SELAF Bowl • CEFL Bowl
(Southeastern European League of American Football • Central European Football League)
Southeastern European League of American Football logo with a yellow SELAF on a white helmet with a blue map of Serbia and Slovenia with 12 yellow stars circling around this, all within a blue football.       Logo for the Central European Football League with a blue CEFL, a red football and 8 yellow stars.

SELAF Bowl I 2006  Kragujevac Wild Boars (W 23-12) Belgrade Vukovi  at FK Obilic Stadium, Belgrade (Oct. 8)
SELAF Bowl II 2007  Belgrade Vukovi (W 28-27) Budapest Wolves  at Belgrade (Oct. 27)
CEFL Bowl III 2008  GNC Gladiators (W 14-8) Belgrade Vukovi  at Vienna (Oct. 25)
CEFL Bowl IV 2009  Belgrade Vukovi (W 39-20) Cineplexx Blue Devils  at Belgrade (Oct. 24)
CEFL Bowl V 2010  Belgrade Vukovi (W 42-20) Ljubljana Silverhawks  at Ivancna Gorica, Slovenia (Jul. 18)
CEFL Bowl VI 2011  Belgrade Vukovi (W 34-33) Budapest Wolves  at Budapest, Hungary (Jul. 23)
CEFL Bowl VII 2012  Ljubljana Silverhawks (W 34-21) Belgrade Vukovi  at Belgrade (Jul. 21)
CEFL Bowl VIII 2013  Belgrade Vukovi (W 42-0) Kragujevac Wild Boars  at Belgrade (Jul. 7)
CEFL Bowl IX 2014  Belgrade Vukovi (W 27-17) Ljubljana Silverhawks  at Belgrade (Jul. 19)
CEFL Bowl X 2015  Novi Sad Dukes (W 25-23) Beograde Vukovi  at Belgrade (Jul. 5)
CEFL Bowl XI 2016  Graz Giants (W 52-49) Beograde Vukovi  at Graz (Jul. 3)
CEFL Bowl XII 2017  Swarco Raiders Tirol (W 55-20) Kragujevac Wild Boars  at Innsbruck (Jun. 10)
CEFL Bowl XIII 2018  Swarco Raiders Tirol (W 49-20) Istanbul Koc Rams  at Innsbruck (Jun. 10)
CEFL Bowl XIV 2019  Swarco Raiders Tirol (W 46-42) Calenda Broncos  at Chur, Switz. (Jun. 18)
CEFL Bowl XV 2020  season canceled due to Covid-19 
CEFL Bowl XV 2021  Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns (W W 22-16) Swarco Raiders Tirol  at Innsbruck, Austria (Jun. 26) 
CEFL Bowl XVI 2022  Schwäbisch Hall (W 42-17) Parma Panthers  at Schwäbisch Hall, Ger. (Jun. 25)
CEFL Bowl XVII 2023  La Corneuvre Flash (W 26-21) Thonon Black Panthers  at La Corneuvre, France (Jun. 28)
 • In 2008, the league name changed from the SELAF, to the CEFL.
 • Originally, teams were from only Serbia and Slovenia, but soon added teams from Hungary and Austria. In 2008, teams from Slovakia and Croatia were added, and later years saw a team from Turkey.
 • GNC Gladiators (Vienna), and Cineplexx Blue Devils are Austrian teams.

For later Croatian & Slovenian American Football games, see the AAFL Bowl.
For earlier Croatian American Football bowl games, see the CroBowl.
For earlier Slovenian American Football bowl games, see the Slo Bowl.

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