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Austrian Bowl
Austrian Bowl I  1984  Salzburg Lions (W 27-10) Graz Giants, at Salzburg (Oct. 20)
(no game)  1985  (no game)
Austrian Bowl II  1986  Graz Giants (W 31-12) Vienna Vikings, at Vienna (Jun. 28)
Austrian Bowl III  1987  Graz Giants (W 20-0) Salzburg Lions, at Vienna (Jul. 5)
Austrian Bowl IV  1988  Graz Giants (W 33-15) Vienna Vikings, at Vienna (Jul. 3)
Austrian Bowl V  1989  Salzburg Lions (W 34-0) Graz Giants, at Salzburg (Jul. 1)
Austrian Bowl VI  1990  Graz Giants (W 59-7) Klostemeuburg Mercenaries, at Linz (Jul. 1)
Austrian Bowl VII  1991  Graz Giants (W 38-7) Vienna Vikings, at Graz (Jul. 7)
Austrian Bowl VIII  1992  Graz Giants (W 28-13) Schwarzenau Rangers, at Vienna (Jul. 5)
Austrian Bowl IX  1993  Feldkirch Oscar Dinos (W 45-10) Salzburg Lions, at Maria Enzersdorf (Jul. 4)
Austrian Bowl X  1994  Vienna Vikings (W 45-23) Graz Giants, at Schwechat-Rannerdorf (Jul. 4)
Austrian Bowl XI  1995  Graz Giants (W 26-20) Vienna Vikings, at Schwechat-Rannersdorf (Jul. 15)
Austrian Bowl XII  1996  Vienna Vikings (W 41-35) Graz Giants, at Schwechat-Rannersdorf (Jul. 13)
Austrian Bowl XIII  1997  Graz Giants (W 35-14) Klosterneuburg Mercenaries, at Schwechat-Rannersdorf (Jul. 12)
Austrian Bowl XIV  1998  Graz Giants (W 43-3) Vienna Vikings, at Maria Enzersdord (Jul. 18)
Austrian Bowl XV  1999  Vienna Vikings (W 37-35) Graz Giants, at Schwechat-Rannersdorf (Jul. 20)
Austrian Bowl XVI  2000  Vienna Vikings (W 34-28) Tyrolean Raiders, at Vienna (Jul. 22)
Austrian Bowl XVII  2001  Vienna Vikings (W 24-14) Tyrolean Raiders, at Eisenstadt (Jul. 21)
Austrian Bowl XVIII  2002  Vienna Vikings (W 52-21) Graz Giants, at Vienna (Jul. 20)
Austrian Bowl XIX  2003  Vienna Vikings (W 56-42) Graz Giants, at Vienna (Jul. 12)
Austrian Bowl XX  2004  Tryrolean Raiders (W 28-20) Vienna Vikings, at Wals (Jul. 17)
Austrian Bowl XXI  2005  Vienna Vikings (W 43-14) Tyrolean Raiders, at Maria Enzersdorf (Jul. 16)
Austrian Bowl XXII  2006  Tirol Raiders (W 43-19) Vienna Vikings, at Vienna (Jul. 15)
Austrian Bowl XXIII  2007  Vienna Vikings (W 42-14) Graz Giants, at Vienna (Jul.)
Austrian Bowl XXIV  2008  Graz Giants (W 31-21) Tirol Raiders, at Wolfsberg (Jun. 27)
Austrian Bowl XXV  2009  Vienna Vikings (W 22-19) Graz Giants, at Graz (Jul. 18)
Austrian Bowl XXVI  2010  Danube Dragons (W 28-21) Tirol Raiders, at Innsbruck (Jul. 9)
Austrian Bowl XXVII  2011  Tirol Raiders (W 23-13) Vienna Vikings, at Vienna (Jun. 23)
Austrian Bowl XXVIII  2012  Vienna Vikings (W 48-34) Tirol Raiders at Innsbruck (Jul. 28)
Austrian Bowl XXIX  2013  Vienna Vikings (W 48-31) Tirol Raiders at St. Polten (Jul. 27)
Austrian Bowl XXX  2014  Vienna Vikings (W 24-17O.T.) Tirol Raiders at St. Polten (Jul. 26)
Austrian Bowl XXXI  2015  Tirol Raiders (W 38-0) Vienna Vikings at Klagenfurt (Jul. 11)
Austrian Bowl XXXII  2016  Tirol Raiders (W 51-7) Graz Giants at Klagenfurt (Jul. 23)
Austrian Bowl XXXIII  2017  Vienna Vikings (W 45-26) Tirol Raiders at Klagenfurt (Jul. 29)
Austrian Bowl XXXIV  2018  Tirol Raiders (W 51-48) Vienna Vikings at St. Polen (Jul. 21)
Austrian Bowl XXXV  2019  Tirol Raiders (W 42-34) Vienna Vikings at St. Poelton (Jul. 27)
(no game)  2020  (no game)
Austrian Bowl XXXVI  2021  Tirol Raiders (W 35-14) Vienna Vikings at Innsbruck (Jul. 31)
Austrian Bowl XXXVII  2022  Danube Dragons (W 51-29) Vienna Vikings at Sankt Pölten (Jul. 30)
Austrian Bowl XXXVIII  2023  Danube Dragons (W 14-13) Vienna Vikings at Sankt Pölten (Jul. 29)

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