)
Logo for the Associação Portuguesa do Desporto de Futebol Americano. with a football helmet and APDFA written in block letters at the bottom.

LPFA Championship Game
(Liga Portuguesa Futebol Americano)
(Portuguese American Football League)

Logo for the Liga Portuguesa Futebol Americano, that among other things, has a football in a bucket labeled LPFA..

LPFA Championship Game
(Portugal Bowl)
I 2010  Lisboa Navigators (W 45-26) Paredes Lumberjacks  at Campo de Rugby do Técnico
II 2011  Lisboa Navigators (W 38-27) Paredes Lumberjacks  at Campo da Agronomia
III 2012  Lisboa Navigators (W 25-7) Maximinos Warriors  at Estádio 1.º de Maio  (May 26)
IV 2013  Lisboa Navigators (W 20-12) Porto Mutts  at Campo de Rugby do Técnico
V 2014  Lisboa Navigators (W 34-7) Maximinos Warriors  (May 31)
VI 2015  Lisboa Navigators (W 32-13) Cascais Crusaders CFA  at Municipal Stadium Taveiro, Coimbra  (Jun. 6)
VII 2016  Lisboa Devils (W 28-26) Algarve Sharks  at Stadium Municipal Vieira de Carvalho, Maia  (Apr. 30)
VIII 2017  Lisboa Devils (W 40-35) Maia Renegades  at Estadio Sanches de Miranda  (Apr. 8)
IX 2018  Portuscale Dragons (W 6-0) Port Mutts CFA  at Torres Vedras  (Apr. 28)
X 2019  Lisbon Devils (W 23-6) Port Mutts CFA  at Lisbon  (May 25)

Lisboa Navigators (a Portuguese pro football league champion from Lisbon) logo, with their name and in the center a cartoon of a ball carrier coming through the center of an old fashioned 8-spoked ship's steerinmg wheel.       Logo for the Portuguese pro football team, the Porto Mutts, a sketch of a portrait of a white dog's face with a black oval on its left eye, with 'MUTTS' below.

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Logo for Futebol Americano FA PORTUGAL, green and red on white with image of football player about to pass the ball.