Bamboo Bowl
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Manila Bowl Bamboo Bowl


Manila Bowl

Manila Bowl
 Manila Bowl 1945  11th Airborne Division (Army) (T 0-0) Navy ,  30,000 (7/4) 

Bamboo Bowl

Bamboo Bowl
Clark Field, Manila
 Bamboo Bowl 1 1946  Clark Field Acpacs (W 14-12) Leyte Base (Army Philippines),  40,000 (1/1)
 Bamboo Bowl 2 1947  Manila Raiders (W 13-6) Scofield Barracks  12,000 (1/1)
 Bamboo Bowl 3 1948  Ryukyu Command Sea Horses (W 21-0) Hawaiian Mid-Pacific Commandoes   (1/1)
 Bamboo Bowl 4 1949  13th Air Force (Clark AFB Mustangs) (W 12-6) 7th Cavalry Regiment (Japan)  at Stotsenberg Field (1/1)
 Bamboo Bowl 5 1950  Guam All-Navy Bluejackets (Depot Operations Base) (W 19-7) Clark AFB Mustangs (Mudders),   (1/2) (n.) 
  The 1945 game was played in a rainstorm.

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