American Football in China
American Football League of China (A.F.L.C.)
Chinese National Football League (C.N.F.L.)

Championship Games

Championship Game
2013  Chongqing Dockers (W 24-16) Shanghai Warriors  
2014  Shanghai Mighthawks (W 26-24) Shanghai Titans  
2015  Shanghai Warriors (W 37-30) Shanghai Nighthawks  
2016  Shanghai Titans (W 28-6) Shanghai Nighthawks  
2017  Shanghai Warriors (W 30-20) Shanghai Titans  
2018  Shanghai Warriors (W 40-34O.T.) Shanghai Titans  
2019  Wuhan Berserkers (W 36-13) Shanghai Titans  
2020  Hangzhou Smilodons (W 33-24) Chengdu Pandaman  
2021  Shanghai Titans (W 27-14) Chengdu Pandaman  
10  2022  Shanghai Beacon Wolves (W 20-8) Hangzhou Smilodons  

The American Football League of China was renamed the Chinese National Football League in 2019.

For U.S. Armed Service football in China see the China Bowl page!

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