Canada vs. U.S.A.
College Football
(includes some high school v. secondary school college v. semi-pro)

American Canadian
May 14  Harvard   W 3g-0  McGill  at Jarvis Field, Cambridge, Mass.  250
May 15  Harvard   T 0-0  McGill  at Jarvis Field, Cambridge
Oct. 23  Harvard   W 3t-0  McGill  at Montreal Cricket Grounds  2,000
Oct. 23  Harvard   W 1g,1t-0  Montreal FBC  at Montreal Cricket Grounds
May 8  Harvard   W 1g-0  Canada All-Stars  at Cambridge
Oct. 28  Harvard   W 2g,2t-0  Canada All-Stars  at Montreal
Oct. 30  Harvard   W 1g,5t-0  McGill  at Montreal Cricket Grounds
Oct. 26  Harvard   W 1g,5t-0  McGill  at Montreal Cricket Grounds (M.C.G.)
Oct. 25  Harvard   W 2g,3t-0  Brittania FBC  at Cambridge
Nov. 1  Harvard   W 1g,1t-1t  Brittanias FBC  at Montreal
Nov. 3  Harvard   T 0-0  McGill  at M.C.G. (called due to snow, Harv. lead 1g,1t-0)
Oct. 23  Harvard   W 2g,8s-0  Brittania FBC  at Cambridge
Nov. 1  Harvard   W 2g,1t-1g,1t  Ottawa City FBC  at Ottawa
Nov. 2  Harvard   T 0-0  Montreal FBC  at Montreal Cricket Grounds
Nov. 6  Michigan   W 1g,1t-0  Toronto Varsity Blues  at Toronto Lacrosse Club Grounds  13-6?
Oct. 20  Harvard   W 2g,2t-0  Montreal FBC  at Cambridge
Oct. 22  Harvard   W 7g,9t-1g,1t  Ottawa FBC  at Cambridge
Oct. 29  Harvard   T 0-0  Brittanias FBC  at Montreal
Oct. 30  Harvard   W 2g,2t-0  McGill  at Cambridge
Oct. 31  Dartmouth   W 1g,1t-0  McGill  at Hanover, N.H.
Nov. 8  Harvard   W 20-6  Ottawa FBC  
Nov. 7  Michigan   W 8-2  Windsor Club  at Windsor, Ontario  10-0?
Nov. 14  Michigan   W 30-0  Windsor Club  at Ann Arbor, Michigan
10/13  Pulaski High School (N.Y.)   W 6-0  Bellesville A.A. (Ont.)  
Nov. 2  North Dakota   W 56-0  Winnipeg Shamrocks  at Grand Forks, N.D.
Nov. 9  Rhode Island College of A&M   W 6-0  St. Andrew's (Ontario)  at Kingston, R.I.
Oct.. 17  Rhode Island College of A&M   W 21-0  St. Andrew's (Ontario)  at Kingston, R.I.
Nov. 6  Rhode Island State   W 13-0  St. Andrew's (Ontario)  at Kingston, R.I.
Oct. 22  Rhode Island State   W 22-0  St. Andrew's (Ontario)  at Kingston, R.I.
 Detroit Mercy   W 8-0  Assumption College  
Sep. 28  Detroit Mercy   W 31-0  Assumption College  at Sandwich, Ontario
Nov. 2  Michigan State Normal   L 0-12  Assumption College  at Windsor, Ontario
 Adrian College   W 34-0  Windsor Collegiate Inst.  
 Essex County Agricultural (Mass.)   L 0-68  Windsor Collegiate Inst.  
Oct. 11  Detroit Mercy   W 7-0  Assumption College  at Windsor, Ontario
 Chatham High (N.Y.)   L 0-14  Windsor Collegiate Inst.  
Oct. 18  Michigan State Normal   W 38-0  Assumption College  at Ypsilanti, Mich.
 Essex County Agricultural Sch.   L 0-52  Windsor Collegiate Inst.  
Oct. 20  Saint Lawrence (N.Y.)   L 12-25  Ottawa College (n.) [American & Canadian rules alternate halves.]
 Chatham High (N.Y.)   L 31-41  Windsor Collegiate Inst.  
 Detroit Western High   W 13-0  Windsor Collegiate Inst.  
 Detroit Eastern High   T 7-7  Windsor Collegiate Inst.  
 Adrian College   L 0-13  Assumption College  
 U. of Detroit Mercy J.V.   T 6-6  Windsor Collegiate Inst.  
 Polish Seminary (Mich.)   W 21-7  Windsor Collegiate Inst.  
Oct. 3  Detroit Mercy   W 20-7  Assumption College  at Detroit
 Detroit Cass Tech   L 0-13  Windsor Collegiate Inst.  
 Detroit Western High   W 51-0  Windsor Collegiate Inst.  
Oct. 31  Michigan St. Normal   W 32-10  Assumption College  at Ypsilanti
 Detroit Northwestern High   L 0-12  Windsor Collegiate Inst.  
 Detroit University School   L 0-26  Windsor Collegiate Inst.  
 Detroit Western High   W 13-10  Windsor Collegiate Inst.  
 Detroit Eastern High   L 7-33  Windsor Collegiate Inst.  
Oct. 9  Michigan St. Normal   W 33-0  Assumption College  at Windsor
 Detroit Cass Tech   L 27-32  Windsor Collegiate Inst.  
 Cleary Business College (Mich)   L 12-33  Windsor Collegiate Inst.  
 Cleary Business College   L 0-20  Windsor Collegiate Inst.  
Nov. 18  Hillsdale College   W 48-0  Assumption College  
Oct. 17  Michigan St. Normal   W 28-0  Assumption College  at Windsor
 Adrian College   L 0-28  Assumption College  
Oct. 6  Detroit Junior College   W 41-0  Assumption College  
Nov. 23  Detroit Junior College   W 25-0  Assumption College  at Detroit
Oct. 16  Michigan St. Normal   W 12-0  Assumption College  at Ypsilanti
Nov. 1  Detroit Junior College   L 0-13  Assumption College  
 Adrian College   W 7-6  Assumption College  
 Adrian College   T 6-6  Assumption College  
Nov. 22  Detroit Junior College   W 20-0  Assumption College  at Detroit
Oct. 9  Michigan St. Normal   W 27-13  Assumption College  at Windsor
Oct. 15  Detroit Junior College   W 24-2  Assumption College  at Detroit
 Hillsdale College   W 40-0  Assumption College  
Sep. 24  Detroit Junior College   W 26-0  Assumption College  
Oct. 8  Michigan St. Normal   W 48-0  Assumption College  at Ypsilanti
 Hillsdale College   W 7-2  Assumption College  
 Adrian College   L 7-13  Assumption College  
Nov. 5  Defiance College   W 1-0 (f)  Assumption College  at Defiance [forfeit]
Nov. 5  Syracuse   W 13-0  McGill  at Percival Molson Memorial Stadium
Nov. 12  Olivet College   T 14-14  Assumption College  
Oct. 7  Michigan St. Normal   W 13-0  Assumption College  at Windsor
 Hillsdale College   W 26-0  Assumption College  
 Adrian College   T 0-0  Assumption College  
 Highland Park Junior College   W 7-6  Assumption College  
Nov. 11  Syracuse   W 13-0  McGill University  at Syracuse, New York
 Olivet College   W 13-0  Assumption College  
Oct. 13  Northern State Normal (Mich.)   W 13-6  Winnipeg Rough Riders  at Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
 Adrian College   W 6-0  Assumption College  
Oct. 4  College of the City of Detroit   W 6-0  Assumption College  at Windsor
Oct. 4  Dartmouth   W 52-0  McGill  at Hanover, N.H.
Oct. 11  Central Michigan Normal   W 26-0  Assumption College  at Windsor
Oct. 25  Adrian College   W 7-6  Assumption College  at Adrian, Michigan
Oct. 25  Northern State Normal (Mich.)   W 58-0  Winnipeg Rough Riders  at Marquette, Michigan
Nov. 1  Toledo University   W 6-0  Assumption College  at Toledo
Nov. 28  Detroit Mercy   W 30-18  University of Toronto  
Oct. 3  Northern State Normal (Mich.)   W 52-0  Winnipeg Rough Riders  at Marquette, Michigan
Oct. 10  College of Puget Sound   W 54-0  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Oct. 11  College of the City of Detroit   W 9-0  Assumption College  at Detroit
Oct. 31  Toledo University   L 2-6  Assumption College  at Detroit
 Washington St. Normal at Bel.   W 46-6  British Columbia  at Bellingham, Washington
 Defiance College   T 3-3  Assumption College  
Nov. 21  Adrian College   W 3-0  Assumption College  at Sandwich, Ontario
 Battle Creek College   W 27-0  Assumption College  
Oct. 9  College of the City of Detroit   W 7-0  Assumption College  at Windsor
Oct. 16  Adrian College   W 35-0  Assumption College  at Adrian
Oct. 23  Defiaance College   L 0-9  Defiance College  at Samdwich, Ont.
