Lester Patrick Trophy Winners

Year  Champion  Runner-up
1934  Jamaica Red Wings  Sands Point Tigers
1935  Jamaica Hawks  Bayside-Summit Bears
1936  tie?  Post-3/30, looking for final game site
  Stock Exchange Brokers
  Van Cortlandt Broncos
1937  Manhattan Arrows  New York Curb Exchange
1938  Westchester Rangers  ?
1939  Jamaica Hawks  
1940  Sands Point Tigers  Jamaica Hawks
1941  Exchange Club Brokers  
1942  Boston Olympic Juniors  Sands Point Tigers
1943  Brooklyn Arma Torpedoes  Jamaica Hawks
1944  Sands Point Tigers  Brooklyn Arma Torpedoes
1945  Jamaica Hawks  Brooklyn Torpedoes
1946  Brooklyn Torpedos  Manhattan Arrows
1947  Manhattan Arrows  Jamaica Hawks
1948  tie  
  Brooklyn Torpedoes
  Manhattan Arrows
1949  Jamaica Hawks  Manhattan Arrows
1950  Manhattan Arrows  Sands Point Tigers
1951   ?  
1952  Jamaica Hawks  Sands Point Tigers

•The Lester Patrick Trophy was presented to the winner of the Metropolitan Amateur Hockey League post-season playoffs. A two round championship; first round was a one game playoff, second round sometimes a two game most goals series, other times best of 3. After 1938 it was sometimes just the season pennant itself; post-war a four team round robin series, with a final. It may not have been presented in 1951. The trophy was presented to the league by Lester Patrick, coach of the New York Rangers

•A later trophy called the Lester Patrick Cup was presented to the Western Hockey League champion. The WHL President's Cup was renamed for the 1960-61 season following Lester Patrick's death. A list of winners of the Lester Patrick Cup are as follows:

1960-61  Portland Buckaroos
1961-62  Edmonton Flyers
1962-63  San Francisco Seals
1963-64  San Francisco Seals
1964-65  Portland Buckaroos
1965-66  Victoria Maple Leafs
1966-67  Seattle Totems
1967-68  Seattle Totems
1968-69  Vancouver Canucks
1969-70  Vancouver Canucks
1970-71  Portland Buckaroos
1971-72  Denver Spurs
1972-73  Phoenix Roadrunners
1973-74  Phoenix Roadrunners

•See the complete list of W.H.L. Champions from 1944-45 on the Lester Patrick Cup page.

•The Lester Patrick Trophy was presented by the New York Rangers to the N.H.L. to honor Lester Patrick, G.M. and coach of the Rangers for 16 years. It is presented annually since 1966 to individuals for “outstanding service” to American hockey. For a list of winners see this page.

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