Stone Bowl
football game
Washington State Penitentiary
(Walla Walla)

Stone Bowl Wheat Bowl
Washington State Penitentiary Steelers

Stone Bowl
at Bates Field
 Stone Bowl 1 1947  Champs (W 12-6) All-Stars,    (1/1)
 Stone Bowl 2 1948  All-Stars (W 12-0) Comets,    (1/1)
 Stone Bowl 3 1949  All-Stars (W 20-6) Browns,    (1/1)
 Stone Bowl 4 1950  Hornets (W 7-6) All-Stars,    (1/1)
 Stone Bowl 5 1951  All-Stars (W 20-7) Eagles,    (1/1)
 Stone Bowl 6 1951  Wolverines (W 6-0) All-Stars,    (12/31)
Wheat Bowl
at Borleske Stadium
 Wheat Bowl 1 1964  Eastern Washington University J.V. (W 33-25) W.S.P. Steelers,   (11/11)
 Wheat Bowl 2 1965  Eastern Washington Junior Varsity (W 39-13) W.S.P. Steelers,    (11/11)
 Wheat Bowl 3 1966  Eastern Eashington Junior Varsity (W 43-6) W.S.P. Steelers,    (11/11)
    The Stone Bowl was held between the best prison football team and an All-Star team made up from the rest of the penitentiary league.
    The Steelers were an all-star team from the prison league teams.
    There was an N.A.I.A. Wheat Bowl played at Great Bend, Kansas. A post-season bowl game 1995 & 1996, and a pre-season game, 1995 to 2006. See those 12 games listed on this Wikipedia page.
    There was a State of Kansas community college Wheat Bowl, 1948 to 1950. See game results here.
    For more detailed history of the Washington State Penitentiary football, see the Walla Walla Steelers page.

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