Sep. 24  North Dakota   W 33-0  Winnipeg  at Winnipeg, Manitoba
Oct. 7  College of the City of Detroit   W 13-0  Assumption College  at Detroit
Oct. 15  Michigan St. Normal   W 26-7  Assumption College  at Windsor
Nov. 12  Adrian College   W 12-0  Assumption College  at Adrian
Sep. 22  North Dakota   W 52-0  Winnipeg  at Grand Forks, N.D.
Oct. 27  Olivet College   W 20-0  Assumption College  at Olivet, Michigan
Nov. 10  Adrian College   W 39-7  Assumption College  at Sandwich, Ontario
Oct. 5  North Dakota   W 25-1  Winnipeg  at Winnipeg
 General Motors Tech   W 6-2  Assumption College  
Nov. 9  Olivet College   W 7-0  Assumption College  at Olivet
Nov. 23  Adrian College   T 0-0  Assumption College  at Sandwich
Oct. 18  General Motors Tech   W 19-6  Assumption College  at Flint, Michigan
Nov. 22  Adrian College   W 39-0  Assumprion College  at Adrian, Mich.
Oct. 9  St. Mary's College (Mich.)   L 6-22  Assumption College  at Windsor
Oct. 16  Detroit Tech   L 0-6  Assumption College  at Windsor
Nov. 11  Adrian College   W 44-0  Assumption College  at Adrian
Nov. 21  General Motors Tech   W 21-0  Assumption College  at Flint
Sep. 23  West Liberty Normal   W 34-0  Assumption College  at West Liberty, West Virginia
Nov. 5  Adrian College   W 13-0  Assumption College  at Sandwich, Ontario
Nov. 19  St. Mary's   W 21-0  Assumption College  at Orchard Lake, Michigan
Sep. 23  North Dakota   W 19-12  Manitoba All-Stars  at Grand Forks, N.D.
Oct. 21  Adrian College   W 20-0  Assumption College  at Sandwich, Ont.
Oct. 21  Concordia-Moorhead   L 13-14  Winnipeg Rugby FBC  at Osborne Stadium, Winnipeg, Man.
Sep. 21  North Dakota   W 13-0  Winnipeg Rugby FBC  at Grand Forks
Oct. 6  Concordia-Moorhead (Minn.)   W 33-27  Winnipeg Rugby FBC  at Osborne Stadium, Winnipeg
Oct. 6  Jamestown (N.D.)   W 27-0  Manitoba  at Winnipeg
Oct. 6  Wayne University   W 37-0  Assumption College  at Detroit
Oct. 8  Concordia-Moorhead (Minn.)   W 26-16  Winnipeg Rugby FBC  at Osborne Stadium, Winnipeg
 Lawrence Tech   W 13-6  Assumption College  
 Port Huron Junior College   L 0-7  Assumption College  
 St. Mary's   L 0-7  Assumption College  
 Tacoma   W 44-0  Britsih Columbia  at Tacoma
Nov. 2  Minot St. Teachers   W 26-0  Manitoba  
 Adrian College   W 6-0  Assumption College  
 Detroit Tech   L 0-39  Assumption College  
Nov. 16  Pacific Lutheran   W 51-12  British Columbia  at Puyallup, Wash.
Nov. 24  College of Puget Sound   W 39-0  British Columbia  
Sep. 13  Concordia-Moorhead (Minn.)   L 0-26  Winnipeg Rugby FBC  at Osborne Stadium, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Sep. 28  Clarkson College of Technology   W 57-0  University of Ottawa  
Oct. 5  Washington St. Normal at Bel.   W 77-0  British Columbia  at Bellingham
Oct. 12  St. Mary's   L 0-7  Assumption College  at Windsor
Oct. 19  Lawrence Tech   L 0-27  Assumption College  at Detroit
Oct. 19  Washington St. Normal at Van.   W 49-0  British Columbia  at Vancouver, B.C.
Oct. 26  Adrian College   W 26-0  Assumption College  at Windsor
Oct. 26  Pacific Lutheran   W 41-0  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Nov. 3  Central Michigan Normal   W 19-0  Assumption College  at Mount Pleasant, Michigan
Nov. 9  Detroit Tech   L 6-41  Assumption College  at Windsor
Nov. 9  College of Puget Sound   W 60-0  British Columbia  at Tacoma
Nov. 16  Bluffton College   W 33-0 Assumption College   at Bluffton, Ohio
Sep. 17  Minot State Teachers   L 6-19  Regina Rough Riders  at Regina, Alberta
Sep. 19  Concordia-Moorhead (Minn.)   L 19-21  Winnipeg Rugby FBC  at Winnipeg
Sep. 26  Canisius College   W 56-0  Assumption College  
Sep. 26  North Dakota Agricultural   L 13-33  Winnipeg Rugby FBC  at Winnipeg
Oct. 10  St. Mary's   L 0-19  Assumption College  at St. Mary's, Michigan
Oct. 17  Lawrence Tech   L 0-32  Assumption College  at Sandwich, Ont.
Oct. 24  Adrian College   W 6-0  Assumption College  at Adrian, Mich.
Oct. 31  Ferris Institute   L 0-33  Assumption College  at Windsor, Ont.
Nov. 7  Detroit Tech   W 37-0  Assumption College  at Detroit
Nov. 14  Bluffton College   W 14-0  Assumption College  at Bluffton, Ohio
Sep. 17  Concordia-Moorhead (Minn.)   L 0-14  Winnipeg Rugby FBC (n.)  at Osborne Stadium, Winnipeg
Sep. 25  Central Michigan Normal   W 52-0  Assumption College  at Mount PLeasant, Mich.
Oct. 1  Albion College   W 33-0  Assumption College  at Albion, Mich.
Oct. 9  St. Mary's College (Mich.)   W 20-7  Assumption College  at Sandwich, Ont.
Oct.13  St. Mary's Univ. (Tex.)   W 31-9  Montreal A.C.  at Montreal
Oct. 16  Lawrence Tech   W 20-7  Assumption College  at Highland Park, Mich.
Oct. 23  Adrian College   W 12-0  Assumption College  at Sandwich
Oct. 23  North Dakota   L 8-10  Winnipeg Bombers  at Winnipeg
Oct. 30  Ferris Institute   W 27-0  Assumption College  at Highland Park, Mich.
Nov. 13  Bluffton College   W 33-0  Assumption College  at Bluffton, Oh.
Sep. 10  Concordia-Moorhead (Minn.)   W 7-6  Calgary Bronks  at Calgary
Sep. 15  Concordia (Moorhead) (Minn.)   L 7-14  Regina Rough Riders  at Regina, Saskatchewan
Sep. 16  North Dakota   W 21-7  Winnipeg Rugby FBC  at Winnipeg
Sep. 24  Adrian College   L 0-6  Assumption College  at Adrian, Mich.
Sep. 27  Moorehead St. Teachers   L 0-20  Winnipeg Bombers (n.)  at Winnipeg
Oct. 1  Minot State Teachers   L 0-38  Calgary Bronks  at Calgary
Oct. 1  North Dakota Agricultural   L 6-16  Winnipeg Rugby FBC  at Winnipeg
Oct. 9  St. Mary's   W 6-0  Assumption College  at Detroit
Oct. 22  Ferris Institute   T 6-6  Assumption College  at Windsor
Oct. 29  Albion College   W 25-0  Assumption College  at Sandwich
Nov. 5  Lawrence Tech   W 28-8  Assumption College  at Highland Park, Mich.
Nov. 12  Bluffton College   W 20-6  Assumption College  at Sandwich
Sep. 23  Adrian College   L 0-18  Assumption College  at Windsor
Oct. 9  St. Mary's   L 0-32  Assumption College  at Windsor
Oct. 16  DeSales College   W 13-0  Assumption College  at Toledo, Ohio
Oct. 21  Ferris Institute   L 7-16  Assumption College  at Big Rapids, Mich.
Oct. 27  Findlay College   L 6-14  Assumption College  at Windsor
Nov. 3  Grand Rapids Junior College   T 7-7  Assumption College  at Windsor
Nov. 11  Bluffton College   L 12-26  Assumption College  at Bluffton, O.
Nov. 18  Lawrence Tech   W 13-6  Assumption College  at Windsor
Sep. 23  Concordia-Moorhead   L 7-38  Winnipeg Bombers (n.)) at Winnipeg
Sep. 28  Kent State   W 26-0  Assumption College  at Kent, Ohio
Oct. 5  Lawrence Tech   W 10-0  Assumption College  at Windsor
Oct. 12  St. Mary's   L 12-32  Assumption College  at Orchard Lake, Michigan
Oct. 19  DeSales College   L 0-6  Assumption College  at Windsor
Oct. 26  Adrian College   L 0-6  Assumption College  at Windsor
Nov. 2  Grand Rapids Junior College   T 7-7  Assumption College  at Grand Rapids, Mich.
Nov. 9  Ferris Institute   L 0-18  Assumption College  at Windsor
Nov. 16  Bluffton College   L 0-20  Assumption College  at Windsor
Sep. 27  John Carroll Univ. (Ohio)   W 27-0  Western Ontario  at London, Ontario
Oct. 11  Detroit Tech   L 0-19  Western Ontario  at London, Ontario
Oct. 18  Kalamazoo College   W 7-6  Western Ontario  at London, Ont.
