Jane Christoffer Rubel v Iowa Girls' High School Athletic Union

Article from The Laurens Sun, Laurens, Iowa, March 1, 1951, titles, Curlew Girl, Married, May Sheet All-State Cage Points Record. Article is about how Mrs, Keith Snavely, the former Jeanette Gates, was about to break the season scoring record, and had hit for 54 in one game.
Following the 1969-70 season, of which she was 5th highest scorer in the state, Jane Christoffer married Kenneth Rubel. In December, 1970, she gave birth to a daughter. When she wanted to play again for the 1971-72 season, the IGHSAU ruled that she was barred from playing high school athletics due to being married and a mother. There was also a rule against girls playing who were not living at home with her parents. All were policy rules since 1953, installed in response to Curlew.s Jeanette Staley, a married woman,  setting a career scoring rcord in 1952. (see article above) under Staley's 54 pts. on 2/16/1951.) Jane Christoffer Rubel filed a $25,000 lawsuit against the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union, alleging that her Civil Rights were violated.
 Discrepancies: $25,000 is incorrect. Two damage amounts are noted in the articles, $625,000 & $125,000.
Jane Rubel first requested reinstatement January 1971, a month after her baby girl's birth. She did so, again, September 1971.
First few paragraphs of news article title, Judge Puts Mom Back On Team, from the Des Moines Register, November 6, 1971. Judge ordered a restraining order against Iowa IGHSAU, which had barred Jane Christoffer Rubel from rejoininh Ruthven High School's girl basketball team, due to her being married and a mother. Suit claims this violates Ms. Rubel's 14th amendment rights.
Article from the Carroll Daily Times Herald, Carroll, Iowa. Titled: Girls' Union Reverses Policy; Married Students Can Play. In reaction to judge's restraining order and probablt eventual ruling against their policy of discriminating against married female students (but not male ones), the Iowa Girls' High School Athletic Union reverses their policy and allows Jane Rubel (and others) to play for their high school teams. Rubel had already rejoined Ruthven after the restraining order came down.
News article from the Des Moines Register, from January 4, 1972, ewporting on Federal District Judge William C. Hanson's ruling that the Iowa Girls' High School Athletic Union violated both the Iowa and U.S. constitutions by not allowing married women, mothers and divorcees from participating in high school sports Although Rubel had sued for $125,000 dameages, none were rewarded, since ISHSAU had already reversed their policies in November, following his earlier restraining order against them. He also struck down the provision requiring girls to live with their parents or legal guardians to be eligible for scholastic sports.
Clipping of newspaper column, by Russ L. Smith, in the Waterloo Daily Carrier (Iowa), from January 7, 1972, titled Girls' Ruling Vindicaates Green Case, Judge Says. The comments were on an earlier case 'seceral years ago' that had ruled similarly against a rule barring married boys from athletics ats chool. That ruling had been overturned by the Iowa Supreme Court.

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