Slo Bowl
(Slovenian Football League)
Slovenian American Football Association
Slovenian American Football Association logo: ZANS in black and stylized blue football.

Slovenian Football League
Slo Bowl
 Slo Bowl I  2010  Ljubljana Silverhawks 
 Slo Bowl II  2011  Ljubljana Silverhawks (W 29-19) Zagreb Thunder  at Bistrica (Jun. 25)
 Slo Bowl III  2012  Ljubljana Silverhawks (W 23-10) Maribor Generals 
 Slo Bowl IV  2013  Ljubljana Silverhawks (W 45-0) Maribor Generals 
   2014  no game 
   2015  no game 
 Slo Bowl V  2016  Ljubljana Silverhawks (W 55-6) Alp Devils 
 Slo Bowl VI  2017  Ljubljana Silverhawks (W 47-0) Alp Devils 
   2018  no game 
 Slo Bowl VII  2019  Dom×ale Tigers (W 30-7) Maribor Generals 

Slo Bowl II ad: SNFL 2011/ Slav. Bistrica/ 25 Jun, 2011.

The Slovenian Football League was dissolved following the 2017 season.
For other Croatian & Slovenian American Football games in the Central European Football League, see the CEFL Bowl.
For subsequent bowl games with Croatia, see the Alpe Adria Football League AAFL Bowl

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