 Adrian College   W 2-0  Assumption College  
Oct. 23  Wahpeton NTS (North Dakota)   L 6-30  Winnipeg Bombers (n.)  at Winnipeg
Oct. 28  Idaho-Southern Branch   W 7-6  Edmonton Army Air Base  
Nov. 25  Idaho-Southern Branch   W 7-6  Edmonton AAB  
Sep. 28  Minot State Teachers   W 19-13  Winnipeg Bombers (n.)  at Osborne Stadium, Winnpeg, Manitoba
Oct. 5  North Dakota Agricultural   L 0-27  Winnipeg Bombers (n.)  at Osborne Stadim, Winnipeg
Oct. 13  North Dakota   L 16-21  Winnipeg Bombers  at Grand Forks
Oct. 24  Concordia-Moorhead   L 7-28  Winnipeg Bombers  at Ocborne Stadium, Winnipeg
Oct. 27  Bemidji State   L 7-40  Winnipeg Bombers  at Bemidji, Minn.
Sep. 20  Canisius   W 34-3  Western Ontario (n.)  at Civic Stadium, Buffalo
Oct. 5  South Dakota St. A&M   W 28-6  Manitoba  at Brookings, S.D.
Oct. 5  Willamette University   W 26-13  British Columbia  at Vancouver, British Columbia
Oct. 12  Western Washington   W 25-0  British Columbia  at Vancouver, B.C.
Oct. 19  Whitman College   W 21-13  British Columbia  at Vancouver, B.C.
Oct. 26  College of Idaho   W 19-7  British Columbia  at Vancouver, B.C.
Nov. 2  College of Puget Sound   W 34-6  British Columbia  at Tacoma, Wash.
Nov. 9  Linfield College (Ore)   W 13-0  British Columbia  at Vancouver, B.C.
Nov. 15  Pacific University   W 31-0  British Columbia  at Forest Grove, Oregon
Sep. 27  College of Idaho   W 47-13  British Columbia  at Caaldwell, Idaho
 Port Huron Junior College   L 6-32  Assumption College  
Oct. 4  College of Puget Sound   W 14-0  British Columbia  at Vancouver, B.C.
Oct. 11  Detroit Tech   L 0-12  Assumption College  at Windsor
Oct. 11  Montana State   L 0-26  Alberta  at Clarke Stadium, Edmonton
Oct. 11  North Dakota   W 47-0  Winnipeg  at Grand Forks
Oct. 11  Western Washington   W 32-0  British Columbia  at Bellingham, Washington
Oct. 17  Bemidji State   W 12-0  Manitoba  at Winnipeg
Oct. 18  Western Montana   W 16-6  Alberta  at Clarke Stadium, Edmonton
Oct. 18  Willamette University   W 33-0  British Columbia  at Portland, Oregon
Oct. 25  Defiance College   W 19-0  Assumption College  
Oct. 25  Moorhead St. Teachers   W 19-6  Manitoba  at Winnipeg
Oct. 25  Whitman College   W 7-6  British Columbia  at Vancouver, B.C.
Oct. 31  Lewis & Clark College (Ore.)   L 7-27  British Columbia  at Vancouver, B.C.
Nov. 1  Olivet College   W 20-0  Assumption College  at Olivet, Michigan
Nov. 7  Heidelberg College   W 62-0  Assumption College  at Tiffin, Ohio
Nov. 8  Pacific University   W 20-19  British Columbia  at Vancouver, B.C.
 Adrian College   W 19-7  Assumption College  
Nov. 15  Linfield College   W 23-0  British Columbia  at NcMinnville, Oregon
Sep. 25  Pacific University   W 33-0  British Columbia  at Pacific Grove, Oregon
Oct. 2  Minot State Teachers   W 48-2  Manitoba  
Oct. 2  Western Washington   W 40-0  British Columbia  at Vancouver, B.C.
Oct. 8  Moorehead St. Teachers   W 13-7  Manitoba  at Winnipeg
Oct. 16  Willamette College   W 21-7  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Oct. 23  North Dakota Agricultural   W 28-6  Winnipeg  at Winnipeg
Oct. 23  Whitman College   T 13-13  British Columbia  at Vancouver [British Columbia Forfeits game]]
Oct. 30  College of Idaho   W 40-6  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Nov. 5  Bemidji State   W 20-6  Winnipeg  at Winnipeg
Nov. 6  Lewis & Clark College   W 35-0  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Nov. 13  Linfield College   W 13-7  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Nov. 25  Western Washington   W 28-13  British Columbia  at Bellingham, Wash.
Sep. 17  Saint Martin's College   W 21-0  British Columbia  at Lacey, Washington
Sep. 24  Whitman College   W 6-0  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Oct. 8  Eastern Oregon College   L 0-13  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Oct. 15  Western Washington   W 21-6  British Columbia  at Bellingham
Oct. 22  Central Washington   W 14-13  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Oct. 29  Pacific University   W 34-0  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Oct. 29  St. Michael's College (Vt.)   W 54-0  Loyola College (Que.)  at Montreal
Nov. 5  Northern Idaho Col. of Education   W 13-12  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Nov. 12  Whitworth College   W 40-20  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Sep. 23  Saint Martin's College (Wash.)   W 27-6  British Columbia  at Vancouver, B.C.
Oct. 7  American International   W 44-13  Loyola College (Que.)  at Springfield, Mass.
Oct. 7  Whitman College (Wash.)   W 21-0  British Columbia  at British Columbia
Oct. 14  Champlain (N.Y.)   W 20-0  Loyola College (Que.)  at Plattsburgh, N.Y.
Oct. 14  Western Washington   W 47-7  British Columbia  at British Columbia
Oct. 21  Linfield College (Ore.)   W 46-0  British Columbia  at McMinnville, Ore.
Oct. 21  Norwich University   W 21-20  Loyola College (Que.)  at Montreal
Oct. 28  New England College   L 14-28  Loyola College (Que.)  
Nov. 4  University of Bridgeport   W 14-0  Loyola College (Que.)  at Bridgeport
Nov. 11  Eastern Washington State   W 34-0  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Nov. 11  Hofstra College   W 63-6  Loyola College (Que.)  at Hempstead, N.Y.
Nov. 18  St. Michael's College (Vt.)   W 75-0  Loyola College (Que.)  at Colchester, Vermont
Nov. 23  Western Washington   W 25-9  British Columbia  at Bellingham, Wash.
Sep. 22  Western Washington   W 40-6  British Columbia  at Bellingham
Sep. 29  Carroll College (Montana)   T 13-13  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Sep. 29  New Haven State Teachers   W 41-0  Loyola of Montreal  at Montreal, Quebec
Oct. 6  Whitworth College   W 41-0  British Columbia  
Oct. 13  Champlain College   T 19-19  Loyola of Montreal  at Montreal
Oct. 13  Western Washington   W 52-6  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Oct. 20  Eastern Oregon   L 8-13  British Columbia  
Oct. 20  Norwich University   W 32-0  Loyola of Montreal  at Norwich, Vermont
Oct. 27  Central Washington   L 12-20  British Columbia  at Ellensburg, Wash.
Oct. 27  Maine Maritime Academy   W 20-19  Loyola of Montreal  
Nov. 3  College of Puget Sound   W 40-6  British Columbia  at Tacoma, Wash.
Nov. 10  Bridgeport   W 33-19  Loyola of Montreal  at Montreal
Nov. 10  Oregon College of Education   W 25-6  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Nov. 17  Whitman College   W 20-6  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Sep. 27  Whitworth College   W 27-12  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Oct. 4  Central Washington   W 20-13  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Oct. 11  Teachers College of Connecticut   W 21-7  Loyola of Montreal  at Montreal
Oct. 11  Western Washington   W 50-0  British Columbia  at Bellingham, Wash.
Oct. 18  Whitman College   W 27-6  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Oct. 24  Eastern Washington   W 29-2  British Columbia  at Cheney, Washington
Nov. 1  College of Puget Sound   W 24-0  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Nov. 8  Western Washington   W 51-0  British Columbia  at Vancouver
 Maine Maritime Academy   W 13-6  Loyola of Montreal  
Nov. 15  Pacific Luthern   W 41-7  British Columbia  at Tacoma, Washington
Oct. 3  Central Washington   W 33-12  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Oct. 10  Oregon College of Education   L 6-20  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Oct. 16  College of Puget Sound   W 40-27  British Columbia  at Tacoma, Washington
Oct. 24  Eastern Washington   W 20-6  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Oct. 31  Pacific Lutheran   W 19-6  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Nov. 7  Western Washington   W 27-13  British Columbia  at Bellingham, Washington
Nov. 14  Whitworth College   W 42-19  British Columbia  at Spokane, Washington
Sep. 18  Saint Lawrence University   L 6-41  Queens Univ. (Ont.)  
