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Ladies Bowl
Ladies Bowl I  2000  Graz Black Widows (W 36-24) Vienna Mermaids
Ladies Bowl II  2001  Graz Black Widows (W 53-20) Vienna Mermaids
Ladies Bowl III  2002  Graz Black Widows (W 34-13) Vienna Vikings Ladies
Ladies Bowl IV  2003  Vienna Vikings Ladies (W 43-0) Graz Black Widows
Ladies Bowl V  2004  Vienna Vikings Ladies (W 70-0) Ranger Roughnecks
Ladies Bowl VI  2005  Vienna Vikings Ladies (W 73-0) Graz Black Widows
Ladies Bowl VII  2006  Vienna Vikings Ladies (W 31-7) Graz Black Widows at Traun (Jul. 9)
Ladies Bowl VIII  2007  Vienna Vikings Ladies (W 31-6) Graz Black Widows at Rudersdorf (Jul. 7)
Ladies Bowl IX  2008  Vienna Vikings Ladies (W 26-6) Graz Black Widows at Vienna (Jun. 22)
Ladies Bowl X  2009  Vienna Vikings Ladies (W 70-50) Budapest Wolves at Vienna (Jul. 5)
Ladies Bowl XI  2010  Vienna Vikings Ladies (W 40-24) Graz Black Widows, at Graz (Nov. 7)
Ladies Bowl XII  2011  Vienna Vikings Ladies (W 27-12) Budapest Wolves Ladies, at Budapest (Jun. 26)
Ladies Bowl XIII  2012  Vienna Vikings Ladies (W 55-0) Budapest Wolves, at Vienna (Oct. 7)
Ladies Bowl XIV  2013  Vienna Vikings Ladies (W 50-0) Danube Dragons, at Vienna (Oct. 12)
Ladies Bowl XV  2014  Vienna Vikings Ladies (W 25-0) Danube Dragons, at Vienna (Jul. 20)
Ladies Bowl XVI  2015  Vienna Vikings Ladies (W 26-14) Danube Dragons, at Vienna (Oct. 31)
Ladies Bowl XVII  2016  Vienna Vikings Ladies (W 31-0) Budapest Wolves, at Vienna (Oct. 30)
Ladies Bowl XVIII  2017  Dacia Vikings Ladies (W 27-0) Danube Dragons, at Vienna (Nov. 26)
Ladies Bowl XIX  2018  Dacia Vikings Ladies (W 31-16) Danube Dragons/Graz Giants, at Vienna (Nov. 17)
Ladies Bowl XX  2019  Dacia Vikings Ladies (W 44-0) Schwaz Hammers Ladies, at Vienna (Nov. 16)
Ladies Bowl XXI  2020  Dacia Vikings Ladies [no game played],
Ladies Bowl XXII  2021  Dacia Vikings Ladies (W 34-21) Salzburg Ducks,  (Nov. 14)
Ladies Bowl XXIII  2022  Vienna Vikings Ladies (W 48-0) Telfs Patriots, at Telf  (Nov. 12)
  The official name of the Vikings are the Raiffeisen Vikings Ladies.
  Five of the first six Ladies Bowls were nominally best-of-three playoffs, the Ladies Bowl game being the final game. Only once were only two games played. In the others, through VI, the winners won all three games, the final one being considered the Ladies Bowl.. The 2004 Ladies Bowl, the Roughnecks game was the only game of that season.

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