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Rice Bowl

Rice Bowl
China Theater
Rice Bowl 1  1945  Army Ground Forces (W 16-0) Survivor Outreach Services (SOS), at Tsingtao  5,000  (1/1)
Rice Bowl 2  1945  3rd Battalion 29th Marines (T 7-7) 3rd Battalion 22nd Marines, in China Theater  (11/10)

China Bowl
(Shanghai Canidrome)

China Bowl
Shanghai Canidrome
China Bowl  1945  Navy (W 12-0) Army, (11/30)
China Bowl  1946  Navy All-Stars (W 12-0) Army All-Stars, (1/27)
China Bowl  1947  11th Airborne (Japan) (W 12-6) Army-Navy All-Stars (China), (1/1)
China Bowl  1948  Guam Marines (W 45-0) China All-Stars, (1/1)
The 11/10/1945 Rice Bowl was a “semi-touch” football game.
For the Rice Bowl games held in Tokyo, Japan (1946 to 1958) see the U.S. Armed Services Japan Rice Bowl

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