Sep. 25  Seattle Ramblers   W 20-0  British Columbia  at Vaancouver
Oct. 2  Eastern New Mexico   W 20-6  College of Notre Dame  at Wilcox, Saskatchewan
Oct. 2  Pacific Lutheran   W 6-0  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Oct. 9  Eastern Washington   W 13-6  British Columbia  at Cheney, Washington
Oct. 16  Western Washington   W 7-0  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Oct. 23  Whitworth College   W 27-6  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Oct. 30  College of Puget Sound   W 46-6  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Nov. 6  Central Washington   W 25-18  British Columbia  at Ellensburg, Washington
Sep. 16  Saint Lawrence University   L 6-12  Queens Univ. (Ont.)  at Canton, N.Y.
Oct. 1  Pacific Lutheran   W 19-0  British Columbia  at Tacoma, Wash.
Oct. 8  College of Idaho   W 39-14  College of Notre Dame  at WIlcox, Saskatchewan
Oct. 8  Eastern Washington   W 12-0  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Oct. 14  University of Buffalo   W 29-0  McMaster University  at Hamilton, Ontario
Oct. 15  Western Washington   L 0-6  British Columbia  at Bellingham, Wash.
Oct. 22  Saint Lawrence   W 30-6  McMaster University  at Canton, N.Y.
Oct. 22  Whitworth College   W 48-0  British Columbia  at Spokane, Wash.
Oct. 29  Central State (Ohio)   W 33-7  McMaster University  at Hamilton, Oh.
Oct. 29  College of Puget Sound   W 33-6  British Columbia  at Tacoma, Wash.
Nov. 5  Central Washington   W 28-6  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Nov. 19  New Mexico Highlands   W 52-6  Col. of Notre Dame (Sask.)  at Las Vegas, N.M. [1st half Amer. rules, 2nd Can.]
Sep. 26  Pacific Lutheran   W 34-0  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Oct. 6  Eastern Washington   W 53-7  British Columbia  at Cheney, Wash.
Oct. 13  Western Washington   W 7-0  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Oct. 20  Whitworth College   W 21-12  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Oct. 27  Central State   W 21-12  McMaster University  at Wilberforce, Ohio
Oct. 27  College of Puget Sound   W 53-6  British Columbia  at Tacoma, Wash.
Nov. 4  Central Washington   L 6-7  British Columbia  at at Vancouver.
Nov. 10  College of Idaho   W 47-14  Col. of Notre Dame (Sask.)  at Caldwell, Idaho
Nov. 14  Seattle Ramblers   W 27-0  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Sep. 27  Southern Oregon   W 44-0  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Oct. 5  Pacific Lutheran   W 26-0  British Columbia  at Tacoma, Wash.
Oct. 12  Eastern Washington   W 45-6  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Oct. 19  Western Washington   W 39-7  British Columbia  at Bellingham, Wash.
Oct. 26  Whitworth College   W 54-6  British Columbia  at Spokane, Wash.
Nov. 2  Portland State   W 33-13  British Columbia  at Portland, Oregon
Nov. 9  Central Washington   W 46-13  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Nov. 16  Seattle Cavaliers   L 2-40  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Nov. 23  College of Puget Sound   W 51-6  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Sep. 20  Saint Lawrence University   L 0-14  Queens Univ. (Ont.)  at Kingston, Ontario
Sep. 27  Southern Oregon   W 25-6  British Columbia  at Ashland, Ore.
Oct. 4  Seattle Ramblers   W 27-25  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Oct. 5  Seattle Cavaliers   W 30-6  British Columbia JV  at Vancouver
Oct. 11  College of Puget Sound   L 7-13  British Columbia  at Tacoma, Wash.
Oct. 25  Whitworth College   W 28-7  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Nov. 1  Western Washington   W 20-19  British Columbia  at Bellingham, Wash.
Nov. 8  Oregon College of Education   L 26-47  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Nov. 15  Central Washington   W 35-14  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Sep. 19  Saint Lawrence University   W 28-7  Queens Univ. (Ont.)  at Canton, N.Y.
Sep. 19  Seattle Cavaliers   L 0-16  British Columbia  aat Vancouver
Oct. 17  Pacific Lutheran   L 18-23  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Oct. 24  Whitworth College   W 42-0  British Columbia  at Spokane, Wash.
Oct. 26  Carroll College   W 12-6  Alberta  at Helena, Montana
Oct. 31  Western Washington   W 20-3  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Nov. 21  Eastern Washington   W 14-13  British Columbia  at Cheney, Wash.
 Seattle Ramblers   W 19-7  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Sep. 17  Western Washington   L 0-8  British Columbia  at Bellingham, Wash.
Sep. 17  Whitworth College   W 28-0  Alberta  at Spokane, Wash
Sep. 24  Northern Montana College   L 6-28  Alberta  at Edmonton
Sep. 24  Pacific Lutheran   W 19-13  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Nov. 5  Oregon College of Education   W 19-6  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Nov. 12  Willamette University   W 33-19  British Columbia  at Salem, Oregon
Sep. 17  Seattle Cavaliers   W 28-0  British Columbia J.V.  at Vancouver
Sep. 23  Maine Maritime   W 31-6  New Brunswick  
Sep. 23  Northern Montana College   L 13-33  Alberta  at Edmonton
Sep. 23  Western Washington   W 13-6  British Columbia at Bellingham, Wash. 
Sep. 30  Northern Montana College   W 28-6  Saskatchewan  at Saskatoon
Oct. 7  Whitman College   L 0-16  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Nov. 4  Willamette University   W 47-20  British Columbia  at Vanncouver
 Seattle Ramblers   W 23-13  British Columbia  
Sep. 22  Maine Maritime   W 30-22  New Brunswick  at Castine, Maine
Sep. 22  Western Washington   W 25-6  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Sep. 23  Seattle Cavaliers   L 3-6  British Columbia  
Sep. 29  Northern Montana College   L 0-58  Alberta  at Edmonton
Sep. 29  Portland State   W 14-13  British Columbia  at Portland, Ore.
Oct. 6  Maine Maritime Academy   W 13-6  Loyola (Montreal)  at Castine, Maine
Oct. 13  Minot State   W 26-13  Saskatchewan  at Saskatoon, Sask.
Oct. 27  Willamette University   W 34-6  British Columbia  at Salem, Ore.
Sep. 14  Montana   W 16-0  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Sep. 20  Northern Montana College   L 6-47  Alberta  at Havre, Montana
Sep. 21  Western Washington   W 10-6  British Columbia  at Bellingham, Wash.
Oct. 12  Willamette University   L 0-19  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Oct. 28  Seattle Cavaliers   W 15-14  British Columbia J.V.  at Vancouver
Sep. 5  Seattle Cavaliers   L 6-7  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Sep. 12  Montana   W 29-24  British Columbia  at Missoula, Montana
Sep. 19  Western Washington   W 24-7  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Sep. 26  Linfield College   W 42-0  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Oct. 10  Portland State   L 7-13  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Oct. 17  San Francisco   L 0-26  British Columbia  at San Francisco, Cal.
Oct. 18  Seattle Cavaliers   W 20-13  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Oct. 24  Southern Oregon   L 20-26  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Nov. 7  Oregon College of Education   L 14-48  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Nov.8  Seattle Cavaliers   W 38-13  British Columbia J.V.  at Vancouver
Sep. 11  Seattle Cavaliers   W 14-6  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Sep. 18  Western Washington   W 12-0  British Columbia  at Bellingham, Wash.
Sep. 25  Southern Oregon   T 7-7  British Columbia  at Ashland, Ore.
Oct. 4  Western Washington J.V.   W 10-0  Simon Fraser (B.C.)  
Oct. 9  Humboldt State   W 21-13  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Oct. 10  Seattle Cavaliers   W 23-6  British Columbia J.V.  at Vancouver
Oct. 15  Washington Freshmen   W 34-7  Simon Fraser  
Oct. 16  Monroe Tigers   W 21-14  British Columbia J.V.  
Oct. 18  Whitman College   L 7-14  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Oct. 23  Portland State   W 12-6  British Columbia  at Portland, Ore.
Oct. 29  Bellingham Bell Jets   L 6-19  Simon Fraser  
Oct. 30  Lewis & Clark (Ore.)   W 14-0  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Nov. 6  Santa Clara   W 26-6  British Columbia  at Santa Clara, Cal.
Nov. 13  Oregon State Freshmen   W 30-6  Simon Fraser  
Sep. 10  Seattle Cavaliers   W 7-6  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Sep. 17  Maine Maritime   W 34-12  St. Francis Xavier (N.S.)  at Halifax, Nova Scotia
Sep. 17  Yakima Valley Junior Col.   L 6-12  Simon Fraser  
Sep. 17  Western Washington   T 0-0  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Sep. 24  Humboldt State   W 9-7  British Columbia  at Arcata, California
Sep. 24  Wenatchee Valley J.C.   W 16-0  Simon Fraser  
Oct. 1  Hawaii   W 27-6  British Columbia  at Honolulu
Oct. 1  Monroe Tigers   L 14-21  British Columbia J.V.  
Oct. 1  Seattle Ramblers   L 0-20  Simon Fraser  Seattle Cavaliers?
Oct. 8  Olympic Junior College   W 12-7  Simon Fraser  
Oct. 8  Portland State   L 0-13  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Oct. 15  Everett Junior College   W 26-0  Simon Fraser  
Oct. 15  Whitman College   L 12-58  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Oct. 16  Seattle Cavaliers   W 27-6  British Columbia J.V.  at Vancouver
Oct. 29  George Fox College (Ore.)   L 13-22  Simon Fraser  
Oct. 30  Seattle Cavaliers   ? ?  British Columbia J.V.  at Vancouver
Nov. 5  Eastern Oregon College   L 0-3  Simon Fraser  
Nov. 12  Oregon College of Education   L 7-14  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby, B.C.
Sep. 3  Seattle Cavaliers   ? ?  Simon Fraser  
Sep. 16  Maine Maritime   W 25-7  St. Francis Xavier (N.S.)  at Halifax, Nova Scotia
Sep. 16  Pacific University   L 0-6  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby, B.C.
Sep. 23  Central Washington   W 19-14  Simon Fraser  at Ellensburg
Sep. 23  Minnesota Tech at Crookston   W 33-0  Notre Dame (Sask.)  
Sep. 30  Western Washington   W 17-7  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Sep. 30  Willamette University   W 43-13  British Columbia  at Salem, Ore.
Oct. 1  Seattle Cavaliers   ? ?  British Columbia  
Oct. 6  Southern Oregon   W 20-0  British Columbia  at Ashland, Ore.
Oct. 21  Jamestown College (N.Dakota)   W 68-7  Notre Dame (Sask.)  at Jamestown, N.D.
Oct. 21  Oregon College of Education   L 0-7  Simon Fraser  at Monmouth, Ore.
Oct. 21  Portland State   W 61-0  British Columbia  at Portland, Ore.
Oct. 27  Monroe Tigers   L 8-10  British Columbia J.V.  
Oct. 28  George Fox College   L 7-25  Simon Fraser  
Nov. 4  Eastern Oregon College   L 0-10  Simon Fraser  
Nov. 11  Oregon Tech (OIT)   L 13-14  Simon Fraser  
Sep. 1  Seattle Cavaliers   L 14-20  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby, B.C.
Sep. 8  Seattle Cavaliers   W 27-7  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Sep. 14  New Mexico Highlands   W 34-9  Simon Fraser  at Las Vegas, N.M.
Sep. 21  U.S. International   L 20-23  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Sep. 28  Pacific University   L 0-40  Simon Fraser  at Forest Grove, Ore.
Sep. 28  Willamette University   W 40-0  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Sep. 29  Seattle Cavaliers   W 14-6  British Columbia J.V.  at Vancouver
Oct. 5  Hawaii   W 48-0  British Columbia  at Honolulu
Oct. 5  Western Washington   W 7-6  Simon Fraser  at Bellingham, Wash.
Oct. 6  Seattle Cavaliers   W 14-6  British Columbia J.V.  
Oct. 12  University of Puget Sound   W 14-0  British Columbia  at Tacoma, Wash.
 Minnesota Tech at Crookston   W 26-6  Notre Dame (Sask.)  
 U.S. International   W 38-17  Simon Fraser  
Oct. 26  Bates College   W 52-0  Acadia University (N.S.)  at Lewiston, Maine
Oct. 26  California Lutheran   W 38-17  Simon Fraser  at Thousand Oks, Cal.
Oct. 26  Pacific Lutheran   W 40-0  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Nov. 2  College of Idaho   W 26-7  British Columbia  at Caldwell, Idaho
Nov. 9  Oregon College of Education   W 42-7  British Columbia  
Nov. 9  Portland State   W 47-16  Simon Fraser  at Portland, Ore.
Nov. 14  Oregon Tech   L 0-20  Simon Fraser  at Klamath Falls, Ore.
Sep. 9  Seattle Cavaliers   W 20-12  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Sep. 13  Chico State College   W 21-0  Simon Fraser  at Chico, Cal.
Sep. 13  Pacific Lutheran   W 47-12  British Columbia  at Tacoma, Wash.
Sep. 20  College of Idaho   W 20-0  British Columbia  
Sep. 20  U.S. International   W 34-28  Simon Fraser  
Sep. 27  Maine Maritime   L 13-34  St. Francis Xavier (N.S.)  at Castine, Maine {club football}
Sep. 27  Willamette University   W 28-0  British Columbia  
Sep. 28  Monroe Tigers   L 12-40  British Columbia J.V.  
Oct. 4  Seattle Cavaliers   L 20-24  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Oct. 11  Cal State Poly   W 74-7  Simon Fraser  at San Luis Obispo, Cal.
Oct. 11  Portland State   W 35-3  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Oct. 19  Monroe Tigers   W  British Columbia J.V.  
Oct. 25  Cal Lutheran   W 25-0  Simon Fraser  at Vancouver
Oct. 25  Western Washington   W 34-13  British Columbia  at Bellingham, Wash.
Nov. 1  Pacific University   L 14-19  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Nov. 1  University of Puget Sound   W 33-14  Simon Fraser  at Tacoma, Wash.
Nov. 8  Oregon Tech   W 19-16  Simon Fraser  
Nov. 22  Western Washington   L 7-18  Simon Fraser  at Vancouver
 Seattle Cavaliers   W  British Columbia  
Sep. 19  Portland State (Ore.)   L 12-21  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby, British Columbia
Sep. 26  Whitman College   L 13-36  Simon Fraser  
Oct, 3  Whitworth College   L 13-35  Simon Fraser  
Oct. 10  Plymouth State (N.H.)   L 16-28  Acadia University (N.S.)  at Plymouth, New Hampshire
Oct. 10  Western Washington   L 0-7  Simon Fraser  at Bellingham, Wash.
Oct. 17  Oregon College of Education   L 16-21  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Nov. 7  Oregon Tech   L 23-42  Simon Fraser  
Nov. 14  University of Puget Sound   L 14-24  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Sep. 4  Seattle Cavaliers   W 30-6  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Sep. 12  Seattle Cavaliers   L 14-33  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby, B.C.
Sep. 18  Pacific University   L 7-35  Simon Fraser  
Sep. 25  California-Riverside   L 9-46  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Oct. 3  Everett Ramblers   L 0-56  Simon Fraser  
Oct. 16  Southern Oregon   L 14-22  Simon Fraser  at Medford, Ore.
Oct. 18  Oregon College of Education   W 38-0  Simon Fraser  at Monmouth, Ore.
Oct. 23  Portland State   W 21-3  Simon Fraser  at Portland, Ore.
Oct. 30  Maine Maritime   L 6-40  St. Francis Xavier (N.S.)  
Oct. 30  Whitman College   L 14-35  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Nov. 6  University of Puget Sound   W 14-6  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Nov. 20  Western Washington   L 0-21  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Sep. 2  Seattle Cavaliers   W 35-0  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Sep. 9  Minot State   W 26-13  Saskatchewan  at Saskatoon, Sask.
Sep. 30  Oregon Tech   L 6-61  Simon Fraser  
Oct. 7  California-Riverside   W 27-7  Simon Fraser  at Riverside, Cal.
Oct. 15  Pacific University   W 20-0  Simon Fraser  
Oct. 21  Whitworth College   W 26-21  Simon Fraser  
Oct. 28  Whitman College   L 0-20  Simon Fraser  at Walla Walla, Wash.
Nov. 4  University of Puget Sound   W 34-12  Simon Fraser  at Tacoma, Wash.
Nov. 4  Seattle Cavaliers   W 32-23  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Nov. 11  Montana State   W 35-14  Simon Fraser  
Nov. 18  Western Washington   L 0-47  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Nov. 25  Oregon College of Education   L 20-21  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Sep. 8  Montana   W 41-14  Simon Fraser  at Great Falls, Mont.
Sep. 15  Portland State   L 0-13  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby, B.C.
Sep. 22  Western Washington   L 0-30  Simon Fraser  at Bellingham, Wash.
Oct. 14  Seattle Cavaliers   L 0-8  British Columbia  
Oct. 27  Chico State University   L 13-21  Simon Fraser  at Chico, Cal.
Nov. 10  University of Puget Sound   L 6-7  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Nov. 17  Central Washington   L 26-46  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Aug. 25  Seattle Cavaliers   L 12-13  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby, B.C.
Sep. 6  Montana   L 14-23  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Sep. 14  Chico State University   W 8-7  Simon Fraser  at Chico, Cal.
Sep. 21  Seattle Cavaliers   L 12-21  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Sep. 28  Humboldt State   L 3-35  Simon Fraser  at Arcata, Cal.
Oct. 12  California-Riverside   W 14-7  Simon Fraser  at Riverside, Cal.
Oct. 19  Portland State   W 15-6  Simon Fraser  at Portland, Ore.
Oct. 26  University of Puget Sound   W 38-20  Simon Fraser  at Tacoma, Wash.
Sep. 13  Rhode Island   W 33-0  Saint Mary's (Nova Scotia)  at Kingston, R.I.
Sep. 20  Chico State University   L 13-14  Simon Fraser  at Chico, Cal.
Sep. 27  Whitworth College   L 7-27  Simon Fraser  
Oct. 4  Nevada   L 10-17  Simon Fraser  at Reno, Nevada
Oct. 18  Humboldt State   W 20-0  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby, B.C.
Oct. 18  Montana College of M.S.&T.   L 15-34  British Columbia  at Butte, Montana
Oct. 26  Western Montana College   L 6-38  Simon Fraser  
Oct. 31  Portland State   W 21-17  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Nov. 8  University of Puget Sound   W 15-3  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Nov. 15  Central Washington   W 24-3  Simon Fraser  at Ellensburg, Wash.
Nov. 22  Montana   L 10-24  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Sep. 11  Maine   W 49-14  Saint Mary's (Nova Scotia)  at Orono, Maine
Sep. 18  Portland State   W 44-7  Simon Fraser  at Portland, Oregon
Sep. 25  Chico State University   L 6-20  Simon Fraser  
Oct. 2  Eastern Montana College   W 44-31  Simon Fraser  at Billings, Mont.
Oct. 2  Western Washington   W 26-24  British Columbia  at Bellingham, Wash.
Oct. 9  Central Washington   L 6-13  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Oct. 16  Nevada   W 44-13  Simon Fraser  at Reno, Nev.
Oct. 23  University of Puget Sound   W 28-27  Simon Fraser  at Tacoma, Wash.
Oct. 30  Eastern Oregon State   L 13-48  Simon Fraser  
Nov. 7  Western Montana College   L 3-17  Simon Fraser  
Nov. 13  Humboldt State   L 6-29  Simon Fraser  at Arcata, Cal.
Nov. 20  Montana   W 45-17  Simon Fraser  at Missoula, Mont.
Aug. 31  Seattle Cavaliers   W 14-6  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby, British Columbia
Sep. 10  Montana College of M.S.&T.   L 0-22  Calgary  at Calgary, Alberta
Sep. 17  Western Montana College   T 7-7  Simon Fraser  
Sep. 24  Eastern Oregon State   L 0-41  British Columbia  
Sep. 25  Carroll College (Montana)   L 30-31  Simon Fraser  
Oct. 1  Chico State University   W 14-13  Simon Fraser  at Chico, Cal.
Oct. 8  Eastern Montana College   L 12-37  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Oct. 16  University of Puget Sound   W 44-12  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Oct. 29  California Polytechnic State   W 34-20  Simon Fraser  at San Luis Obispo, Cal.
Oct. 29  University of Puget Sound   W 21-20  British Columbia  at Tacoma, Wash.
Nov. 5  Humboldt State   W 40-23  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Nov. 12  Portland State   W 55-13  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Nov. 19  Central Washington   L 9-39  Simon Fraser  at Ellensburg, Wash.
Sep. 9  Montana College of M.S.&T.   L 11-33  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby, B.C.
Sep. 23  Central Washington   L 16-21  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Sep. 30  Carroll College   W 34-22  Simon Fraser  at Helena, Montana
Oct. 7  Eastern Montana College   L 20-31  Simon Fraser  at Billings, Mont.
Oct. 14  University of Puget Sound   W 30-0  Simon Fraser  at Tacoma, Wash.
Oct. 21  Portland State   W 48-30  Simon Fraser  at Portland, Ore.
Nov. 5  Santa Clara   W 24-8  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Nov. 11  Western Montana College   L 19-49  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Sep. 8  Montana College of M.S.&T.   L 20-42  Simon Fraser  at Butte, Montana
Sep. 15  Western Washington   L 0-29  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby, British Columbia
Sep. 22  Central Washington   L 9-23  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Sep. 29  Santa Clara   W 35-6  Simon Fraser  at Santa Clara, California
Oct. 6  Nevada   W 35-10  Simon Fraser  at Reno, Nevada
Oct. 27  Eastern Washington   W 31-20  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Nov. 10  Western Montana College   W 19-16  Simon Fraser  at Dillon, Mont.
Nov. 17  University of Puget Sound   W 21-9  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Sep. 13  Montana   W 52-7  Simon Fraser  at Missoula, Montana
Sep. 13  Seattle Cavaliers   L 0-33  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Sep. 20  Idaho   W 56-16  Simon Fraser  at Moscow, Idaho
Sep. 27  Central Washington   L 11-25  Simon Fraser  at Ellensburg, Wash.
Nov. 1  Eastern Washington   L 13-15  Simon Fraser  at Cheney, Wash.
Nov. 15  University of Puget Sound   W 23-3  Simon Fraser  at Tacoma, Wash
Nov. 22  Southern Oregon   W 34-14  British Columbia  at Ashland, Oregon
Nov. 22  Western Washington   L 14-21  Simon Fraser  at Bellingham, Wash.
Sep. 5  Idaho   W 52-7  Simon Fraser  at Moscow, Idaho
Sep. 12  Western Montana College   L 29-30  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby, British Columbia
Sep. 26  Montana State   W 35-14  Simon Fraser  at Bozeman, Montana
Oct. 3  Chico State University   W 31-21  Simon Fraser  at Chico, Cal.
Oct. 3  Eastern Washington   W 29-6  British Columbia  at Cheney, Wash.
Oct. 16  Eastern Washington   W 50-14  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Oct. 24  University of Puget Sound   W 31-7  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Oct. 31  Montana College of M.S.&T.   L 9-14  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Nov. 7  North Dakota State   W 42-7  Simon Fraser  at Fargo, North Dakota
Sep. 11  Central Washington   W 47-20  Simon Fraser  ar Burnaby, B.C.
Sep. 18  Western Montana College   L 14-20  Simon Fraser  at Dillon, Montana
Sep. 25  Easterm Washington   W 24-3  British Columbia  at Cheney, Wash.
Oct. 2  Chico State University   W 24-16  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Oct. 9  University of Puget Sound   W 31-6  Simon Fraser  at Tacoma, Wash.
Oct. 16  Eastern Washington   W 48-6  Simon Fraser  at Cheney, Wash.
Oct. 23  Cal Poly State   W 34-0  Simon Fraser  at San Luis Obispo, Cal.
Oct. 30  Portland State   W 28-21  Simon Fraser  at Portland, Ore.
Nov. 6  Montana College of M.S.&T.   W 34-21  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby, B.C.
Sep. 3  Carroll College   L 21-34  British Columbia  at Helena, Montana
Sep. 10  Montana College of M.S.&T.   W 34-31  Calgary  at Calgary, Alberta
Sep. 17  Pacific University   L 17-48  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby [but Simon Fraser Forfeits]
Sep. 24  Southern Oregon   W 23-15  Simon Fraser  at Ashland, Ore.
Oct. 1  Lewis & Clark (Ore.)   L 13-24  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby [but Simon Fraser Forfeits]
Oct. 8  Humboldt State   W 21-0  British Columbia  at Arcata, California
Oct. 8  Pacific Lutheran   W 34-12  Simon Fraser  at Tacoma, Wash.
Oct. 15  Eastern Oregon State   L 22-52  Simon Fraser  at La Grande, Oregon
Oct. 22  Western Oregon State   L 6-38  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Oct. 29  Western Washington   L 27-28  Simon Fraser  at Bellingham, Wash.
Nov. 5  Central Washington   W 21-16  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Nov. 12  University of Puget Sound   W 31-0  Simon Fraser  at Tacoma, Wash
Nov. 19  Oregon Tech   L 0-24  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Sep. 8  Maine Maritime Academy   W 14-10  Mount Allison (N.B.)  at Castine, Maine
Sep. 15  Pacific Lutheran   W 27-3  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby, B.C.
Sep. 22  Pacific University   L 17-22  Simon Fraser  at Forest Grove, Oregon
Sep. 29  Southern Oregon   L 13-20  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Oct. 6  Lewis & Clark (Ore.)   L 20-63  Simon Fraser  at Portland, Oregon
Oct. 13  Eastern Oregon State   L 0-41  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Oct. 20  Western Oregon State   L 0-35  Simon Fraser  at Monmouth, Oregon
Oct. 27  Western Washington   L 0-35  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Nov. 3  Central Washington   W 20-6  Simon Fraser  at Ellensburg, Wash.
Nov. 3  Montana College of M.S.&T.   L 22-27  British Columbia  at Vancouver
Nov. 10  University of Puget Sound   L 8-10  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Nov. 17  Oregon Tech   W 7-6  Simon Fraser  at Klamath Falls, Oregon
Sep. 21  Eastern Oregon State   L 28-51  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby, B.C.
Sep. 28  Pacific University   L 6-24  Simon Fraser  at Forest Grove, Ore.
Oct. 5  Central Washington   L 35-42  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Oct. 12  University of Puget Sound   W 33-9  Simon Fraser  at Tacoma, Wash.
Oct. 19  Whitworth College   W 42-21  Simon Fraser  at Spokane, Wash.
Oct. 26  Linfield College   W 37-23  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Nov. 2  Montana College of M.S.&T.   L 0-31  British Columbia  at Butte, Montana
Nov. 2  Western Washington   L 17-20  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Nov. 9  Pacific Lutheran   W 43-8  Simon Fraser  at Tacoma, Wash.
Nov. 16  Western Oregon State   W 48-16  Simon Fraser  at Monmouth, Ore.
Sep. 6  Maine Maritime   L 10-19  Mount Allison (N.B.)  at Castine, Maine
Sep. 20  Eastern Oregon State   L 0-42  Simon Fraser  at La Grande, Ore.
Sep. 20  Eastern Washington   W 37-0  British Columbia  at Spokane, Washington
Sep. 27  Pacific University   L 7-45  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby, British Columbia
Oct. 4  Central Washington   W 31-28  Simon Fraser  at Ellensburg, Wash.
Oct. 11  University of Puget Sound   L 22-33  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Oct. 18  Whitworth College   L 20-60  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Oct. 25  Linfield College   W 23-0  Simon Fraser  at McMinnville, Oregon
Nov. 1  Western Washington   L 12-41  Simon Fraser  at Bellingham, Wash.;
Nov. 8  Pacific Lutheran   W 21-0  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Nov. 15  Western Oregon State   L 42-43  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Sep. 5  Wilmington College (Ohio)   W 30-14  Windsor  
Sep. 19  Lewis & Clark (Ore.)   L 13-38  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby, B.C.
Sep. 26  Linfield College   W 48-26  Simon Fraser  at McMinnville, Oregon
Oct. 3  Pacific University   W 23-17  Simon Fraser  at Forest Grove, Ore.
Oct. 10  Western Washington   L 14-19  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Oct. 17  Whitworth College   L 0-33  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Oct. 24  Western Oregon State   W 34-27  Simon Fraser  at Monmouth, Oregon
Oct. 31  Pacific Lutheran   W 42-13  Simon Fraser  at Puyallup, Washington
Nov. 7  University of Puget Sound   L 28-29  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Nov. 14  Central Washington   W 45-10  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Sep. 3  Wilmington College (Ohio)   W 27-7  Windsor  at Wilmington, Ohio
Sep. 17  Lewis & Clark (Ore.)   W 49-42  Simon Fraser  at Portland, Oregon
Sep. 24  Linfield College   W 35-14  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby, British Columbia
Oct. 1  Pacific University   L 13-44  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Oct. 8  Western Washington   W 23-9  Simon Fraser  at Bellingham, Wash.
Oct. 15  Whitworth College   L 31-38  Simon Fraser  at Spokane, Wash.
Oct. 22  Western Oregon State   L 21-28  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Oct. 29  Pacific Lutheran   W 52-16  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Nov. 5  University of Puget Sound   W 42-3  Simon Fraser   at Tacoma, Wash.
Nov. 12  Central Washington   W 48-20  Simon Fraser  at Ellensburg, Wash.
Sep. 16  Pacific University   W 17-13  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby, British Columbia
Sep. 23  Whitworth College   L 29-42  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Sep. 30  Lewis & Clark (Ore.)   L 36-42  Simon Fraser  at Portland, Oregon
Oct. 7  Western Washington   W 46-18  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Oct. 14  University of Puget Sound   W 34-8  Simon Fraser  at Tacoma, Wash.
Oct. 21  Central Washington   W 37-9  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Oct. 28  Willamette University   W 46-21  Simon Fraser  at Salem, Oregon
Nov. 4  Linfield College   W 42-31  Simon Fraser  at McMinnville, Oregon
Nov. 11  Pacific Lutheran   W 48-31  Simon Fraser  at Vancouver, B.C.
Sep. 15  Pacific University   W 21-14  Simon Fraser  at Forest Grove, Oregon
Sep. 22  Whitworth College   W 48-20  Simon Fraser  at Spokane, WAshington
Sep. 29  Lewis & Clark (Ore.)   W 40-30  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby, British Columbia
Oct. 6  Western Washington   W 14-7  Simon Fraser  at Bellingham, Wash.
Oct. 13  University of Puget Sound   L 14-20  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Oct. 20  Central Washington   W 45-10  Simon Fraser  at Ellensburg, Wash,
Oct. 27  Willamette University   W 41-28  Simon Fraser  aat Burnaby
Nov. 3  Linfield College   W 35-27  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Nov. 10  Pacific Lutheran   W 35-6  Simon Fraser  at Puyallup, Washington
Sep. 21  Willamette University   L 28-31  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby, B.C.
Sep. 28  Lewis & Clark (Ore.)   W 17-10  Simon Fraser  aat Portland, Oregon
Oct. 5  Western Washington   W 26-21  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Oct. 12  Humboldt State   W 35-30  British Columbia  at Arcata, California
Oct. 12  Linfield College   W 20-14  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Oct. 19  Whitworth College   W 24-17  Simon Fraser  at Spokane, Wash.
Oct. 26  Pacific University   L 7-34  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Nov. 2  University of Puget Sound   L 28-67  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Nov. 9  Central Washington   W 38-35  Simon Fraser  at Ellensburg, Wash.
Nov. 16  Pacific Lutheran   W 35-16  Simon Fraser  at Puyallup, Wash.
Sep. 5  Portland State   W 55-0  Calgary  at Portland, Oregon
Sep. 19  Willamette University   L 24-30  Simon Fraser  at Salem, Oregon
Sep. 26  Lewis & Clark (Ore,)   L 25-27  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby, British Columbia
Oct. 3  Western Washington   L 17-27  Simon Fraser  at Bellingham, Wash.
Oct. 10  Linfield College   W 37-14  Simon Fraser  at McMinnville, Oregon
Oct. 17  Whitworth College   L 30-41  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Oct. 31  University of Puget Sound   L 6-30  Simon Fraser  at Tacoma, Wash.
Oct. 31  Western Washington   W 24-14  British Columbia  at Bellingham, Washington
Nov. 7  Western Washington   W 24-17  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Nov. 14  Pacific Lutheran   W 30-13  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Sep. 18  Willamette University   W 17-16  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby, B.C.
Sep. 25  Linfield College   W 28-8  Simon Fraser  at McMinnville, Ore.
Oct. 2  Western Oregon State   W 41-6  Simon Fraser  at Monmouth, Ore.
Oct. 9  Lewis & Clark (Ore.)   L 28-33  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Oct. 16  University of Puget Sound   L 14-22  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Oct. 23  Pacific Lutheran   W 42-4  Simon Fraser  at Puyallup, Wash.
Oct. 30  Western Washington   W 13-9  Simon Fraser  at Bellingham, Wash.
Nov. 6  Central Washington   W 38-20  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Nov. 13  Whitworth College   L 24-33  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Sep. 17  Willamette University   W 42-15  Simon Fraser  at Salem, Oregon
Sep. 24  Linfield College   W 30-6  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby, British Columbia
Oct. 1  Western Oregon State   W 28-22  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Oct. 8  Lewis & Clark (Ore.)   L 21-40  Simon Fraser  at Portland, Ore.
Oct. 15  University of Puget Sound   W 27-24  Simon Fraser  at Tacoma, Wash.
Oct. 22  Pacific Lutheran   W 27-13  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Oct. 29  Western Washington   W 42-3  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Nov. 5  Central Washington   W 57-0  Simon Fraser  at Ellensburg, Wash.
Nov. 12  Whitworth College   W 22-20  Simon Fraser  at Spokane, Wash
Sep. 16  Lewis & Clark (Ore.)   W 24-23  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby, B.C.
Sep. 23  Pacific Lutheran   W 35-10  Simon Fraser  at Puyallup, Wash.
Sep. 30  University of Puget Sound   L 14-27  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Oct. 7  Whitworth College   L 15-34  Simon Fraser  at Spokane, Wash.
Oct. 14  Central Washington   W 34-19  Simon Fraser  at Ellensburg, Wash.
Oct. 21  Clinch Valley College   W 47-6  Laval University  
Oct. 21  Western Oregon State   L 28-51  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Oct. 28  Western Oregon State   W 28-7  Simon Fraser  at Monmouth, Ore.
Nov. 4  Western Washington   W 45-0  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Nov. 11  Southern Oregon   L 15-16  Simon Fraser  at Ashland, Ore.
Sep. 21  Lewis & Clark (Ore.)   W 14-12  Simon Fraser  at Portland, Oregon
Sep. 28  Pacific Lutheran   W 31-3  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby, British Columbia
Oct. 5  University of Puget Sound   L 10-20  Simon Fraser  at Tacoma, Washington
Oct. 12  Whitworth College   L 6-40  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Oct. 19  Central Washington   L 23-47  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Oct. 26  Eastern Oregon State   W 24-18  Simon Fraser  at La Grande, Oregon
Nov. 2  Western Oregon State   L 21-27  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Nov. 9  Western Washington   W 22-0  Simon Fraser  at Bellingham, Wash.
Nov. 16  Southern Oregon   L 14-37  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Sep. 13  Central Washington   W 50-14  Simon Fraser  at Yakima, Washington
Sep. 20  University of Puget Sound   W 22-17  Simon Fraser  at Tacoma, Wash.
Sep. 27  Pacific Lutheran   W 27-20  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby, B.C.
Oct. 11  Cal Poly State   W 52-12  Simon Fraser  at San Luis Obispo, Cal.
Oct. 18  Humboldt State   L 16-21  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Oct. 25  Western Washington   W 31-0  Simon Fraser  at Bellingham, Wash.
Nov. 1  Southern Oregon   W 35-28  Simon Fraser  at Ashland, Ore.
Nov. 8  Western Oregon University   W 17-14  Simon Fraser  at Monmouth, Ore.
Sep. 12  Lewis & Clark (Ore.)   L 14-45  Simon Fraser  at Portland, Oregon
Sep. 19  University of Puget Sound   L 14-48  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby, British Columbia
Oct. 3  Central Washington   W 21-6  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Oct. 10  Humboldt State   W 39-16  Simon Fraser  at Arcata, Cal.
Oct. 17  Pacific Lutheran   W 35-14  Simon Fraser  at Portland, Ore.
Oct. 24  Western Washington   W 44-0  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Oct. 31  Southern Oregon   L 37-43  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Nov. 14  Western Oregon   W 56-14  Simon Fraser  at Monmouth, Ore.
Sep. 11  University of Puget Sound   L 0-41  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby, British Columbia
Sep. 18  Whitworth College   W 33-19  Simon Fraser  at Spokane, Washington
Sep. 25  Lewis & Clark (Ore.)   L 7-26  Simon Fraser  at Portland, Oregon
Oct. 9  Western Washington   W 45-0  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Oct. 16  Southern Oregon   W 49-19  Simon Fraser  at Ashland, Ore.
Oct. 23  Humboldt State   L 20-24  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Oct. 30  Western Oregon   W 45-0  Simon Fraser  at Monmouth, Ore.
Nov. 6  Pacific Lutheran   W 35-13  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Nov. 13  Central Washington   W 43-14  Simon Fraser  at Ellensburg, Wash.
Sep. 9  SUNY-Canton   W 18-13  Champlain Regional College  at Canton, New York
Sep. 9  University of Puget Sound   L 20-24  Simon Fraser  at Tacoma, Wash.
Sep. 16  Pacific Lutheran   W 42-28  Simon Fraser  at Portland, Ore.
Sep. 23  Eastern Oregon   W 49-18  Simon Fraser  at La Grande, Ore.
Sep. 30  Whitworth College   W 30-29  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby, B.C.
Oct. 14  Humboldt State   W 31-21  Simon Fraser  at Arcata, Cal.
Oct. 21  Southern Oregon   W 42-29  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Oct. 28  Western Washington   W 55-13  Simon Fraser  at Bellingham, Wash.
Nov. 4  Western Oregon   L 17-21  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Nov. 11  Central Washington   W 38-21  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Sep. 8  University of Pugey Sound   L 0-39  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby, B.C.
Sep. 22  Southern Oregon   W 49-19  Simon Fraser  at Ashland, Ore.
Sep. 29  Whitworth College   W 23-20  Simon Fraser  at Spokane, Wash
Oct. 13  Eastern Washington   W 66-14  Simon Fraser  at Cheney, Wash.
Oct. 20  Eastern Oregon   L 8-23  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Oct. 27  Western Oregon   W 36-7  Simon Fraser  at Monmouth, Ore.
Nov. 3  Humboldt State   L 34-37  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Nov. 10  Central Washington   W 42-0  Simon Fraser  at Ellensburg, Wash.
Aug. 30  Alfred State (N.Y.)   W 42-6  Brantford Bison  at Alfred, New York
Sep. 6  Erie Junior College   W 54-0  Brantford Bison  at Orchard Park, N.Y.
Sep. 20  SUNY-Canton   W 36-8  Brantford Bison  at Canton, N.Y.
Sep. 21  Carroll College   W 54-0  Calgary  at Helena, Montana
May    Thiel College (Pa.)   W 5_-6  Toronto  at Lamport Stadium, Toronto
May 6  Endicott College (Mass.)   W 21-13  Quebec City Monarks  at PEPS Stadium, Laval U.  2,500
May 27  Utica College (N.Y.)   W 29-24  Quebec City Monarks  at PEPS Stadium, Quebec City
May 8  Albright College (Pa.)   W 28-21  Toronto  at Varsity Stadium, Toronto
Sep. 4  Western Oregon   W 38-0  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby, B.C.
Sep. 11  Southern Oregon   W 31-18  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Sep. 18  Western Oregon   W 48-25  Simon Fraser  at Monmouth, Ore.
Sep. 25  Western Washington   W 44-30  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Oct. 2  Dixie State (Utah)   W 28-21  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Oct. 23  Dixie State   W 18-15  Simon Fraser  at Saint George, Utah
Oct. 30  Humboldt State   W 35-14  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Nov. 6  Central Washington   W 34-7  Simon Fraser  at Ellensburg, Wash
Nov. 13  Humbokdt State   W 66-20  Simon Fraser  at Arcata, Cal.
May 21  Illinois College   W 35-0  New Brunswick-Saint John  at Canada Games Stadium, Saint John, N.B.
May 22  Albright College (Pa.)   W 35-1  Vanier College  at Concordia University Stadium, Montreal
Sep. 3  Husson Univ. J.V.   L 13-14  New Brunswick-Saint John  at Bangor, Maine
Sep. 3  Pacific University   L 28-36  Simon Fraser  at Forest Grove, Ore.
Sep. 10  Western Oregon   W 35-28  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby, B.C.
Sep. 17  Dixie State (Utah)   W 42-7  Simon Fraser  at Saint George, Utah
Sep. 24  Humboldt State   W 35-7  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Oct. 1  Central Washington   W 37-17  Simon Fraser  at Ellensburg, Wash.
Oct. 2  Husson Univ. J.V.   W 24-20  New Brunswick-Saint John  at Bangor, Maine
Pct. 8  Dixie State (Utah)   L 56-62  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Oct. 15  Western Oregon   W 34-10  Simon Fraser  at Monmouth, Ore.
Oct. 22  Southern Oregon   W 31-28  Simon Fraser  at Ashland, Ore.
Oct. 29  Humboldt State   W 42-10  Simon Fraser  at Arcata, Cal.
Nov. 5  Central Washington   L 24-35  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Aug. 30  Pacific University   L 14-51  Simon Fraser  at Forest Grove, Ore.
Sep. 8  Central Washington   W 56-28  Simon Fraser  at Vurnaby, B.C.
Sep.15  Humboldt State   W 41-21  Simon Fraser  at Arcata, Cal.
Sep. 22  Western Oregon   W 20-16  Simon Fraser  at Monmouth, Ore.
Sep. 29  Dixie State (Utah)   L 28-41  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Oct. 6  Azusa Pacific   L 38-66  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Oct. 13  Central Washington   W 51-10  Simon Fraser at Ellensburg, Wash. 
Oct. 20  Western Oregon   W 20-17  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Oct. 27  Dixie State   L 47-58  Simon Fraser  at Saint George, Utah
Nov. 3  Humboldt State   L 37-41  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Nov. 10  Azusa Pacific   W 41-28  Simon Fraser  at Azusa, Cal.
Sep. 7  Humboldt State   L 27-41  Simon Fraser  at Arcata, Cal
Sep. 17  Husson University   W 46-14  New Brunswick-Saint John  at Bangor, Maine
Sep. 21  Central Washington   L 14-21  Simon Fraser  at Ellensburg, Wash.
Sep. 28  Western Oregon   W 30-9  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby, B.C.
Oct. 5  Dixie State   W 39-12  Simon Fraser  at Saint George, Utah
Oct. 12  Azusa Pacific   W 44-36  Simon Fraser  at Azusa, Cal.
Oct. 19  Central Washington   W 54-14  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Oct. 26  Western Oregon   W 30-16  Simon Fraser  at Monmouth, Ore.
Nov. 2  Dixie State (Utah)   W 42-35  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Nov. 9  Humboldt State   L 17-38  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Nov. 10  University of Vermont   W 36-0  Holland College (P.E.I.)  at Burlington, Vt.
Nov. 16  Azusa Pacific   W 28-19  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
May 25  Albright College (Pa.)   L 13-26  Vanier College  at Montreal
Sep. 6  Maine Maritime   W 34-9  Holland College (P.E.I.)  at Castine, Maine
Sep. 6  Menlo (Cal.)   W 31-24  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby, British Columbia
Sep. 7  Husson University   ?  New Brunswick-Saint John  at Bangor, Maine
Sep. 13  Western Oregon   W 38-14  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Sep. 20  Azusa Pacific   W 32-24  Simon Fraser  at Citrus Stadium, Azusa, Cal.
Sep. 27  Central Washington   W 63-7  Simon Fraser  at Bothell, Wash
Oct. 4  Dixie State   L 19-29  Simon Fraser  at Saint George, Utah
Oct. 11  Idaho State   W 66-14  Simon Fraser  at Pocatello, Idaho
Oct. 18  South Dakota Tech   L 31-53  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Oct. 25  Western Oregon   W 27-16  Simon Fraser  at Monmouth, Ore.
Nov. 1  Humboldt State   W 33-17  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
Nov. 8  Azusa Pacific   W 21-6  Simon Fraser  at Swangard Stadium, Burnaby
Nov. 15  Central Washington   W 40-27  Simon Fraser  at Burnaby
May 18  McDaniel College (Md.)   W 24-12  Vanier College  at Montreal

For a college all-star game, see the Can-Am Bowl.

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